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Does Your Happiness Depend On How Clean Your House Is?

Apart from good food, shopping, seduction, and sex, many people find happiness when they have a sparkling clean home. Toys on the floor, clothes lying on the bed and tomato ketchup on the curtains can take the peace out of the mind of such people as they feel that happiness stems from a tidy home. 

They experience stress when their house is filled with dirt and mess and take extra time to make their house glitter like gold. If you’re a cleanliness junkie and are unable to maintain the peace of your mind whenever you see clutter in front of you then here are some easy shortcuts that will leave no crevice in your house unclean.

1.Bring every room back to "ready"

It’s extremely difficult to give your house a full out clean covering the nooks and crannies but you can definitely reduce clutter by giving your extra five minutes every day for your room. You just need to make your room organized before you depart and this will ensure that everything is in its proper place. Even when you leave your cup on the table and the keys on the bed you might think it won’t create a big difference but in reality, it will create a big havoc when you won’t find things in their proper place. Follow this five-minute cleaning routine and say bye bye to clutter and grim. 

2.Less stuff means less clutter

Whilst cleaning your home from top to bottom each day can be a big challenge one thing that can help you lead an organized life is the habit of spending less on unnecessary things that will eventually find their place in the storeroom. If you keep on buying more and more items it will slowly become an ever-growing pile of stuff and you’ll find it difficult to get rid of the clutter. When you’ve minimum things that are useful they won’t be lying here and there but will be in their proper place. Whether it’s the pile of emails, toys lying on the floor or the clothes crowding every surface, figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.

3.Start somewhere right now

Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to make your mind about where to start your cleaning journey. You suddenly stop everything to remain organized which is not a good idea. It’s important to start with the most visible corners of your room rather than sticking to the unidentified nooks. You can keep it for last but start with something that draws your attention instantly and is making your house look disorganized. It’s impossible to become a magic wand to clean everything in one day but at least you can start somewhere.

4.Follow the daily cleaning ritual

You can stay on top of your cleaning schedule if you do it every day and stay organized to de-clutter your house. Daily cleaning doesn’t mean you have to reach out to the nooks and corners of your house every day. You can keep the work of deep cleaning on the weekends and on an everyday basis you can do the regular mopping and sweeping and you’re done. Once you start to de-clutter your house on a daily basis you’ll see a beautifully organized home right in front of you.

You’ll never find your house messy again once you adhere to this cleaning shortcut. No more clutter, grime, and stained carpets. Only a sparkling clean home. 

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