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25 Health Benefits Of Guava That You Need To Know

guava benefits

Green in colour, looks like a tennis ball but is filled with thick, fleshy pink pulp. Yes, we just described what a guava fruit looks like. Guava is a tropical fruit that we get from the guava tree. The scientific name of guava is ‘Psidium Guajava’ but in India, it’s called ‘amrood’. The reasons for its popularity are pretty straightforward. It’s inexpensive, it’s delicious and the nutritional value of guava is something that’s hard to overlook. The health benefits of eating guava are tremendous. The title of the article does indicate that, doesn’t it? And it’s true. Guava benefits are real. Guava nutrition is real. Guava health benefits are real. Guava is a super fruit.

Table Of Contents

‣ Nutritional Value Of Guava

‣ Guava Health Benefits

   [A] Guava Fruit Benefits

   [B] Guava Leaves Benefits

‣ Side Effects Of Guava

Nutritional Value Of Guava

All the guava benefits can be explained by taking one look at the nutritional value of guava. Hence, before we get to the benefits, it’s a good idea to understand what guava nutrition is all about. The nutrition value of guava (100g) is broken down below:

Guava Health Benefits

Guava benefits or guava health benefits can be read as the other uses of guava except as a fruit. We all know guava as a fruit. But why is guava called a super fruit? Why is the guava fruit known as the queen of fruits- second only to pineapple? It’s because of the diverse uses of guava. The uses of guava fruit are different from the uses of guava leaves. Guava benefits too can be divided into two parts: (a) Guava fruit benefits (b) Guava leaves benefits.

guava benefits


[A] Guava Fruit Benefits:

Once you learn about the benefits of eating guava- your guava consumption may just increase. That’s not to say that that’s particularly bad but if not controlled expect the side effects of guava to take hold of you at some point in time. And, just to be clear, that’s bad. What’s not bad are the numerous guava fruit benefits- all thanks to the nutritional value of guava. Let’s take a closer look at them now.

1. Check High Blood Pressure: Research studies have taught us that guava fruit extract in an effective remedy for patients who suffer from high blood pressure. Tea made out of guava leaves- one of the unique uses of guava leaves- serves the same purpose: improvement in long-term sugar control levels and lesser insulin resistance.

2. Healthy Heart: One of the benefits of eating guava daily but in a controlled manner is that it has an extremely positive effect on the heart’s health. Not only does it help to reduce the blood pressure levels but the guava fruit contains more good cholesterol than bad cholesterol- which is again good for the heart.

3. Assists Digestion: Another one of those benefits of eating guava- it aids in the digestion of food. The guava fruit is a rich source of fiber. More fiber means better bowel movement and better digestion.

4. Assist With Weight Loss: If you are trying to lose weight but still are looking for energy-rich foods- the guava fruit is the solution to your problems. Guava calories are good, it’s sweet, it’s tasty and it contains very little fat.

5. Fight Cancer Cells: One of the most researched guava health benefits is the impact its antioxidant properties have on fighting off cancer cells. Some studies in this field have come up with very positive results.

6. Boosts Immunity: Benefits of eating guava daily? A better and stronger immune system. Immunity is very much dependent upon the levels of Vitamin C in the body. The guava fruit is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C in fruits which explains why it has such a positive effect on the body’s immune system.

7. Improve Eye Health: Believe it or not; eating guava has a positive impact on the health of your eyes. Eye health is highly dependent on Vitamin A and the second most abundant Vitamin that’s found in the guava fruit is Vitamin A. It also contains retinol which is good for the eye.

8. Improve Fertility: Another wacky health benefit of the guava fruit is its impact on fertility. The fruit contains a nutrient that’s called ‘folate’. Folate, in turn, promotes fertility.

9. Nutrient Absorption: The body doesn’t automatically absorb nutrients from food. There are certain nutrients like manganese that improve the ability of the body to absorb nutrients. Guava is relatively rich in manganese.

