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25 Health Benefits Of Mosambi (Sweet Lime) You Need To Know

benefits of mosambi

Mosambi, sweet lime, bergamot - they are all names for the same fruit that India is popularly known as mosambi. Drinking mosambi juice in the summer is a childhood memory that many Indians cherish. But we drank it for the taste, for the refreshing effect that it has on our body not knowing the many mosambi benefits. It’s high time our ignorance towards mosambi nutrition and its benefits end.

Good for your health, our hair and our skin - mosambi benefits aren’t to be ignored anymore. In this article, we shall cover 25 mosambi benefits including some mosambi juice benefits. That’s not all - How to make mosambi juice? What happens if you consume too much of mosambi? So sit back. Peel yourself a mosambi and learn the secrets behind this Middle Eastern citrus fruit!

Table Of Contents

What is Mosambi?

Mosambi Nutrition

How To Make Mosambi Juice

Mosambi Benefits/Sweet Lime Benefits

Side Effects Of Mosambi

What is Mosambi?

benefits of mosambi

Mosambi is a fruit that’s part of the ‘citrus’ species of fruit. In many countries, it’s popularly known as sweet lime. Typically, the fruit is a member of the sweet lemons family and is cultivated predominantly in the Middle East. Interestingly enough; mosambi or sweet lime is a ‘cross-breed’ fruit: citron + bitter orange= mosambi/sweet lime.

Mosambi Nutrition

Mosambi nutrition is the reason behind mosambi benefits. Hence, reading through the nutritional value of the fruit will help you understand the reason behind certain benefits that the fruit has to offer. While we aren’t looking at things like mosambi juice calories; we are looking at the overall nutritional value of the fruit (mosambi/sweet lime). The table below represents mosambi nutrition for a serving of 100g of mosambi fruit:

Nutrients in mosambi:

nutrients in mosambi

How To Make Mosambi Juice?

Mosambi juice or sweet lime juice is way more popular than the fruit itself. People love consuming mosambi in juice form because of its real refreshing qualities. Hence, do not include the topic how to make mosambi juice in an article which also contains mosambi juice benefits would be extremely unfair. A lot of you who are reading this article may already know how to make mosambi juice hence, we shall keep this tutorial super short and sweet.

What you need: Two fresh sweet limes, sugar and water.

Steps To Prepare Mosambi Juice:

‣ Peel both the sweet limes.

‣ Add the peeled fruit to a mixer.

‣ Add sugar to the mixer.

‣ Add a little bit of water to the mixer.

‣ MIX!

Mosambi Benefits/Sweet Lime Benefits

benefits of mosambi

The health benefits of mosambi/sweet lime are numerous as you shall find out under this mosambi benefits/sweet lime benefits section. In brief, we shall be covering 25 health benefits of the fruit- including mosambi juice benefits! You will see that most mosambi benefits are for the hair and skin- with some benefits to the overall health of a person.

1. Treat Urinary Problems:

Mosambi nutrition should have taught you one thing; mosambi is extremely rich in potassium. Potassium helps with the detoxification of the kidney and the urinary bladder. This, in turn, acts as a means of treatment of infections that are found in the urinary bladder.

2. Treat Gout:

Gout is a disease that takes hold of people who suffer from Vitamin C deficiency. Mosambi is a rich source of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps the body flush out all the free radicals and uric acid that are causing problems to the body.

3. Healing Ulcers:

The anticarcinogenic, antioxidant and antibiotic properties that are present in the flavonoids that are found in mosambi make it an effective means of treatment against different types of ulcers.

4. Ease of Respiratory Issues:

A slightly uncommon use of mosambi is in the form of mosambi oil. Mosambi oil can be extracted from the fruit. Research studies indicate that this oil that’s so extracted has anti-congestion properties and hence, inhaling it can help ease many different kinds of respiratory issues. This is a somewhat unique mosambi benefit.

benefits of mosambi

5. Home Remedy For Constipation:

If you are suffering from constipation- eating mosambi or drinking mosambi juice can do you a lot of good. The acidic nature of sweet lime flushes out all the harmful toxins that are living in your bowel tract. Additionally- the presence of dietary fibres aids eas the constipation situation even more.

