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4 Ways To Handle Your Kid’s Meltdown

One minute your child smiles with joy; the next minute he’s howling, fainting and going out of control. Tantrums are, unfortunately, a fact of childhood and kids often don’t know how to pull themselves together. Why? You need to step into their shoes to understand their situation as every child has different reasons to throw a fit. A parent’s response to kid’s tantrum has a big impact on whether they continue doing it or not. Let’s look at a few smart strategies to handle your kid’s tantrums. 

Distract your child

The best way to deal with your kid’s tantrum is by diverting their attention to something else so that they forget about the meltdown and start thinking of some other event or situation. It might be a toy, yummy snacks, kid’s books or even a funny video on your mobile phone. Distraction can help calm down a major meltdown before it happens if you catch it in time. If your kid sits down on the floor in the supermarket and refuses to go home because you won't buy the super tasty chocolate, you can try diverting his attention by saying, "Hey, we have tasty ice cream at home!” Children usually have short attention span which makes it easier to divert their attention.

Mommy Hug

Hugs are the best way to let your child know that everything is alright as it makes them feel secure and loved. Even if you don’t agree with their behavior you can try giving them a hug helping them calm down. It works almost everytime and helps them settle down. Sometimes it’s best to control your anger and help them get their emotions out. After a big hug, they will mostly calm down making it easier for you to talk to them and address what started the tantrum in the first place.

Keep him busy

It is often easier to avoid your kids from throwing a tantrum than handling their tantrum. When children are busy they end up doing more productive things rather than howling and crying over small things. You can keep them engaged in various activities such as- helping you in kitchen, identifying items in the kitchen pantry, playing at friend's house, etc. This will help keep their little mind busy and they won’t get the time to think about throwing a fit.

Provide choices

Children are often very choosy and they refrain from doing things which you force upon them. Whether it’s the choice of breakfast, study time or taking shower, they howl and try to show their disapproval over your forced choices. It’s always better to offer them few choices for the things that they refrain from doing. For example, ask them whether they want to eat apple or banana for breakfast, whether they want to study in the morning or in the evening. Just by offering choices to your kids you can help your kids stay away from throwing nasty tantrums.

Kids are keenly aware of their choices and desires and they often throw tantrum when you try to control them and don’t comply with their choices. It’s therefore important to give them some freedom to choose what they want and then it will become much easier to manage their anxiety and give a break to their tantrums. How do you tackle your kid’s tantrums? Do share your ideas!

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