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25 Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Watch Out For

early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Are you holding onto all those butterflies in your stomach and anxiety in your mind about the good news? We are sure you must be looking for those sweet little early pregnancy symptoms in your body. We understand that the first symptoms of pregnancy are very sceptical. You continue to overthink if it’s just your body or the early signs of pregnancy.

In order to help you identify the first signs of pregnancy, we have compiled a blog rich in facts after thorough research. This bunch of pregnancy symptoms will help you decide whether these are signs of pregnancy or it’s just your body trying to trick you! Well, don’t worry just go ahead with the blog!

Table Of Contents

What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

16 Physiological Signs Of Pregnancy

9 Hormonal Signs Of Pregnancy

What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

When you conceive and the embryo is travelling from your ampullary-isthmic junction to the site of implantation, your body undergoes a lot of change. Since the ovum gets fertilized, you will not see your pre-menstrual syndrome. A rapid splurge in different kinds of hormones that support pregnancy is seen.

On performing reproductive endocrine function test, you will know if you are actually pregnant or not. These signs of pregnancy can be noticed in the first week of conception. But, if you are too excited, then here we have early pregnancy symptoms that will break the suspense and you can consult your doctor immediately.

16 Physiological Signs Of Pregnancy

Here are some of the changes that your body system will go through when you are pregnant. You might feel like taking medicines and you will get uncomfortable because of that. But do not take any medicine without consultation of your doctor. Stick to prescription and the symptoms will slowly reside. Here, is a small guide to make you aware of what you will possibly come across!


The early signs of pregnancy include spotting or more commonly called bleeding. However, most of the conception is unsuccessful because women consider these spotting as periods and don’t take proper care. If you are trying to conceive and into family planning, then you must get it checked instead of any casual assumption.

Tingling Sensation In The Breast:

When you conceive, your body prepares your breast for gradual milk production and a part of blood supply rushes there. In this process, you will feel tingling and pricking sensation in your breast. These are also early pregnancy symptoms and you need to confirm if this occurs on regular basis.

Sore Breast:
early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Apart from the above-mentioned tingling sensation, you will feel a constant heaviness in your breast. You will feel like it is swollen just like when you are on your period. This can also be considered as early pregnancy symptoms.


Since, your body allocates a major amount of energy, blood, and nutrients to your embryo for implantation, you will feel weakness. You will get tired by doing just a little amount of work. Also, your muscles will give up if you keep working without rest for too long. Hence, this can be taken as one of the major early pregnancy symptoms.

Morning Sickness:

How can we not consider these first signs of pregnancy? Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness right after getting up from bed comprise together as morning sickness.

Abdominal Bloating:

Quite obvious but one of the major first signs of pregnancy is here. When you are having the other symptoms, you must carefully notice your abdomen too. A little bulge or bloat might be a symptom of being pregnant.

Ptyalism Gravidarum:

It is the excess production of saliva that accompanies morning sickness. Usually, these early symptoms of pregnancy will be alright after the first trimester.

early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

That’s how you know about pregnancy in movies, right? Now talking some biology, early signs of pregnancy involve dizziness because there are chances your blood pressure will fall drastically. This, in turn, is due to the dilation of blood vessels.

Heat Flush:

This can be considered as early signs of pregnancy because your blood pressure shows fluctuation are frequent times. The rise in blood pressure after a drastic fall will cause heat flush in entire body, abdomen or just facial region.

Back Pain:

If you are not into family planning, then you might have back pain as early signs of pregnancy. By birth, female humans have a wider pelvic region and also a flexible one. It is biologically meant to accommodate a foetus and it expands along with the growth of the foetus, thereby causing a back pain.

Muscle Cramps And Swelling In Legs:

As a majority of blood is translocated to your foetus after a few days of implantation, some muscles will face a lack of oxygen supply through reduced blood flow. This will cause swelling in your legs which are traditional symptoms of being pregnant. It will also produce lactic acid in the muscle which leads to painful cramps.

