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Toddlers can be anything they want. They are egoistic at times and indecisive at other times. They are emotionally liable and more than often oblivious to danger. These traits lead them to do things that can be stupid and dangerous like shoving Legos in the nose or eating a light bulb. Their individual temperaments and the limited ability of communication make it all the more difficult for the parents to handle them. They cannot wait for their child to grow up quickly and outgrow this phase of life. However, having an understanding of different toddler personalities and identifying one for your child can make it really easy to deal with them in this difficult yet delightful phase. 

1. The fun-loving child: 

This child is bright, bubbly, jolly, and social. They win hearts everywhere they go and are loved by everyone. They are playful and animated and full of ideas. Sometimes their highly energetic personalities cause trouble when they do not want to sit still at one place or want to will keep on interrupting you to share another one of their ideas. They are imaginative and creative and curious. They love to touch an explore. They like making noises, and laugh hard when they are playing. 

They can have many friends but they do not hold on to anyone for long; their friends change frequently. Since they enjoy winning hearts and praises that come with them, they are always eager to please others and especially their parents. You should praise the good ideas they share. Do not be irritated or frustrated when they start something and leave it half done to move on to something else. They love to explore things and find what is best for them, and you need to give them that freedom of choice. Have fun with them and be grateful for the energy that they bring into your lives.

2. The sensitive child:

 The sensitive child has an easy going and calm personality that comes naturally. They do not get involved in conflicts and never like it. They are quiet and peace loving. They are tender with emotions and do things in their own time. They generally have a calm demeanour that is built-in. They always like to plan things before initiating a task, and this planning sometimes takes time. They always like to be prepared for a situation and need to know things beforehand for the same reason. 

This makes them worry a lot. Arguments and disputes deeply upset them. You have to make them believe that you are there for them always so that they feel safe. If there is going to be an unfamiliar situation, prepare them in advance so that they would know what to expect and not feel alien. Give them some physical personal space, like a room generally, where they can go calm themselves. You do not always need to be pushing them and let them do things at their own pace.

3. The determined child: 

The determined child is the most noticeable. They are physically more active. They possess a drive to get things done, and it can sometimes lead to stubbornness because they do not know when to let go. They do things in their own style and are frequently told to calm down. They have a strong will and try to achieve several goals at a time. 

They are adventurous at spirit – always ready for anything. They are natural leaders and take positions of responsibility at home and school. They can be loud and forceful but are quite straightforward and self-motivated. You should not let their stubbornness make you stubborn in opposing them. Try to discipline them by giving them a little more freedom instead to reigning them; they will learn for themselves. Encourage their passion and confidence and cheer them up on their goals.

4. The serious child: 

The serious child is independent, focused, and logical. You have a serious child if you hear people telling you that he or she is much mature for their age. They can be authoritative and enjoy perfection. They like to analyze things and situations in order to make them better. They are not as playful as other children and live in a world of their own. Many times, when it comes to doing certain things, they are rigid and prove to be inflexible. They have an affinity for perfection. 

This is the reason they like to arrange things in a proper manner. They always keep their toys at the designated places once they are done playing. Their ideas can often come as criticism. A serious child craves for respect from the adults, so you need to let them know that you respect their thoughts. Try to understand what they are thinking and give them a logical explanation when you communicate with them. It would make them really happy if make them a part of general family discussions and ask for their opinions and solutions. 

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