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4 Self-Fertility Massages That REALLY Work

Babies are the love of our life. They are often what most married women ultimately desire for. A child of your own is that dream that actually does come true in all the best of ways. It is something that you would love, adore and cherish for your entire life and, if possible, even beyond that. But sometimes, this dream can have certain obstacles on the way and it ultimately becomes your responsibility to get over them be it yourself or with someone’s help. And since we understand this problem, we would like to tell you about certain massage techniques that you can do on your own and that will help you conceive.

What is Fertility Massage?

This is probably the first question that would pop into your head. Fertility massage is the massage that you do in order to improve blood stimulation in your ovaries and the fertility system. These massages are non-invasive and do not require any type of harmful chemicals entering your body. A self-fertility massage is the massage you do to yourself (near your ovaries and uterus) in order to promote egg formation and release. Apart from the egg release, the fertility massage also helps improve your uterus and womb so that it can easily facilitate the fertilisation process.

Different techniques used

Now comes the question of the different types of techniques you can use for this self-fertility massage and how to do them. Well, we have a list of 4 types of fertility massages for you that are sure to improve your chances of conceiving.

1. Uterine Massage (Uterus Lift)

It has often been seen that due to the type of modern lifestyle these days, most women tend to have their uterus displaced from its natural position. This massage helps bring the uterus back to its actual position. This is why the massage is also known as uterus lift. You need to follow the following steps while massaging.

- Lie down on a flat surface and place a small pillow/cushion below your knees so that your back is relaxed.

- Slowly place your fingertips on the pubic bone which is located just below your pubic hairline.

- Starting from the bone, gently apply pressure through your fingertips and massage up to the uterus.

- While gently holding your uterus, pull it up slightly and hold for around 10 seconds.

- Release the uterus and rest for a while. Repeat this process thrice every day.

2. Ovary Massage

This massage directly affects the amount of oxygen-rich blood going into your ovaries. And so, you can significantly improve the blood flow thereby improving the fertility. Follow the following steps for this massage.

- Lie down on a flat surface and out a cushion underneath your knees to relax your back. Rub your palms together to warm them up.

- Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat it 3-4 times and relax your jaw.

- Locate your ovaries with your fingertips and start massaging the area gently.

- Gently massage both the left and right side of the ovaries with the help of your fingertips. Massage only in the clockwise direction.

- If you feel any tense muscles around the ovaries then massage a little deeper in order to relax it.

- In the end, finish it by taking a deep breath and exhaling.

3. Reproductive organs Massage

This massage is going to help your digestion and your reproductive organs in order to make you more fertile. Follow the following steps to give yourself this massage.

- Lie flat on your back and put a pillow below your knees to relax your back.

- Rub your hands together to make them warm and take some oil you want to massage it with.

- Close your eyes and slowly start breathing while concentrating on your breaths.

- Place one of your palms just above your belly button and place your other palm on top of the first palm.

- Take some breaths to familiarize yourself with this area of your body.

- Gently massage your stomach and the adjacent area in clockwise rotations.

- Slowly move down to your pelvic area from your stomach while massaging throughout and then come back up.

- Next, place your palms on each side of your abdomen just below your ribs and massage downwards towards your stomach. Use gentle massage strokes and always massage from top to bottom.

- Repeat this 30 times in one go and do it daily.

4. General fertility Massage

Perform this massage every day for 15 mins. Do make sure that your bladder is empty when you are performing this massage. Do the following steps for this massage.

- Rub your palms together to heat them up and locate your uterus with the help of your palms.

- Gently apply some mild pressure across your abdomen along the upper edge of your uterus through your fingertips.

- Now start applying moderate to deep pressure and locate the areas of your pelvic region that may feel tight and start massaging gently in circular motions. Make sure that you massage in the clockwise direction only.

- Properly massage the area and do it for at least 20 counts. 

Please note that the massage is to be done only between the stage of menstruation and ovulation. It should not be done during your periods or during pregnancy.

You can use different oils during the massage in order to maximise the benefits and the oils we would recommend would be castor oil or almond oil as both of them have substances that are highly helpful in fertility and conceiving.

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