Weird Dreams:

This cannot be considered a symptom of pregnancy in a true form, but pregnant women do go through this a lot. It makes them anxious and worried sometimes but these are just normal symptoms and might prevail until you deliver your baby.

early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Due to food cravings, irregular appetite, and hormonal changes, you will face a major turn over in your digestive system. Hence, you will face constipation as the first signs of pregnancy. Also, you will feel the flatulence before constipation which might make you feel uneasy. However, these symptoms of being pregnant are not enough proof for pregnancy. Constipation could be due to so many reasons.

A Repeated Urge To Urinate:

As we have mentioned that you will have a vaginal discharge as first symptoms of pregnancy, the increased frequency of urination might be a result of it. But, it could also be due to an increase in blood pressure and vasodilation during pregnancy.

Acidity And Heartburn:

With changes in your digestive system, you will come across uncomfortable acidity episodes along with heartburn. You must not panic or take strong medicines to control it. Just keep watch at your diet and try to take mild coolants that can keep your stomach free from such problems.

Bleeding Gums:

As there is more saliva, hence, there will be more retention of the bacterial component in your oral cavity. The more plaques you have, the higher are chances of having bleeding gums. Thus, it is also early pregnancy symptoms.

9 Hormonal Signs Of Pregnancy

Hormonal changes are very obvious since the starting of pregnancy. Most of the uneasiness you will face during pregnancy is due to hormonal imbalance. You can take care of these things by doing mild exercise, distracting your mind and taking part in recreational activities, and also by regular meditation. If you face a lot of difficulties, you must consult your gynaecologist and check with him/her. Here, we have listed some possible and common hormonal symptoms of pregnancy so that you can handle them accordingly.

Colour Of Areolae:

Because of hormonal changes in your body, there will be an accumulation of melanin around your breast. Although the colour varies from person to person, you will see the areolae getting darker as early signs of pregnancy.

Vaginal Discharge:

Due to ups and downs in your hormonal balance, there are chances of liquid to come out through your vagina. It happens because stimulating hormones have a large role to play during pregnancy and they continue to stimulate various tissues to produce the necessary biochemicals within the body. Hence, if you see these first signs of pregnancy, you need to consult a gynaecologist.

Food Cravings:
early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

The rolling and twisting of hormones are obvious symptoms of being pregnant. And it brings along food cravings. You feel like eating spicy, tangy, sweet, and cheesy all the time! It’s a really interesting phase of life, isn’t it?

Food Aversions:

Apart from cravings, there is one other troublesome early pregnancy symptom - food aversion. It varies from one lady to another, and it develops during the first and second trimester. The smell of certain foods will cause nausea, uneasiness, and vomiting. Some women have a hard time dealing with these first signs of pregnancy because it’s unusual to determine what actually troubles you.

Metallic Smell:

Let’s put on another one on the culprit of our body – hormones! Many women develop a constant existence of metallic smell as early signs of pregnancy. Sometimes they get rid of it by the first trimester but for some women, it lasts throughout the pregnancy.

Mood Swings:

Talk of hormones and not mention mood swings? It’s unfair! We mentioned hormones being a culprit, and this is one of the reasons why! And it’s not because of any particular hormone, but because of the changes in hormonal balance. It is one of the major early pregnancy symptoms.

Dermal Changes (skin changes):
early pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Heat produced in the body is the first symptoms of pregnancy. Get ready to welcome acne and other skin related changes. A mix and imbalance of hormones will bring unusual changes in your skin such as extreme dryness or oiliness, acne, papules, and rashes. You can switch to herbal and mild products because your skin is really sensitive during that time.

Stuffy Nose:

The hormonal changes during pregnancy are so rapid and strange that you will fail to understand your body sometimes. Stuffy nose is a common symptom of being pregnant during the early weeks.

Missed Periods:

Last but not least, a very obvious indication of being pregnant is missing your periods. However, there are a lot of other hormonal changes which may bring your menstrual cycle to halt. But, if you are trying for conception and you miss your period, then you might want to be serious about it.

Now, that you are aware of these simple early pregnancy symptoms, it is your responsibility to get your confirmatory tests done. These first signs of pregnancy will help you decide your diet for pregnancy and you can start your pregnancy care accordingly.

If there is anything more than the above-mentioned signs of pregnancy, we would love to hear them. All the experienced mothers are welcome to share their thoughts and guide our newbies regarding early signs of pregnancy!

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