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25 Health Benefits Of Avocado You Need To Know

health benefits of avocado

Over the decades, we have come across several new and unique fruits which were not so known earlier. Today, we will focus on one such fruit which has gained importance in the past few years because of its extraordinary properties and incredible health benefits. Avocado is a highly nutritious super fruit which is extremely rich in healthy fats as well as important micronutrients such as vitamin K, vitamin C, Folate, Potassium etc. Because of the many health benefits of avocado, it is recommended by experts to eat one avocado per day to maintain our health at its best. Avocado uses are found in skin care, hair therapy, prevention of diseases, or even healing mild skin infections. Let’s explore more of the benefits, side effects and ways to eat avocado!

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is An Avocado?

‣ 25 Health Benefits Of Avocado

‣ How To Eat Avocado?

‣ Side Effects Of Avocado

What Is An Avocado?

health benefits of avocado


Avocado, also known as “butter fruit” or “maakhanphal” because of its smooth and buttery pulp, is not just delicious but also rich in nutrition. Apart from being an indispensable part of the diet, it has also bagged its place in cosmetics, bathroom essentials, etc.

Avocado’s nutrition is now a necessity to overcome the deficiency that we are coming across. The avocado fruit has its origin in South Central Mexico, but now it has travelled to almost every part of the world. Avocado calories are approximately 160 kcal and it is rich in all types of vitamins alongside having a good amount of potassium.

It has monounsaturated fat which accounts for the maximum amount of its energy. Not only Avocado fruit, but its oil is also widely used now because of its usefulness and benefits. Let’s explore the 25 most amazing health benefits of avocado that will probably force you to consume it regularly.

25 Health Benefits Of Avocado

After exploring the basic nutrient content of avocado, it’s time to move deeper into the benefits. Hope these health benefits of avocado will win your heart and inspire you to adopt this fruit into your diet.

1. Healthy Skin: Starting with the most desired benefit, we would let you know that it is a boon for the face. It will improve your complexion with just one glass of avocado juice on alternate days. Just mix one avocado with milk and honey. Sip it up!

2. Natural Sunscreen: The oil of this wonderful fruit has enough nutrients to protect the damage caused by sun rays. All you have to do is apply some oil over your fingertips and rub it all over your face in a circular motion. Your face will seem a bit oily, but if you are in an area which has a good amount of heat, then this is worth it.

health benefits of avocado


3. Natural Cleanser: Avocado has vitamin E, which can perfectly cleanse your skin and bring a glow to your face. All you have to do is mix honey, thick milk, and avocado in a mixer and bring it to a moisturizer’s smooth consistency. Apply it on your face with the help of cotton.

4. Shaving Cream For Men: Health benefits of avocado are not just limited to beautifying women, but it also has useful properties for men who are too forgetful to buy new shaving cream. It moistens the skin and makes it easy for you to shave, without making your skin dry. Isn’t it a dependable fruit?

5. Anti-ageing Properties: Being loaded with vitamins and potassium, it has to be an anti-ageing without any doubt. If you are too lazy to apply it on your face and sit idle, just gobble those avocado cubes. If you start a regular consumption by age of 28, then you can easily prevent wrinkles during the early 40s.

6. Revitalization Of Your Scalp: With nourishing oil, it is the perfect solution for your scalp if you often feel the itch after sweating. Also, it prevents the development of fungal infection. Health benefits of avocado are not just limited to skin and you will know this when you start using avocado for hair.

7. Get Shiny And Smooth Hair With Avocado: When you have an avocado, you don’t need a conditioner for your hair anymore. Just mash this amazing fruit, and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash thoroughly. You can also mix curd or a suitable hair oil in the mash.

8. Anti-dandruff Therapy In Quick Time: The vitamin B12 in avocado helps in preventing the recurrence of dandruff in your hair. Make sure to use this therapy for 4 continuous weeks and you will feel the difference. A little bit of lemon juice or amla juice in the mash will give better results in dandruff therapy.

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health benefits of avocado


9. Get Rid Of Dry Hair: The oil content is the basis of all the health benefits of avocado. If you have dry hair which gets frizzy most of the time, you can simply apply mashed avocado pulp regularly. You will see an improvement in the texture of your hair with regular application.

10. Treats Minor Skin Ailments: Minor fungal and bacterial infection of skin erupting near the underarm, neck, between finger, nails, and knee joints can be neutralized using avocado oil. If oil is not available, you can rub a small cube of avocado on the affected area.

11. Exfoliating Face Mask: If you have an oily skin, you can still make use of avocado’s benefits. Mix cucumber juice with the mashed pulp and apply it on your face for a refreshment of skin.

12. Anti-septic Mask: You can make an anti-septic mask using avocado by mixing it with aloe vera juice or aloe vera pulp. Apply it on your face and wash it with warm water after 20 minutes.

13. Manicure Solution: When your hands get dried after working with detergent, chemicals, or any other household item, it is important to nourish them. Don’t have time for the parlour? Just mix the avocado pulp with ground oats and honey. Scrub your hands properly and it will remove all the dead cells and rejuvenate your hands.

14. Good For Nails: We know many who find it hard to maintain the health of their nails. It gets broken or has lines on them. Now get rid of such weak nails without doing much. Warm up avocado oil at night before sleeping and applying that warm oil around your nails and massage properly. Make sure the oil is not too hot to cause burns. This overnight treatment on daily basis will improve the growth and quality of your nails.

health benefits of avocado


15. Safe During Pregnancy: If you have a complaint of low haemoglobin, then you can east avocado during pregnancy. The health benefits of avocado are not just healthy for you but also for your upcoming child. It improves the nervous system and maintains your health so that your baby gets proper nourishment during the gestation period.

