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4 Changes When There Is A Baby In The House

When your little one finally enters the household after a long spell of preparation and waiting, you think you’d have it all under control because of all the months you’ve spent planning for this day and all the arrangements you’ve made. Some things may still leave you stunned even though you thought you were ready, but you should still try and anticipate everything that you think might change in your life.

1. Work routine

If you’ve decided to go back to work after your delivery, you may find it extremely hard to concentrate on your work as it may make you quite uncomfortable to leave your little one in the hands of someone else. You could consider co-ordinating work timings with your partner to ensure that one of you is always at home with your child. If you’re open to the idea of hiring a caregiver or leaving your child with a loved one during the day, it might make things easier for you. You would have to be careful about breastfeeding timings so your child doesn’t lose out on her feeding due to your work.

2. Family Meals

For once you all might be at home together and you’d still find it difficult to sit down for a peaceful meal at the dinner table. Your baby might wake up in the middle of your meal and require immediate attention. Bringing them to the table might be dangerous with hot meals laid out, as well as the delicate crockery.

3. Sleep schedules

Some babies fall asleep faster when they’re in the vicinity of their parents. This means you’ve got to get used to sharing your bed space with another person who is extremely delicate. You would have to be aware even subconsciously of your movements at all times so your baby doesn’t get hurt. If they sleep in a crib, you would have to get up regularly for feeding or to keep them quiet, which may ruin not only your sleep schedule but also your partners.

4. Distributing responsibilities

This isn’t restricted to just you and your partner. If you already have older children in the house, this would be an opportunity for them to be a strong asset to the household. You have to ensure you break the news to them correctly and they are sure on what to expect once the newest member comes along. Giving them responsibilities with regard to the newborn can help build sibling ties as well as give them a sense of importance. It is also necessary that they don’t feel neglected by you in this entire process.  

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