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4 Ways To Curb Your Pregnancy Food Cravings

If you have ever compelled your husband to run to the store to bring your favourite nachos, chips and bacon sandwich then congratulations on being pregnant. Hormones are fun during pregnancy leading to overwhelming food cravings that can be difficult for the moms to be to cope up with. You want to eat pizza, cheese sandwich, and spicy dishes during pregnancy but these aren’t best choices for mom to be. No pregnant woman can think straight and turn down a couple of chocolate cookies and burger because the hunger pangs are on the full swing during this phase. Let’s take a look at few healthy ways of eating during pregnancy that will satisfy your craving in small doses.

Eat breakfast like a Queen

If you’re pregnant then make it a point to never skip your breakfast as it’s really important to start your day with the right kind of nutrition. You’ll not binge on junk once you had your morning breakfast in right quantity as it will keep you full for a long time. Skipping your morning breakfast won’t even help in gifting your mirror a thinner reflection of yours. So always remember to fill up on more on the healthy food during the morning leaving no room for indulgence. 

Eat everything in a moderation

During pregnancy, you might have the craving for cheesecake, pizza or noodles that cannot be replaced with a healthier alternative. Whenever such a craving hits your mind remember to make it a rule not to cater to each of these cravings. It’s okay to have your favourite food items once in a while rather than having it in excess. That delicious piece of strawberry pie or cheesecake is okay once in a week but what we should try to understand is that you can’t satisfy each of your food cravings.

Healthier snacks are the best to satisfy your craving

If you have a craving for noodles or burger then before you reach for a slice of it you can satisfy your craving with few healthier pre-made snacks. You can have a banana shake when you’re having the craving for banana chips and protein bars instead of chocolate cake. Instead of jelly sandwich and peanut butter make yourself a honey, mango and peanut butter smoothie. Similarly, you can replace your craving for ice cream with a low-calorie yoghurt.

Portion control

If you’re finding it extremely difficult to cope up with the hunger pangs then practice portion control. Have a scoop of ice cream instead of finishing the whole carton of it. Similarly, have a tiny piece of chocolate instead of engulfing the whole bar. This will reward you with your favourite food yet you won’t have to deal with its side effects.

While fighting with the food cravings during pregnancy you need to focus on the positive aspects of eating healthy food and the payoffs of staying away from junk food. These tips will help you overcome the hunger pangs helping you eat clean.


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