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4 Life Hacks with Drugstore Products You Must Try


The consumer world will have you believe that there’s a product designed for everything you need. If you are ready to bend some rules and get creative, there’s a lot more you can do with the simple things available around you. Even your local drugstore can take care of most of your head-scratching moments. Try 4 of these simple life hacks with everyday drugstore products to see how easily they can be used in various ways! 

1. Earbuds

‘Clean ‘em up and clean ‘em good’ has been the mantra of ear cleaning since childhood. Did you know, however, that earbuds can be much more than wax cleaning sticks?

- Try them for cleaning eye makeup! Just dip a tip into some moisturiser and gently rub off makeup at the end of your day.

- Cleaning gadgets with a dip in acetone. Remember those spaces where fingers can’t reach and brushes don’t do the trick in your keyboards, calculators or remote controls? Earbuds dipped in acetone come to rescue for a quick, clean swipe!

- Use those small, smooth tips for painting projects with the kids! They bring out a great texture and give you some ‘me’ time while children explore their creativity!

- Our bedroom corners are a strong proof that the little ones engage very little with the toys and lot more with the ‘non-toy’ things to play with. Make the best of their curiosity with earbud sticks, build shapes, letters and numbers. Color them up for a pretty set and stack them back in a box after your toddlers are done. What’s more, there’s no big loss if you lose them anyway! 

2. Medicine bottles

Pills come in all sorts of bottles and jars- glass or plastic, narrow or broad. One can use them in many ways after you’re done with the pills there.

- Organizers. Have you noticed how the bottles are just the right size to store tiny things, especially those that have a tendency of mixing with the other things? Use medicine bottles as organizers for your buttons, pins, needles and colour code them for easy recognition!

- Keeper of the keys. The spare keys that keep lying around in drawers and are often lost when you need them need no more hunting. Stack the keys in the bottles and label them as per the use. This won’t help to find your already lost key but will surely reduce your pain of having to scavenge for the spares in the meanwhile!

- For those who travel often, may it be for leisure or for work, keepings things handy and compact is a dire necessity. No need to buy those fancy bags and pouches anymore. Just use the plastic pill bottles for your first aid kit, small portions of lotions, shampoos, ect - screening your handbags with just the right quantity at security check!

- For lovers of the kitchen, finding the right spice at the right time is always a task. Medicine bottles come in super handy here. Just store your spices and herbs with pretty labels and stack ‘em up even in a small space. All you need to do then is refill and reuse while the happy cooking continues!

3. Nail polish remover (or any acetone base)

Did you think they only come in handy as suggested on the labels? Nail polish removers can work wonders outside their job description!

- Remove stubborn stains from chinaware by rubbing a little nail paint remover before washing them and viola! Your china tea cups are as good as new!

- Kids at home don’t believe in keeping things to paper? Marker pen scribbles can be rubbed off walls and other surfaces with a quick swipe of acetone (found in nail polish removers) Now you have erasers even for the bad and the ugly!

- It is a known fact that metals don’t do well with water. If you want to santize your equipment like scissors, razors or eyelash curlers (especially those lent out to others) - just dip them in some nail paint remover - increasing their hygiene and life many times over!

- Unpacking a big day worth of a shopping stash can be tricky. Especially when you are too excited to rip off the labels and they won’t come off! Use nail paint removers on the stickers and over those labels - getting rid of them before you can say “shopping”!

4. Baby wipes/wet wipes

We’ve all seen them stacked in baby bags and we all know the dirty job they take care of. Yet, baby wipes have a lot more use for you than you can imagine.

- Makeup removal can be a pain, and supposedly needs an elaborate set up too. Burst that myth with the baby wipes. A gentle swipe helps remove all of it, leaving your skin happily moisturised and great smelling for a good night's sleep! They also come in handy on the go. 

- Cleaning home plants can be tricky. Will the water spill too much? Did you get all the leaves with that spray? Wipes work wonderfully and quickly to clean plants - helping give them a quick and fresh look without any mess!

- We’ve all had cringeworthy moments at public places where things are too dirty for comfort. Keep baby wipes handy- they not only help to sanitize door knobs, handles or even your gym equipment - but also help to get rid of any foul smell that may be killing your olfactory senses!

- Who doesn’t like a nice, fresh ride in a car - especially with a good weather outside? Sometimes, however, car muck can be a mood-killer and takes ages to clean up! Worry not because the super baby wipe comes to rescue, again. Use the soft tissue to wipe off dirt or stains off the leather interiors of your car, the dashboard marks or even the rear-view mirrors for a spick-span look. You know what comes free with this handy trick? A brilliant fragrance to put you on top of the mood chart again! 

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