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4 Ways It's Okay If You Do Not Always Have Your Mother's Instinct


A mother’s instinct is the gut feeling you rely upon. This could be when you need to make a decision or protect your family and child. Your mother’s instinct are a mix of your emotions and internal feeling of what is the best. It is not always factual but positive for your family and child nonetheless.

Yet, this instinct becomes an automatic expectation for mothers to get parenting right. Your ability to protect and care for your little one will never fail - regardless of whether your mother’s instinct is present. Here are 4 reasons why it is alright that you do not always need your mother’s instinct to be a good mom!

1. The biology may not be true

Studies have proved that a mother’s instincts does not have just one form.

You can be a good mom in many different ways - ensuring safety and care for your child or family. Some moms are always hyper aware about their child’s needs, some are aware but do not feel anything special within them while some may not be correctly aware always.

In the end, all kinds of moms do the best they can for their family.

You should always remember that no one is perfect. As a mom, you will always try all you can to make sure you parent well.

2. TIME.

You may have just given birth or be a busy mom in general. There is so much you have to deal with already.

When you are a new mom - you are going to make some mistakes. Parenting and mothering never comes with one must-read manual. It is an ongoing process that will most definitely become better as you grow older. As a parent generally, you can be sleep deprived, in a hormonal crisis, nursing, worried about your baby’s sleep or nappy changes. It will get just too much to handle sometimes.

This is why, for things to get better and smooth permanently - it will take quite a long time.

Having a complete knowledge about your child is not always easy. You will take time to know about things like who they think they are, what they do, how they do it and how often they do it as they become older.

This knowledge, although a long process, will help you feel that you are doing your best.

The more you get to learn from your kids and spend time with them, the more you will be able to care for them right. Their reactions, emotions, manners or behavior will definitely come in handy when there is a crisis or problem. Even though this may not always perfect or correct - you will always do whatever is possible.

3. Seeing any situation

Mother’s instincts may end up making you jump to unneeded conclusions sometimes.

Although it can be good to stay aware of everything - it is okay if you are not. When the situation requires, you will be able to concentrate on the little signs of issues or problems automatically. Many doctors say that even though your mother’s instinct may not be strong - you will still be a good mother, giving the best care and protection.

4. There is no RULE

As always, every mom has a different way to tackle situations for their children.

This will change depending on the age they are. Yet, you are one of the few care givers who knows your child the BEST. So, every mother has her own way of parenting and caring. It may not be a ‘maternal instinct’ but just a simple voluntary decision to keep the child safe. This is something that any parent hopes to do.

Ladies, you must keep this mantra in your mind: no one is perfect. Even then, every mother does her best according to her abilities to keep her child safe. You may to be always aware of your instincts - but don’t let that bother you. You will always make sure to provide the best always!

Happy parenting! 

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