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4 Things to Think About Before Your Second Pregnancy

If you’re considering planning your second pregnancy and spacing it out, you're not alone! Below are 4 things that you should know about spacing out your second pregnancy and family planning to benefit your second pregnancy.

About Family Planning

India became the first country in the world to initiate its National Family Planning program in 1952. Family planning helps you decide how many children you would like to have, and also to have them when you decide to, and allowing for a spacing between your first and next births. The spacing of second pregnancies has to be a planned decision parents make between themselves. This way, you can prepare for the second pregnancy and your new arrival.

1. How does it affect momma?

The reason for this spacing is because it links to your health and well-being – it is a holistic approach to family planning. It helps avoid high-risk second pregnancies and complications, both of which you can avoid by planning.

2. How does it affect your little one?

The ideal recommended spacing for a second pregnancy is anywhere over 18 to 24 months, but under 5 years – a spacing of around 3 years is beneficial. The risk is highest if the space is less than 12 months, as this time may not be adequate for the woman to recover from the birth, as well as nutrient depletion from breastfeeding. There is also some risk associated with excessive spacing (over 5 years) between pregnancies, like organ damage or high blood pressure in some cases.

3. Give yourself some time to think

Apart from the health impacts, the spacing of second pregnancies also allows you some time with your first child and helps you make decisions about having more children. After all, you want to be prepared before making huge decisions that affect you and your little one. So take your time thinking about your pregnancies, family planning and birth spacing.

4. It’s all up to you

Remember, family planning and spacing of second pregnancies is a personal decision that has to be made by you and your partner, and there is no ‘perfect’ time or way to have a baby.

Pregnancy and child-rearing is, after all, a very personal and life-changing experience, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Follow your judgment, speak to your doctor or other moms, and always stay informed.

So, are you planning on a second pregnancy? Has family planning and spacing your second pregnancy helped you in any way? Like, comment and share down below! 

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