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4 Hilarious Reasons That Can Make A Pregnant Woman Cry

Pregnancy is a roller coaster. The tonne of hormonal imbalances, cravings and just weird and wobbly feelings can take their toll on anyone. And pregnant women have to go through that for 9 months straight. So, it is obvious that their tolerance bars will be rather low and they will end up either lashing out or cry it out for reasons which we would think are simply hilarious. To help you understand the various weird states of a pregnant woman, we have made a list of 7 hilarious and true reasons that made pregnant women cry.

1. Difference of opinions

When you are pregnant, most of your fight is somehow keeping up with the people around you. Even a little bit here and there can lead to a violent flow of tears. This one mom had a similar experience on the simplest thing. So one odd Sunday, she sat down and wanted to watch her favourite tv serial. But, her husband suggested that maybe they can listen to some songs and talk to each other. He had just finished the sentence and tears started flowing. Neither her husband nor she herself realised when she started crying and it went on for almost half an hour. The thing that finally calmed her down was 5 scoops of her favourite ice-cream.

2. Change in recipe

So, you know how there are some things you like just how they are no matter what someone says? Well, this one pregnant woman had an experience with her favourite food which she just couldn’t get over. She was all set and looking forward dinner at her favourite restaurant where she would order her favourite dish. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? Wrong. So, everything went well until the time her favourite dish arrived. By the look of it itself, she knew something was different. She took a bite and started crying. The husband and the waiter were just baffled. After 15 mins when she calmed down, it turned out that the restaurant had changed the recipe and the same taste was gone. Hormones can really be a pain sometimes.

3. Problems with the kid

First pregnancies are challenging indeed, but what people don’t understand is that the second pregnancies can be even more challenging as now you have to take care of your other child as well. Sometimes, children can be such a hindrance to your cravings that you can’t even do something. This one mom had bought her favourite sweets and kept them aside to eat later. But when her daughter came home, she wanted to eat the same thing. By the time the mother woke up, the daughter had finished almost all of the sweets. All this poor woman could do was cry it out. She couldn’t even get angry at her daughter. 

4. Ever changing cravings

Cravings of a pregnant woman can often change over time. And it would be better for the husband and people around her to take care of this. The husband of this one pregnant woman learnt this fact the hard way. So, like a good husband he brought some orange cream biscuits for his wife one fine day. Though she used to like them earlier, that day she did not exactly want to eat them. So, she gave a go-ahead to her husband that he can have them. Jump to the next day. Suddenly she had this uncontrollable craving for orange cream biscuits and she frantically started searching for them but she couldn’t get them. Saddened by it, she called her husband to ask where those biscuits were. Little did she know that after his wife’s approval, he had taken the biscuits to the office to share with his colleagues. And all of a sudden there were streams of tears. 

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