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4 MOST Effective Tips on How To Poison-Proof Your Home For Your Baby's Sake

As a parent, along with the endless list of work to take care of, poison-proofing the home may sometimes take a back seat. What often skips out of our mind is the more we take it for granted, the more fatal it could become for the little explorer of our house. Each house contains many items that could poison a child and the sooner we think of poison-proofing the house, the better it will be for your baby. So, here are 4 MOST effective methods to poison-proof your home.

1. Protecting your child from poisoning due to medicines

Medicines could be as beneficial as possible, but they also could be as dangerous as a machine gun - especially if you have a baby in your home. You need to be extra careful in protecting your child from getting poisoning through medicines. Here is what you can do:

- Lock up all the medicines securely in a cupboard to keep it out of your baby’s reach. Preferably, make use of safety latches and locks.

- Ensure to get rid of the expired medications.

- Store the medicines in their original containers to avoid the mishap of consuming or offering your baby to consume wrong medicines.

- Avoid taking medicines in front of your child. Otherwise, it might encourage your child to try the medicine when you are not around.

- Never refer medicine as a candy or with some appealing name. It could tempt your child to have unnecessary or excess medicines and this could be fatal for your little one.

2. Household cleaning products

In this modern life, most of the cleaning products you use to disinfect or clean the house are made of chemicals which could be toxic to humans. If you have a baby in the home, it becomes particularly important to take care in choosing the right cleaning products.

- Ensure to keep cleaning products back in the cabin with a safety lock.

- Never encourage your baby to play with the cleaning product containers, even if they are empty.

- Do not mix cleaning products. These could cause poisonous fumes which could be harmful to you and your baby.

- Make sure the cleaning products are never left unattended while your baby is around.

- Whenever possible, use the cleaning products made of natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar. It will keep you and also your crawling baby safe and secure.

3. Protecting yourself from poisoning due to plants

Plants are one of the things which, most of the time, is considered non-poisonous. Yet, some of the plants in your house and your garden could be precarious for your baby. To avoid any harm that could be caused by plants, here are a few tips:

- Know all the names of the plants in and around your house and learn which could be harmful.

- Keep the poisonous plants out of the reach of your baby.

4. Other tips:

- Babies generally get attracted to the tiny bits and pieces. So, ensure there are no such small things accessible to your child. Ensure the button-sized batteries are unreachable to your baby.

- Install as well as maintain working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide.

- Never put poisonous things in food or drink container. 

- Don’t rely entirely on child-resistant containers. They, after all, are not always childproofed. 

- Keep purses, luggage and grocery bags away from prying hands. Coins, brightly hued lipstick or a bottle of pills could attract your baby and could be very dangerous.  

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