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guava benefits


10. Relax The Body: Again, manganese is responsible for this guava benefit. Manganese is known to be a relaxing agent. And what is guava relatively rich in? Manganese.

11. Upkeep Mental Health: The nutritional value of the guava fruit is responsible for the positive impact that it has on the mental health of a person. The fruit is rich in so many vital nutrients that help improve blood circulation in the brain and improve one’s general mood.

12. Detoxifying Agent: Is the junk food getting to you? Is your unhealthy lifestyle getting to you? Start eating guavas. The antioxidant properties of the guava fruit make it a great detox agent. Drinking guava tea made out of guava leaves can really help your detox regime.

13. Antibacterial: Not one of the benefits of eating guava but one of the benefits of drinking guava juice is that guava juice is an antibacterial agent. Translated; this means that it kills bacteria and fights off germs that try to enter your body.

14. Cold Remedy (Flu): Guava has become a popular home remedy that’s used to treat flu. The reason being Vitamin C plays a great role in fighting off flu and flu causing bacteria.

15. Treat Scurvy: Again; another health benefit of guava that stems from its richness in Vitamin C. Scurvy is a disease that inflicts people who lack Vitamin C. The best cure and remedy for such people with this disease is to eat the guava fruit, drink guava juice and prepare some sort of remedial tonic with guava leaves as the base. 

16. Fight Off Toothache: Next time you suffer from a toothache or sore gums; just go to the market, buy yourself some guava juice and drink it. You can thank us later.

17. Treat Dengue: Patients of dengue fever can benefit a lot from drinking guava juice regularly during their illness. The guava fruit benefit here is that it helps an individual regain the strength that they lose during the illness.

18. Betters Skin Complexion: Here’s where things get a little specific. Pink guava, in particular, has this impact on the skin. It helps to better the skin complexion by giving it fibrance and freshness. This is where the uses of guava fruit transcend our imagination. Use guava fruit and guava leaves to make a nice face-scrub and enjoy better complexion.

19. Protects Skin From UV Rays: Another benefit of the above-mentioned guava scrub is that it protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiations.

20. Has Anti-Ageing Properties: Guava nutrition has its part to play here. Rich in antioxidants and detoxifying agents in addition to nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium- this guava benefit doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.

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[B] Guava Leaves Benefits

guava benefits


The uses of guava fruits- you have seen. Now, it’s time to take a look at the different uses of guava leaves. The health benefits of guava do not confine themselves to the benefits of eating guava alone. Guava leaves are rich in guava nutrition as guava fruit. The leaves can be used to make beverages, food, jam and a lot more. Irrespective of how you plan to use guava leaves, for you to gain some perspective on the importance of these leaves, here are some of the health benefits that guava leaves, in particular, have to offer:

21. Treat Diarrhea: Suffering from diarrhea? Prepare yourself some guava tea and drink it. If you cannot make the tea and have some of the guava extract with you- add that to some warm water and oil and voila! Your secret diarrhea portion is ready.

22. Fight Obesity: The tea that’s made out of guava leaves is a great detoxifying agent that also helps with weight reduction thus, helping patients battle obesity.

23. Fight Cancer: Decoctions made using guava leaves contain vital elements that help fight off cancer cells. Guava is especially used to treat prostate and gastric cancer patients.

24. Reduce Cholesterol: Ingesting guava leaves on a daily basis can help you bring down your bad cholesterol levels significantly.

25. Prevent/Treat Diabetes: Guava extracts don’t just help treat diabetes but research studies point out to the fact that regular guava consumption can give you some sort of immunity to diabetes type 2 disease.

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Side Effects Of Guava

guava benefits


Too much of anything is too bad- even too much of a super-fruit. The side-effects of guava, however, aren’t too severe. On the worst of days, these are the side effects of guava that you will experience:

‣ Gas or discomfort of the stomach

‣ Dehydration

‣ Potassium overdose complications (check with doctor)

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