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Behind the cult of fast-paced life, we’re rushing towards the culture of hyper-parenting where we want our kids to learn the lesson of life in a single day. But we often don’t realize that our kids don’t get the time to strive and stretch themselves when we’re too quick to swoop in victory at all cost attitude in them. Slow parenting is the best way to reveal your kid's real personality and dig out the best in him. When you don’t force your kids to grow up too fast they get the time to embrace their life and learn from their mistakes. Here are few other reasons why slow parenting is an absolute hit in our list.

You discover your kids in newer ways

When you slow down and involve yourself in all aspects of your kid’s life you are able to learn things you never knew about them. The way they make funny faces while watching their favorite cartoon shows, the dictionary entailed in their little mind, the snoring noises that they make while sleeping and many more moments that give you chance to know more about them. Remember you can only direct your kid’s life in the right way when you know about their anxieties, fears, failures, and defeat. It’s really important to carve out some time from the packed schedule and get wrapped up in bonding with your kids.

Saves the kids from becoming the byproduct of being overdone

The best thing about slow parenting is that it can help your kids cherish their life without racing from workshops to dance classes and from tuition to seminars. Your kids don’t need to act like robots by feeling pressurized to achieve a certain level at a certain age. Let them make mistakes, enjoy the freedom and choose their own way. Your kids will eventually lose their innocence and simplicity when you drag them into too many commitments. Let them grow at their own pace and save them from being over exhausted.

Builds stronger bond

In today’s world, we’re so busy that we often forget that we have another role to play, which is to show the right direction to our kids and to help them grow in the best way. Slow parenting helps in understanding the importance of being in the moment and cherishing quality over quantity. When you sit back and talk to your kids they open up and share their worries and anxieties. They come back to you in their bad times and don’t feel isolated in the period of glitches. It’s the magic of slow parenting that keeps you connected even when you’re facing the toughest time of your life.

Turns the kids into smart decision makers

Many kids are unable to structure their own lives in the best way. This either happens because of overindulgence of parents in every small and big decision or because of the feeling of isolation which makes the kids scared of even a small fragile situation. In order to turn your kids into smart decision makers, you need to be with them as a guiding force and not a dictator. When we don’t have time to listen to what the kids have to say we start forcing our decisions on them making them feel incapable of taking decisions. To avoid this situation it’s always best to understand your kid’s views and help them learn to decide better for them.

Parenting is not a competitive sport so it’s better to slow down a bit and invest more time in helping your kids grow into happy adults. Let us stay mindful that hurrying children through childhood can make them grow into premature adults.

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