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3 Cases Of Baby Being Kidnapped From The Hospital

Pregnancy and motherhood are an exciting and at the same time a testing period for women.

A baby is one of the most treasured assets to parents. It is incredibly painful to imagine babies being separated from mother. There has been various incidents of babies being stolen from parents at hospital. Here is a list of few incidences of the same.

Abduction of Kamiyah Mobley :

Mobley was born on July 10, 1998, to Shanara Mobley,16 years old at that time. She was abducted hours after birth by a woman pretending to be a nurse,who entered the room, assisted and conversed with the mother. It was initially believed that the woman who kidnapped Kamiyah was her family member. Shanara was interviewed and she pleaded for the return of her daughter.The abductor was believed to be between 25 and 35 years old and possibly concealing her identity. She was dressed in a floral blue smock and green scrub pants. It is known that Gloria Williams, about 33 at the time, later forged documents to create a new identity for Mobley. Williams had a miscarriage a week before, which is believed to be her motive for the abduction. Gloria williams faces up to 22 years in prison.

Kidnapping of Carlina White :

Harlem Hospital Center in New York City witnessed an abduction of a 19 year old infant named Carlina White born to Joy white and Carl Tyson. She was admitted in the hospital with a fever and a women pretending to be a nurse abducted her. Carlina White grew up questioning her roots. When Carlina was 23, her "mother" confessed to her that she was not her biological mother, and that she was abandoned by drug addicts. Curiosity lead her to further investigation and she found her image on a website that claimed that she was missing. When Carlina got in touch with her real parents. Joy White was ecstatic to be reunited with her long lost daughter, and Ann Pettway was soon brought in to police custody. Although she refused to admit to the crime initially, she was still sent to prison for 10-12 years on kidnapping charges. Joy White believes Ann should be in prison for 23 years, one year for every year she and her baby were apart.

Beena baby kidnapping case :

This incident took place in India. On March 9, 2017 a four day old baby was kidnapped from the Kozhencherry hospital,Kerala. The baby was kidnapped by a woman named Beena. It was discovered that Beena was childless and wanted a child of her own. The newborn's parents were Anitha and Saji Chacko. While at the hospital Beena tricked Saji Chacko into giving her the baby pretending to be a hospital employee. She claimed that a nurse had ordered her to deliver the baby to her mother, for a nursing session. Without any second thought, the father handed the baby into the hands of Beena. Beena escaped the hospital with the baby. However,the baby was recovered within 33 hours of the incident. Beena was obviously brought under police custody.

It is very tragic when a baby is separated from the parents. Parents have to be careful in this cruel world and need to understand that even hospitals that are considered to be very safe are no exception from the threat of your baby from being kidnapped. Let us hope for a safe and secure future where no parents have to go through the tough times the above mentioned parents had been in.


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