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benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is widely used as salad or pickles throughout the country. The cucumber nutrition makes it a beneficial fruit for health. The main benefit of eating cucumber and cucumber juice benefit is that it can provide a good amount of water to the body and thus can promote weight loss. Being loaded with numerous health benefits, it must be consumed daily.

Table of Content:

1. Cucumber

2. Nutrition Value Of Cucumber

3. 25 Benefits of Cucumber

4. Side Effects Of Cucumber

5. How Can One Incorporate Cucumbers Into Their Regular Diet?

6. Conclusion


benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is a creeper that yields a fruit full of water which is very beneficial to the health. Indians use cucumber for salads, chat items, or for pickling. Cucumber is a refreshing and hydrating fruit which has many benefits for the health, skin and the hair. Cucumber can be consumed as an evening snack and one cucumber can fill your stomach thus preventing you to indulge in junk foods. Cucumber juice benefits are plenty and it can reduce the skin complexion through topical application.

Nutritional Value of Cucumber

Being low calorific and full of water, the nutritional value of cucumber is beneficial for health as it provides body with many electrolytes.

Nutritional value per 100gms of cucumber:

nutritional value of cucumber

Benefits of Cucumber

benefits of cucumber

There many health benefits of eating cucumber such as:

1. Cucumber keeps you hydrated

Cucumber contains 90% of water and hence it can perfectly hydrate the body. It is a good food to have during summers and the cucumber juice benefits is an add-on advantage.

2. Cucumber helps prevent cardiovascular diseases

Benefits of eating cucumber and the cucumber juice benefits can prevent the cholesterol level to increase in the blood and thus can prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

3. Cucumber lowers the blood pressure

Cucumber benefit of lowering the blood pressure is due to the cucumber nutrition that is it has good amounts of potassium levels.

4. Cucumber help control diabetes

The sudden rise in the glucose level can be controlled through regularly eating cucumbers.

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benefits of cucumber
5. Cucumber helps control obesity

Benefits of eating cucumber have been linked to controlling the obesity i.e. it promotes weight loss.

6. Cucumber can improve bowel movements

Cucumber nutrition makes it rich in fibre content and pectin, thereby improving the bowel movements in the body.

7. Cucumber can reduce the body temperature

Benefits of eating cucumber in summer can be used to reduce the body temperature, which makes it an important fruit during the hot season.

8. Cucumber helps detoxify the body

Cucumbers nutrition makes this fruit an excellent detoxifying one. It can help the liver flush the toxins thus detoxifying the body.

9. Cucumber improves vision

Benefits of eating cucumber include improving the vision and can help in improving the cataracts.

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benefits of cucumber
10. Cucumber offsets the bad breath

Bad breath can be combated through eating a slice of cucumber as it can eliminate the growth of microbes and odour producing bacteria.

11. Cucumber can improve the health of bones and nails

Benefits of eating nutrition include improving the health of bones and nails through the richness of cucumber’s nutrition.

12. Cucumber curbs acidity

Cucumber is an alkaline food and thus the health benefits of cucumber include in curbing acidity

13. Cucumber prevents kidney stones

One of the important benefits of eating cucumber is that it can prevent the development of kidney stones, as cucumbers are diuretic.

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benefits of cucumber
14. Cucumbers can reduce the uric acid levels in the body

Many rheumatic diseases are caused due to excessive uric acid content in the body. Uric acid can be controlled by eating cucumbers. This is one of the most important health benefit of eating cucumber.

15. Cucumber can cure asthma

Cucumber nutrition has very positive affects on curing breathing problems like asthma.

16. Cucumber can prevent inflammatory diseases

Cucumber benefits are known to prevent inflammation and thus diseases such as arthritis can be cured.

17. Cucumber improves the health of the digestive system

The health benefits of eating cucumber can improve the digestive capability of the person as cucumber contains an enzyme such as “erepsin”.

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benefits of cucumber
18. Cucumber makes a cool squash

Cucumber juice can be mixed along with other cooling juices such as watermelon and pumpkin which can be a perfect refreshing drink for the summers.

[Try this: Cucumber and Lemon Drink]

19. Cucumbers can cure sun burns

Cucumbers can be juiced and applied on the sun burn area to soothe the skin.

20. Cucumber treats fizzy hair

Cucumber juice can be applied on the hair as hair mask to treat dry, rough and fizzy hair. Apply for 10-15 minutes and rinse with a mild shampoo.

21. Cucumber can treat hyperpigmentation

Many women complain about hyper pigmentation on the face. Applying cucumber mask can reduce the pigmentation thus giving a clear and uniform skin.

22. Cucumber can reduce dark circles
benefits of cucumber

Cucumber slices can be applied on the dark circles to reduce them for 10 minutes.

23. Cucumber juice along with aloe vera gel

Mix cucumber juice along with aloe vera gel to give your skin a smooth texture.

24. Cucumber promotes hair growth

Cucumber juice benefits are known to promote hair growth as it can be applied to the hair for 20 minutes alongside being a good conditioner.

25. Cucumber can treat acne

Cucumber has many antioxidants and hence it can be used to treat acne and acne marks through topical application in the form of face mask.

Side effects of cucumber

side effects of cucumber

Side effects of cucumber are a few such as it can cause oral allergy in a few individuals. Oral allergy can cause swelling of lips, gum irritation and in some cases causes irritation to the eyes. Cucumber contains cucurbitacins which is anti-duertic and cause dehydration. Over eating cucumbers can cause dehydration and it can cause fluid imbalance. Hence it is important to bear in mind that too much of anything can be poisonous.

How can one incorporate cucumbers in their regular diet?

With the many benefits of eating cucumber, one must ensure that they include this beneficial fruit in their regular diet. Cucumbers can be cut into various shapes such as diced, sliced, chopped.

It can be a part of a green salad which usually includes tomatoes, onions, lettuce and kale topped with mint and coriander leaves. Cucumber can be chopped and mixed in curd to form a ‘’raita’’, a cool yet refreshing liquid to be consumed during summers.

Many people add cucumbers to their Indian chat items such as bhelpuri, sev puri. In North America, pickling the cucumbers is very common using salt and water.


With a bundle of health benefits of eating cucumber and its topical application, one must definitely purchase cucumbers and mommies must develop their children’s habit of eating cucumber on a daily basis.

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