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3 Months Pregnant Woman Goes Into Coma… Gives Birth 6 Months Later!

Miracles really do happen in real life! Prepare yourself for this story is surely going to melt your heart.  The story is about a woman in Kerela (Beteena) who went into a coma when she was in her first trimester, how nobody thought the baby would survive and how the baby was born at 37 weeks - without any sign of a serious growth issue. Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

Make sure to read till the end - it has a really sweet ending. Beteena came from a small family in Kottayam - her husband Anoop (a KSEB employee) and a three-year-old baby. When she was 3 months pregnant (back in January), she slipped into a coma due to cerebral trauma after an accident.

She had been admitted to Carithas Hospital where she was put on a ventilator for 2 months and then moved to the ICU. Although the doctors were aware that she was pregnant, they decided to go through with the necessary medications required for Beteena’s survival. Those medications were quite strong and she was at risk of either a natural abortion (miscarriage) or a birth defect.

Despite it all, the baby seemed to be doing just fine. The doctors were shocked but relieved. Beteena was fed liquid food at the ICU to protect the baby. On June 14, the doctors performed a C-Section to deliver the baby when it was found that the baby had no growth issues. Several doctors were consulted before the operation was performed. The baby boy was delivered successfully and all the doctors rejoiced at this.

Now here is the best part of the story - upon hearing the baby’s cries, the mom actually woke up from her coma! As she hugged her little bundle of joy, her eyes welled up with tears. It literally was love at first sight and more. It was her undying, unconditional love that made her open her eyes. The gynaecologist, Dr Dinesh Gopalakrishnan, said that this was a rare case in medical history. It is surely a memorable one. Dr Reji and Emergency Consultant Dr Vivek agree. Dr Reji said that the wonderful moment (when the baby was born) has God's signature on it.

Beteena is now at home with her little baby who has been named ‘Elvin’. Her firstborn was super excited about the new member in the family. She was discharged from the hospital 10 days after the delivery after making sure that they are both stable. She is now undergoing physiotherapy along with taking some Vitamin pills.

The story is definitely one to remember and learn from. Maternal love trumps all else. It is for this reason that Beteena opened her eyes after all - she wanted to be able to greet her little one. The one she carried for 9 long months in her body. Miracles can happen with the bond between a mother and child. It is, of course, thanks to the effort of the doctors as well. They did what they thought was best for the pregnant mom.

We thank Beteena for this wonderful story and pray that Elvin will have a bright, happy and colourful life ahead.

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