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4 MOST Effective Ways Music Increases Your Child's Intelligence

4 MOST Effective Ways Music Increases Your Child's Intelligence

Music is the ultimate cure to feel relaxed and a time to enjoy your favourite tunes, but more recently there have been interesting findings on intelligence. Several studies have proven that music not only gives you a pleasurable feeling but has a very strong way of effectively increasing intelligence - especially in growing children.

Below are, thus, 4 MOST effective ways music has proven to increase children’s intelligence:

1. The Mozart Effect?

Music is the oldest art to have a language of its own. Although the symbols seem to be little strange, they have a lot of creative potential for your child.

Research points that learning music more than listening has a way of increasing your child’s intelligence. This first was seen in an 18th century study that was called the Mozart effect. The results from this was perceived as intelligence increasing only due to classical music like that of Mozart. Yet, many studies after the Mozart effect have strongly proven that any music can enhance children’s intelligence.

Further, these studies also show how the complex process of learning music tends to efficiently increase your child’s intelligence.

2. Language

How does the complex process of learning music increase your child’s intelligence? The skills needed to master music are also skills that enhance your child’s intelligence. This includes a whole range of skills: verbal memory, verbal literacy, listening skills and motor skills. Many studies also say that music can affect how your child can easily process pitch and detect language even if noise present. Thus, such skills also increases the intelligence for your to easily master second languages.

3. Tests

Is there any way of proving that the increase in your child’s intelligence actually happens? Yes. Many studies have used professional tests to see whether the enhancements in children’s intelligence are real. There is enough proof to show how there is a clear literary efficiency and development of the brain due to music in children. Musical experiences enhance movement and coordination in everyday life - for children especially.

4.Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Moreover, the IQ of your child is given a strong enhancement by increasing memory and spatial learning i.e. easy perception of the environment around the child. 

So, it’s time to buy a pair of headsets, nod to your favourite tunes AND solve math problems!  

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