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3 Reasons Why You Should Kiss Your Baby

It is very natural for a mother to kiss her baby. It's not something you learn to do, it's something that is innate and comes from within. Kissing your baby is not just an act, it is a feeling and an emotion. 

Kissing your baby has so many benefits that you’ll be surprised to know:

1. It builds immunity

When you kiss your newborn you intake a few pathogens present on your baby’s skin. These pathogens reach to the secondary lymphoid organs like the tonsils where there are memory B cells present. A mother who breastfeeds uses B cells to produce antibodies against these pathogens which are transferred to the baby through milk. These antibodies fight against the pathogens in the baby’s body.

Such a sweet way to build an immunity!

2. IQ Booster

It is not a good thing to ignore your baby’s cries or when he’s trying to seek attention. Some think it is okay to do so because they think it will make the baby emotionally stronger and independent. They don’t know that it is bad for the baby.

A Research was conducted by Harlow in 1950s. They experimented with monkeys by depriving them of attachment, and it turned out that they were intellectually inferior to those chimps that received motherly love.

Just remember we all evolved from apes!

Loving your baby and being affectionate can help in the development of the brain without getting stressed out. Moreover, kissing your baby could expose him to experience positive emotions and love.

3. The Empathy factor

Kissing, cuddling and loving your baby can build help in developing his personality. It is a good for his emotional health. Emotional babies grow up to be sensitive adults who are sensitive to the needs of others. They are the ones who build successful relationships with others, are more academically bright and interact well with others.

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