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4 Myths About C-Section You Must Not Believe

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When you think of a C-Section procedure, you think ‘unnatural’, ‘scary’ or ‘harmful’. But there do exist some disastrous myths that we all believe. Let’s bust a few of them today.

Breastfeeding is a Challenge

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Choosing your method of feeding is always a personal choice but when it comes to breastfeeding, there aren't any distinct issues when you have a C-Section or a Vaginal birth. It is true that mothers who have had a C-Section find it harder to initiate the process of breastfeeding but it is not impossible for you to do so. In any kind of delivery, between three to twenty four months it is seen that the rates of breastfeeding remain the same by no influence of the kind of birth. The only issue that some mothers do face are of surgical pain that come with the C-Section, this may need you to hold your baby differently or even consult your doctor in finding the right position to feed your baby.

Vaginal Birth is Impossible after a C-Section

A handful of you out there believe that once a c-section is performed there is no going back. Any mother who has gone through a C-Section has a huge chance of being able to have a vaginal birth later on. About 60% to 80% of women who have taken the test for checking if they can have a vaginal birth have been successful. A trial or labor after cesarean (TOLAC) is a way of knowing is you are eligible to have a vaginal birth after C-Section also known as VBAC.

Recovery Time of a Vaginal Birth and a C-Section are the same

Though it might seem that the recovery time of having either of the types of childbirth maybe the same, this can be deceiving. Most vaginal births have a recovery period of about one to two weeks with a hospital stay of one to two days after the delivery. On the other hand, a C-Section has a recovery time of about three to four weeks with a hospital stay of about four to five days. A C-Section will also need you to take extra care by not performing certain actions such as doing strenuous exercise, having sex, lifting heavy objects etc.

An Elective C-Section is a lesser Hassle than a Vaginal Birth

A C-section is normally performed when there exists high risk situations or in times when there exist complications in labor. Most doctors always prefer and suggest a Vaginal Birth but do encourage C-Sections only when required. It’s a wonderful idea to be able to decide on the date of delivery but an elective C-Section is finally a huge surgery that can be avoided if you are willing to go with the flow. The procedure like any other abdominal surgery always has a risk of excessive bleeding, infection etc that can be avoided. A vaginal birth may seem unplanned and sort of a hassle in comparison to an elective C-Section but taking the risks into consideration will always help.

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