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4 Life-Changing Facts About Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia can be the scariest thing in anybody’s life. Many of you leave it unnoticed because the defect is so small that you often neglect it. This further leads to bulging around the umbilical area and consistent pain that can sometimes be unbearable. It almost looks like an “outtie” belly button and may or may not have noticeable symptoms. 

If you’re pregnant or have excessive weight then it causes pressure on your weak abdominal area making a hernia more noticeable. In most cases, it is advisable to wait until you’re pregnant to treat your umbilical hernia. It can be difficult to deal with it once it becomes incarcerated, so you should try to repair it as soon as possible. Even though you will not love it so much you can easily treat it if diagnosed on time. Here is the complete know-how of everything related to an umbilical hernia and it’s quirky side effects.

1.It occurs at your belly button

If you’re confused about an umbilical hernia being related to your baby then you need to know that it’s a condition that happens in the area where you own your belly button. The exact point of this condition is where your umbilical cord connects to your baby and it can become enlarged with increased pressure. If you feel tenderness or pain at your belly button then this can also be an alarm that you’re suffering from this condition. The postnatal complication of an umbilical hernia can be a big problem for you even when the baby is cradled in your arms.

2.There is high risk of an umbilical hernia after pregnancy

During childbirth, excess stretching of muscles happens which can weaken your abdominal muscle and can also make it very tender leading to high risk of an umbilical hernia after pregnancy. Since your internal organ protrudes towards the outside you can also experience pain and discomfort. Before your umbilical hernia turns into a life-threatening condition, it’s always advisable to talk to your doctor for correct guidance.

3.An umbilical hernia lasts longer in pregnant women

There is a tiny opening in your baby’s abdominal muscles through which your umbilical cord passes. After your baby’s birth this opening usually closes but if the muscles do not join completely it can turn into an umbilical hernia. There is a constant pressure during pregnancy which makes an umbilical hernia last longer in pregnant women. Due to excess intra-abdominal pressure in your pelvis and your abdomen, the organ might push forward and a tissue protrudes near your belly button. It can also be a bump if the pressure is severe.

4.Exercise can also reduce an umbilical hernia

Although surgery is the safest option to effectively fix a hernia after pregnancy. You can also opt for few exercises that are meant to reduce its complication after pregnancy. You can try the famous yoga exercise- boat poses for ten seconds four to five times daily. You can also try out cycling lex exercises which are an effective way to lessen the swelling of an umbilical hernia. You can easily reduce the protrusion naturally by incorporating these exercises into your daily life.

Whether or not surgery might be the only option to fix your umbilical hernia you should never leave the condition unnoticed. If you are pregnant it’s best to wait to have it repaired as mostly it is harmless both for you and your baby. Seek your doctor’s advice today if you feel any of the complication related to this condition.  

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