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25 Puree Recipes For 6-12 Month Old Babies

baby puree

Once the baby grows up to be 6 months old, it is a milestone in the lives of its parents as it is ready to have solid food now. But the most difficult task to accomplish is getting to know which food is best for the baby and how to prepare the most nutritious and healthy food for it. the excitement to introduce a new variety of food to the kid is unexplainable as by this stage of the baby’s life, it is ready to swallow food.

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Baby Food

Variety Of Food Options For Babies

Healthy Baby Food Recipes

Baby Food

In the starting of food journey, the food needs to be the kind that is easy to digest. The 6-month baby food should always include purees, and cereals as it is easily digestible.

Variety Of Food Options For Babies

baby puree

As a parent, you need to make sure that the food intake of the baby is easily digestible, healthy, fresh, and should be free of salt or sugar. There are some extremely healthy puree baby recipes which serve as a good option to give it to the babies.

Mashed Bananas

One of the most easily digestive food items, banana is an easily available food item and can be fed to babies and they will love it. This homemade baby banana food should not be steamed before feeding it to the baby.

How to make it – 

Mash up a banana in the blender to form a puree and mix the same with formula milk to form a smooth consistency and delicious banana puree is ready.

Fruit Puree – 

One of the healthiest choices for baby food, it is not only healthy but also very easy to prepare. Even after steaming the fruits, the nutrients are not lost, thus it is not a bad option to steam fruits before feeding the kid.

How to make it – 

Peel and cut up the fruits and steam it until tender. After that, blend the same to form a smooth paste and feed the tasty fruit puree to the baby.

Pulse Puree – 

A very healthy option for the baby is a puree of different pulses.

How to make it

The first step is to wash the pulses in fresh water. After that, boil the same and mash it once properly boiled. Once it is cool enough, feed the baby.

Apple Puree – 

baby puree

Apple is one of the best fruits to be consumed by babies. But raw apple is not chewable by the babies and thus, an apple puree is one of the best options.

How to make it

Peel and cut up delicious apple pieces and steam the same. Once it is soft enough, make a puree out of it with the help of a blender and healthy apple puree for your baby is ready.

Oatmeal Cereal – 

Something that is rich in calcium, fibre, proteins, and vitamin B and is easy to digest and chewable is what’s good for the baby.

How to make it – 

Blend ground oats in a blender and add this oat powder into water and put it to heat. Let it get cooked properly. Once cool enough, mix the formula in it and serve the baby.

Healthy Baby Food Recipes

baby puree

There are a lot of options nowadays when it comes to feeding your 4-6-month-old baby. The options are healthy and rich of every nutrient required by the baby body. There are some delicious baby food recipes which come in handy when a parent is confused as what to serve.

Creamy Banana Oats 

- The first step is to grind the oats and form it into a powder.

- Mix the oats into the water and put it on the heat.

- Cook the mixture for about 7-8 minutes and stir continuously so that there are no lumps formed.

- Remove it from the flame and let it rest for about 2 minutes.

- Once it is cool enough, add banana puree into it and serve the baby.

Vegetable Soup 

A fresh homemade soup is beneficial for the health of the baby as it is full of nutrients and is a flexible way of introducing vegetables to the baby.

Take some beans, spinach leaves, carrot, and a few peas and then peel and wash everything to remove the dirt. Cut up all the vegetables into small pieces and steam them till the vegetables are tender. Once the vegetables are steamed and cooled down, blend them together to form a puree. Strain the same and feed the baby a healthy homemade soup.

baby puree

Barley Cereal

Blend barley in the processor to form a powder.

Add the powder and water into a saucepan and let it cook. Once the paste is consistent, remove from the heat and let it cool. Mix this with formula milk and serve the baby. You can also add fruit puree to make the cereal sweeter in taste.


A 6-month-old kid can be easily fed this delicious fruit. It is already a soft fruit but a little mash up can make it easily digestible for the small babies.


An unsweetened applesauce is a great choice for babies. The dish is good to go without mixing with salt or sugar.

Pear Sauce

Just like apples, pear sauce is also a great option to feed the babies. Its light and sweet flavour is good for the taste bud of the babies and is nutritious too.

Winter Squash

Small pieces of squash that are chewable can be easily fed to babies of 6 months. They are tasty and are full of nutrients.

Sweet Potato Puree 

Like baby’s first food, this creamy food with a hint of sweetness and a soft texture makes one of the best puree foods.

baby puree


For a baby of 6 months, carrots are a healthy choice. It is full of vitamins and is sweet in consumption which makes the baby happy. For beginners, carrot in puree form and steamed ones are the best options.

Rice Cereal 

Boil a cup of water and add blended rice powder in it. Mix the same for 10 minutes and add milk formula in it. Serve it to the baby while it is still warm.

Apricot Puree

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the puree is good for babies ageing 6 months.

Boil water and apricot together and simmer it for 15 minutes.

Puree the mixture and add cereal in it if desired.

Banana Applesauce 

Peel and cut apples into small slices and put it in a pan with a little bit of water which covers the apples properly. Boil it till the apples are tender. To achieve consistency, mash the apples properly. After that, peel a banana and mash the same. Add applesauce in mashed banana and feed the baby.

Mango Puree 

Peel and cut the mangos into small pieces and put it in the blender. Add some formula milk if needed to get the desired consistency in the puree.

Papaya Puree

Peel and chop papaya and remove all of its seeds. Blend the papaya chunks to form a puree and add milk formula if needed. Feed this delicious puree to your kid.

baby puree

Plum Puree

Peel and cut 2-3 ripe plums and steam them to bring tenderness. Blend them in a food processor to attain the puree form desired to feed the baby.

Pumpkin Puree

Peel the pumpkin and scoop out all the seeds to gain consistency. Cut it into small pieces and blend the same into a food processor. Puree it and add water for attaining smoothness.

Green Bean Puree

Steam fresh green beans until they become tender enough. Puree it in the food processor and serve the hungry baby.

Pea Puree

Take fresh peas and steam them to attain softness. Put it in the blender and form a smooth puree for the baby.

Potato Puree

Peel and chop potatoes into small pieces so that they can be easily mashed. Once boiled properly, mash them with the help of a masher and add formula milk to attain consistency. Feed the nutritious potato puree to the baby.

Grape Juice

Pick our green or black grapes without seeds and sterilize them to assure quality. Boil them and mash them into a pulp once steamed properly and serve this healthy juice to the baby.

It is important for every parent to make sure that the food given to the babies is easily digestible, not allergic, and is sterilized properly to avoid any risks.

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