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4 Unknown Facts About Newborn Baby Hair

What can be more adorable than your baby’s flat hair that can even go from curly to straight in the first few months? You may find your baby with a full head of hair getting converted into a cue ball within the first few weeks. You don’t need to scream at this massive transformation. Your newborn’s hair plays catch-up and no one can predict when and how their hair will grow. A newborn’s hair is much more delicate and soft that the adult hair and the moment when you want to adore their super fine hair it might get ready to be shed anyway. Here are the startling facts about your newborn’s hair that can add a sense of breeze in your life. 

1. You can’t prevent newborn hair loss

Your baby’s hair loss can be a bit freaky but it’s a part of their natural growing cycle. Using gentle shampoos, less vigorous washing, scrubbing with a soft brush nothing is going to stop your newborn’s hair exodus. Genetics totally control their hair growth pattern, not mamma’s gentle shampoo or an oil massage. Different babies have different hormones so while your baby might look like a tiny cue ball other babies might resemble teeny tiny werewolves.

2. Newborns are not always bald

It might be hard to believe that a baby can be born entirely covered with hair. We often expect newborns to be bald but don’t get shocked if you see a baby somewhat more hirsute than you have always believed to be. Premature babies especially are born with a full head of hair which might fall of in the growing process. Many babies also appear like a patchwork quilt during their birth which might or might not be there for long. You don’t need to rush out to buy a razor from the store- it’s quite normal and will shed with time.

3. Hair texture will change with time

Are you super excited to see your babies super soft velvety hair? Before you start believing that their thick, black hair can give competition to Cinderella and Rapunzel's hair you need to counter check your facts. There is no guarantee that your baby’s texture will remain the same with time. Their hair will eventually fall out and they might get covered in a downy fuzz the next time. The hair can go from curly to straight and from straight to curly in the first few weeks and in a few months.

4. Hair colour is determined by parents' genes

Some babies have jet black hair, some are blonde and others have brown or golden hair. Why can’t all the babies have hair of a single colour? It’s because hair colour is totally determined by parents gene and ethnicity. So if you and your husband both have brown hair chances are high that your baby will also have brown hair. Your baby’s hair texture and colour will be either like you or your husband. So get ready to welcome the next blonde member to your family!

The downy newborn locks won’t remain the same forever. You don’t need to storm the aisles of your baby. Let them grow on their own and who knows your hairy baby can have the perfectly layered locks and your hair free baby can transform into a tiny bear in the coming years.

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