6. Treatment For Arthritis:

Vitamin C helps prevent and protect people from the painful disease- rheumatoid arthritis. Sweet lime is a rich source of Vitamin C and hence, it protects people from developing arthritis. Additionally- some research studies point out that the fruit helps alleviate some of the serious symptoms that accompany arthritis.

7. Treatment For Jaundice:

Patients who suffer from jaundice are highly recommended to include sweet lime into their diet in some form or another. The sweet lime benefits here being- a boost to the liver!

8. Enhance Hair Strength:

Many shampoos use mosambi or mosambi extracts in them. Mosambi’s rich nutritional value is the reason behind this- it’s linked to enhancing hair strength.

9. Treat Acne:

Mosambi rind is known to be super effective in dealing with pimples. Apply some grated mosambi peel to a pimple and let the magic take place!

benefits of mosambi

10. Enhance Appetite:

Research studies indicate that regular mosambi consumption can bring about a positive change in enhancing one’s appetite.

11. Helps Detoxify Blood:

The presence of so many important nutrients in mosambi help detoxify and purify the blood.

12. Home Remedy To Deal With Asthma:

Add cumin seeds and ginger to mosambi juice and you shall your very own ‘Asthma syrup’. It’s a great home remedy and is very effective in treating asthma cough.

13. Home Remedy For Tonsilitis:

Add honey and warm water to mosambi juice and you will have your own ‘cough syrup’ ready at home. Drinking this mixture will give you relief from an itchy throat, cough and swollen tonsils.

14. Improves Functioning Of Nervous System:

Drinking mosambi juice in the summers is great because of the cooling sensation that it gives. In reality- mosambi juice also acts as a sort of coolant for the brain and thus, it helps improve the functioning of the nervous system. Believe it or not- mosambi juice benefits include it being used as a raw ingredient in a sedative of a sort.

benefits of mosambi

15. Great For Pregnant Women:

The steady supply of calcium that’s found in mosambi juice is extremely beneficial for pregnant women as it helps with the comprehensive development of the fetus.

16. Treatment For Dehydration:

Mosambi juice is extremely rich in a lot of essential nutrients that the body just needs- not wants. Many athletes prepare mosambi based juices to consume while performing as it the rich mosambi nutrition protects them from dehydration and other complications like sun-stroke.

17. Alleviates Nauseous Sensation:

People who suffer from motion sickness should carry a bottle of mosambi juice while travelling whenever possible. Consuming mosambi juice helps get rid of the nauseous feeling by providing relief to heartburn and acidity.

18. Immunity Booster:

Drink a glass of mosambi juice a day to enjoy mosambi juice benefits every day. It helps boost immunity and improve heart health by ensuring sound blood circulation in the body.

19. Helps With Weight Loss:

Add warm water and honey to your sweet lime juice and there you have your magic weight loss potion ready. Drink one glass of this every day to see results.

20. Improve Hair Health:

Many people use mosambi extracts to treat split ends and dandruff related problems.

benefits of mosambi

21. Acts As A Cleansing Agent:

Mosambi juice is great for the skin because of properties that are found in it that make it act like a cleansing agent of a sort. The end result being- softer, smoother and more radiant skin!

22. Treatment Against Insect Bites:

The antibiotic properties of mosambi juice make it a popular home remedy for insect bites.

23. Detox:

Drinking mosambi juice is like the purest form of detoxification. Drinking it regularly will really show- in terms of better skin tone and better health overall.

24. Helps With Lip Care:

If you have dark or dry lips try this extremely simple remedy: just apply the mosambi juice to your lips regularly - ideally, you should apply the juice 3-4 times in a day but if that’s not possible try to do so at least twice in a day.

25. Protection Against Cancer:

There are some ‘liminoids’ that are present in mosambi that give it anti-cancer properties. What’s really cool is that these liminoids can be easily digested by the body and this helps the body fight against various different kinds of cancers.

Side Effects Of Mosambi

benefits of mosambi

Too much of anything is bad and surprisingly enough, this saying is even apt with respect to the consumption of sweet lime. The side effects of mosambi are real and should not be ignored. Although these side effect of mosambi aren’t life-threatening- the damage or discomfort caused by them should still be respected. Given below in bullet points are the different side effects of mosambi:


‣ Deteriorating Dental Health (tooth decay)

‣ Ulcers (stomach and mouth)

‣ Pregnancy Complications

‣ Disorders (sulphate-based)

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