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4 Reasons You Are Still A Good Mom Even If You Hate Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a long time and your body goes through a series of changes. At the same time, you feel the joy and excitement of bringing a new little life into the world. In the end, it is alright and normal for you to go through so many mood changes as pregnancy can be overwhelming or uncomfortable. In fact, here are 4 strong reasons why hating your pregnancy will never make you a bad mother!

1. A struggling makeover

You know that pregnancy is full of changes and constraints.

It is a very big and difficult job because you have a life growing inside your womb. Physical changes like weight gain, stretch marks, pains and swelling are all sometimes really hard to handle. The feeling of exhaustion due to nausea, hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, aversions and cravings might make you hate pregnancy.

Yet, this natural reaction should never be seen as a direct effect on what kind of a mother you will be.

Every pregnancy and and family is different - and the way you deal with stress and struggles is also not the same. The overwhelming symptoms of pregnancy might not let you glow and be happy all the time - but you should know that every mother is excited to welcome her child in the way it is possible for her.

2. Mixed emotions

Fear is a constant companion during your pregnancy.

You always want to be as perfect as possible, ensuring that your relationship grows closer with your child. This also comes anxiety about the worst that might happen in the future. You feel anger and worthlessness along with the joy of pregnancy.

Humans usually (women especially) can experience many feelings at the same time.

So, do not worry about your capability to be a good mother. All mothers will think only the best for their child.

3. Try talking about it

Keeping your thoughts and emotions in will only create more problems.

When you share your problems and emotions with your partner, mother, sibling or someone you trust - you do not keep it in. Seeking professional help is always best when you feel that you are not able to cope by yourself with all the emotions or thoughts.

You must look at yourself in a better light.

Parenting and motherhood are not expected to be automatic. It is a continuous process of giving and learning.

4. Some me-time

Try to make your pregnancy symptoms as bearable as possible.

You should enjoy and try to take a break when you know you need some rest. You do not need to be perfect all the time. Asking your loved or trusted ones to help out should not be seen as shameful or a problem.

Patience and struggle is a part of a big process like giving birth and parenting.

Thus, it will surely not affect your ability to be a good mom and love your family. Your love for your child and family will never get affected by anything. No matter the struggles or emotions you feel - you will always give your best.

Parenting and pregnancy can be a struggle, so try to not to be so hard on yourself ladies! 

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