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16. Improved Gastrointestinal Function: Health benefits of avocado includes the functioning of your GI tract also. It helps in the proper absorption of food particles which are broken down into simpler substances. Hence, it improves the passage of food and keeps constipation away.

17. Prevents Breast Cancer: Don’t believe it? Well, research study says that oleic acid is one gem when we talk about health benefits of avocado. It prevents the breast cancer in women and also keeps the cancerous cells of mouth in control. So, do not ever underestimate this fruit!

18. Improves The Condition Of Diabetic Patients: Believe it or not but avocado is a fibrous fruit and it can help the diabetic patient in many ways. It reduces the insulin resistance and allows blood sugar level to be in control. Prevention is better than cure, so don’t wait for blood tests to report diabetes, okay?

19. Nourishes Retina: Avocado being a reservoir of vitamins, obviously protects your eyesight from going down. It is an amazing booster for retinal pigments and keeps your eyesight strong. So, if you feel that you might have power issues, please include this in your diet now.

20. Control Hypertension: Despite being 75% rich in fat, it imparts good cholesterol to your body. Also, it maintains a proper flow of blood from your heart without creating any blockage to the walls. Your blood pressure remains under check with the help of this fruit.

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health benefits of avocado


21. Doesn’t Increase Cholesterol: Many of you might believe the myth that it increases the cholesterol level because of its rich fat content. But honestly, it has high-density lipid which can be digested easily and it doesn’t increase your cholesterol level from the normal level.

22. DIY Body Lotion: Health benefits of avocado has one of the easiest solutions to anything and everything related to skin. During the skin renewal process, when old skin is shedding slowly, you can mix the avocado pulp with one tablespoon of oil. Apply it on your body and your new skin will be fresh, soft and rejuvenated.

23. Reduces Bad Breath: Vitamin B12 kills the harmful bacteria in your oral cavity. So, when you consume avocado, it helps you in getting rid of bad breath too. You just have to chew the pulp for a longer time and let all your oral cavity area come in contact with its juice.

24. No Chemical Acne Treatment: The health benefits of avocado will surprise you with this one! If you rub avocado over the slight eruption or mix it with neem oil and honey, your acne will slowly reduce. Also, it will reduce the acne mark and restore the skin without leaving any pore.

25. No-pain Lips Defoliation: You can mix the avocado pulp with sugar powder and scrub your lips slowly. It will restore the pink skin of lips and won’t leave any blood clots on the soft area. You can defoliate your lips without having to worry about the pain caused due to the roughness of powdered sugar.

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How To Eat Avocado?

health benefits of avocado


A number of mouth-watering recipes of avocado are invented and they are readily available for us to try. Let’s find out some of the healthy as well as tasty ways to eat avocado!

‣ With Seasonings: One can add seasoning of their choice, preferably pepper or lemon juice and consume the chunks.

‣ Stuffing: Avocados are very versatile and you can combine them with anything like eggs, bacon, veggies, or anything that you like. Apart from this, the avocado fruit itself can be mashed and used as stuffing.

‣ Avocado Salad: You can make an avocado salad with olive oil, herbs, peppers, and flavours of your choice. Just mix it, shake it, and gobble them all.

‣ Sandwich: You can easily spread them between two brown breads. Grill them with olive oil and you are good to go for a healthy breakfast.

‣ Juice: Avocado’s juice is something you must definitely try out at least once. It’s smooth, buttery, and has a unique flavour. It’s not the usual tangy and sweet thing, but more like a mildly sweet milkshake. You can make it thick if you are a huge fan of smoothies.

‣ Hummus: If you don’t mind gaining weight, then you can prepare your own hummus with the help of avocado fruit and use a little in every meal of yours.

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Side Effects Of Avocado

health benefits of avocado


As far side effects of Avocado fruits are concerned, a balanced consumption and moderate application are likely to be safe for the majority of people. However, in some exceptional cases, few allergies or abnormal symptoms are noticed in people.

Given below are some of the facts about side effects of avocado that one must keep in mind before adopting it in regular diet.

‣ Some people have reported mild inflammation and pricking sensation after they applied the avocado oil in combination with vitamin B12. Hence, always use it on soft skin before applied on the face or any other targeted area.

‣ Avocado’s nutrition is mainly based on fat. You might have to take care of your diet if you don’t want the extra fat to accumulate in your body.

‣ There is no confirmation about consumption of avocado during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is advised to stay on the safer side and seek the opinion of a qualified dietician or experienced doctor before deciding anything.

‣ It has also reported latex allergies in some individuals. So, if you have one or you have been through one in past, be careful. Do not consume avocado without getting the confirmatory tests done for these allergies.

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health benefits of avocado


‣ According to biochemistry studies, avocado interacts with warfarin and promotes blood clotting. However, if you are on a regular diet of avocado, you must definitely remember this point and consume few more natural supplements. These blood clotting can be very dangerous if ignored or allowed to remain in the body without treatment.

‣ If you already have high levels of cholesterol, do not consume more than half of avocado fruit twice a week. Also, strictly avoid the consumption of other fats when you are on a regular diet with avocado fruit included in it.

So, after highlighting these amazing health benefits of avocado, it is important to bring a change in our diet. Make use of this fruit and switch to a healthy lifestyle. Share your avocado hacks, if any, and we would love to hear it from you.

Let our other readers know how an avocado a day has kept a doctor away for you! Don’t forget to share your feedback and interesting experiences with avocado.

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