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3 Reasons Why Your Toddler Has A Meltdown

Toddlers are cute, energetic and always keeping mom and dad on their toes. They are also prone to throwing tantrums, that you may not be fully prepared to handle.

A toddler throwing a tantrum every now and then is normal, but the intensity has to be kept in mind. And it does help to be able to understand why your toddler is having a meltdown, shouting and crying in the middle of the playground or the shopping mall.

The next time this happens, ask yourselves these questions, and you’ll easily find the answers that help you tackle the toddler tantrums.

Is your child tired or hungry?

Usually, toddlers get frustrated easily when they are bored or not getting what they want. Hunger and tiredness can make this worse. A hungry toddler doesn’t know how to tell you that they’re hungry, and will instead take out their frustration on other things. Tiredness can also make them feel very upset, because it is difficult for them to understand that they are just tired. It is thus important to consider if your toddler is throwing a fuss for the toy that you won’t buy them or whether it is actually hunger, tiredness and boredom. A hungry toddler is often an angry toddler.

Too much TV time?

Research has shown that spending too much time in front of the TV, computer or any other screen is quite bad for health. This applies to your child’s health too. Blue light from the screens can make it difficult for your child to sleep, and can also disrupt their mood, making them angry and irritated easily.

Do they need more independence?

Toddlers like to have their own free will. As a parent, you will be making some of their choices for them. Make sure that you also allow them to make a few choices everyday for themselves. When they feel like they don’t have as much freedom as they want, they can get upset and vent it by throwing tantrums.

How You Can Handle A Toddler Meltdown

Handling a toddler tantrum is easier said than done. The solution for each toddler and parent is unique, and you have to follow a trial and error method to figure out what works for you and your little one. However, there are some things that work to prevent or reduce the chances of your toddler having a meltdown, and you can try them and see for yourself:

- Make sure you feed your toddler a meal or snack, and make a trip to the bathroom before you leave the house.

- Encourage physical activities, colouring and other hobbies so that you can limit the time your child spends in front of a screen.

- Allow your child to make a few small choices for themselves every day - it can be the clothes they wear, or the plate they eat their food in. Either way, giving your child a sense of freedom helps them feel better.

- Ensure that your child is getting enough sleep at night. Nap time is also very important, because they get tired faster.

- Tantrums are often the way your child asks for attention. Pretend to ignore your child when they throw a tantrum. They will eventually get bored and stop. But make sure you spend quality time with your child every day, be it playing with them or reading their bedtime stories.

These may not always work, but with some patience, and a little trial error, your toddler will eventually understand and you’ll be more prepared to handle them. Parenting is never a one-stop solution, but your love for your toddler will definitely guide you through handling their tantrums.

Don’t worry too much about what others think, but focus on you and your toddler in these situations. Has your toddler thrown a big tantrum before? What did you do?

Share your tips and help out other mommies too!

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