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4 Dangerous Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

During the course of your pregnancy, it is important that you manage your diet and the kinds of products you use on a daily basis. Your body is changing tremendously and any sort of disruption can cause an immediate damage to you or your baby, considering the fact that your body is fragile at this point in time.

Ensure that you keep in touch with your doctor at all times in case of any queries regarding your diet plan, exercises and the kind of work you should avoid. An intense workout session can harm or stress your body out. Eating uncooked food items are another no-good idea, you would think raw eggs, half cooked meat have the most amounts of nutrients but they also tend to carry unwanted illnesses, so kindly avoid.

Here are a few things you should definitely avoid during your pregnancy-

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is absorbed quickly into your system and it gets transferred into your placenta and foetus, as easily. This affects the growth of your foetus, leading to a higher rate of infant death or chronic diseases. Caffeine not only affects your heart but also your babies heart which is extremely fragile.

2. Mackerel Fish

Mackerel Fish is known to contain high percentages of mercury. Mercury gets into your bloodstream and hampers your brain and other vital organs of your body. When you are carrying a baby it makes it all the more complicated. Mercury can easily affect the growth of your baby and thereby cause lasting damage to the overall development of your child’s organs.

3. X-rays  

X-rays are nothing but controlled radiations directly on your body. These radiations despite being kept low, your baby is still going to be exposed to them directly. This is an intense amount of exposure for a baby, which has a high risk of cancer for the mother or the baby. Avoid x-rays as much as you can, unless you have prior consent from your doctor.

4. Tobacco and Alcohol 

Tobacco and alcohol are injurious items that directly get into your bloodstream. This is not only extremely harmful to your body but also your child’s. It leads to numerous consequences such as premature birth, low birth rate, sudden infant death syndrome, stillbirth or miscarriage. Not just smoking but second-hand smoking can be equally hazardous to your health.

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