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3 Exercises to Make Your Cellulite Disappear

3 Exercises To Make Your Cellulite Diasappear

Cellulite is a problem that afflicts millions of women around the world.

What is cellulite?

Simply put, cellulite is fat that gives skin a dimpled-wrinkly appearance. This fat is generally found around the buttocks and thigh region. Cellulite occurs due to many reasons such as:

• Weakening of the hormones

• Lack of exercise

• Excess fat

• Poor blood circulation

Thus, cellulite during pregnancy is quite a natural occurrence. Women who suffer from cellulite even before pregnancy may find their condition to be aggravated to a certain extent, but this can be controlled. In fact, there are a number of things that you can do to control cellulite during pregnancy.

3 Exercises to Make Your Cellulite Disappear

In this article, we will look at one such method to control cellulite during pregnancy i.e. to practice yoga and perform certain exercises at home. Out of all the methods of controlling cellulite, exercising is perhaps the best and offers the most permanent solution to your problem. The objective of these cellulite disappearance exercises is to create leaner muscles, tighter skin and burn fat while also building muscle.

1. Single-Leg Hip Raise

Cellulite Exercise

(a) Lie face-up on the floor with one knee bent and the other leg straight.

(b) Tighten your stomach muscles.

(c) Tighten your glutes and raise your hips until they forms a straight line from your shoulders.

(d) Hold in that position for about 3 seconds.

(e) Come back to the starting position and repeat. Once you have completed a certain number of reps, switch legs and repeat on the other side.

While doing this cellulite disappearance exercise, it’s important to feel the pressure in your glutes and not in your lower back as well as hamstring region. If the exercise is too hard for you, just keep both legs straight instead of bending one leg at the knee.

2. Squat with weights

Cellulite Exercise

(a) Select weights that you are comfortable with.

(b) Hold these weights in your hand and leave them by your side.

(c) Go down into a squat position while imagining you are trying to sit in a chair.

While you are doing this cellulite disappearance exercise, it’s important for you to keep your knees planted in one position, and take care that your knees do not go beyond your toes. You should feel the burn in your hamstring region.

3. Step-up

Cellulite Exercise

(a) Choose weights that you are comfortable with.

(b) Hold the dumbbells or weights in your hand with your arm resting by your side.

(c) Ensure that you are standing in front of a platform that’s about knee-level.

(d) Place one of your feet onto the platform.

(e) Press your heel onto the surface until the leg that’s on the platform is straight and the other leg is suspended in the air.

(f) Then, slowly go back to your normal position with the leg that’s suspended in the air leading first.

(g) Complete a certain number of reps with each leg.

If you cannot do this cellulite disappearance exercise or are facing some difficulty in doing it - instead of dumbbells, you can use body-weights.

In addition to these 3 exercises for making your cellulite disappear, you can look at Pilates Bridge, Yoga, Kick-Boxing or even a Dance-Based Cardio workout. Assist your strong cellulite disappearance workout with small activities like swimming, walking, riding a bicycle and so on. If the cellulite is bothering you, the onus is on you to tackle it effectively!

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