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5 Common Misconceptions About Air Pollution

With the onset of winters, the air is sure to get denser and heavier. Thus the heavy air, pollution included will remain in the lower levels of the atmosphere, making the air quality poor and illnesses prevalent.  

All of us are aware of the air pollution and its increasing levels. But, what you are not aware of is the fact that no matter how much you avoid going outside, you are still in danger of catching a pollution-related illness. And the major reason behind it is that your indoors themselves carry a lot of air pollutants. And so, to inform you a bit more about air pollution, we would like to tell you about some misconceptions that you have.

1.The indoor air is cleaner

This is one misconception that has been rooted deep in people’s mind. There are a lot of elements inside your house as well that create air pollution. Things like stoves, carpets, and even air conditioners have been scientifically proven to generate a lot of air pollution. In fact, your indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. And since the indoor air pollution takes more time to escape into the atmosphere, it is more hazardous than the outdoor air.

2.Improving Indoor Air Quality is Expensive

A common misconception amongst a lot of people is that improving their indoor air will take a lot of money. But, the truth is that, you need to look at it is an investment to make to safeguard your health and that of your family. You just need to look for options as per your budget and you will see that a lot of options will open up.

3.Masks prevent pollution inhalation completely

Though wearing a mask helps keep out a lot of polluting elements from our lungs, it is not at all true that they are able to filter out all the particles. Particulate matter has the size smaller than the width of a single strand of hair and the mesh in surgical masks easily allows these pollutants in. So, it is important that you do not completely rely on surgical masks to help prevent you from pollution.

4.By keeping doors and windows closed, no pollution will come inside the house

The air indoors is polluted by different contributors within your home like kitchen smoke, fine dust, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, pet hair, pollen, and others. It is important to eliminate these factors from the air in your home to eliminate indoor air pollution.

5.Air fresheners help improve the quality of air

Air fresheners may make the air in your home fragrant and seem fresh, but the chemicals from aerosols and such sprays are actually harmful to health and contribute to indoor air pollution. Similarly, aromatic candles and agarbattis emit smoke which remains in the air indoors and causes harm to your lungs.

With air pollution becoming a major concern, there's one thing you can do to give your family respite indoors. By using a man-made miracle called an Air Purifier which filters out all harmful particles and purifies the air in the room. And the air purifier that we would like to recommend to you is Dr. Aeroguard. They not just purify the air and remove pollution from it, they also release Vitamin C in the air, making it fresh.

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