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4 Remedies To Give Relief To Your Gassy Baby

Gas troubles can lead to diet and digestion problem in your babies. Your baby might be crying uncontrollably when he is unable to break the wind. The feeling of heaviness can put down your baby in great discomfort and can steal his enthusiasm. Here’s the list of few common remedies that can treat the disturbances within their digestive system without the need to rush your toddler to the Doctor. 

1.Ditch the food items known to cause gas

The best way to get rid of gassy stomach and flatulence in your kids is to eat fewer of the gassy food items. Avoid giving him fruits like pears, apples, and veggies such as onions and sprouts. The carbonated soft drinks can also make your child more prone to gas. It’s extremely important to eliminate the triggers from his diet if you want to prevent gas problems in him.

2.Maintain proper eating habits

If you’re baby constantly suffers from irritable gas then it’s time to adopt a healthy eating habit and maintain proper diet routine. The unusual eating habit can inhibit your child’s digestive mortality and lead to bloating and farting. It’s better to stick to a proper eating habit where you give nutritious food to your kid at a regular interval in small portions. This will help in dealing with the problem of excessive gas production reducing your kid’s digestive discomfort. You can maintain a diary to gain insight of foods that cause gassy symptoms in your kids and eliminate it from his platter the next time you serve him food.

3.Massage your child’s stomach

Giving a gentle massage to your kid’s tummy will not only stimulate the passage of gas but will also promise a sound sleep to your baby. You can either use coconut oil or mustard oil and massage your baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction for two to three minutes. It will not only calm his tummy but will also help him become less prone to flatulence. Your baby will feel at peace with a soothing massage on his tummy. You can give him a light massage after his meal to ease the gastric pain and simplify the digestion process.

4.Keep up the liquid intake

One of the best ways to prevent constipation in your kids is by increasing the liquid intake of your child. Make sure that your kid drinks 5-7 glasses of water if he is between 5-12 years and 8-10 glasses of water if he is above 13 years. This will help in passage of gas and will prevent constipation. This will also keep your baby healthy and active the whole day. Your baby’s gas problem can be shunned to a great level by making sure your kid drinks enough water the whole day.

These remedies can help in retrieving the pain and disturbances of the digestive system of your baby. You no more need to rush your kid to the Doctor if he’s suffering from the gassy stomach.

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