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25 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pineapple You Need To Know

benefits of pineapple

That golden-orange colour exotic fruit which has a cross-hatched skin outside and a perfect combination of juicy stuff, tangy and sweet taste inside are just right to make you fall in love with it - Yes, I am talking about the Pineapple. Along with being a sweet treat, pineapple is packed with all kind of vital nutrients our body needs and that’s how we get to enjoy the awesome health benefits of pineapple. Owing to its versatile nature, pineapple could be consumed in the form of pineapple juice or could be used in various pineapple recipes - from fruit salad to popsicles. But what are the benefits and side effects of pineapple? Here is the list! 

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Pineapple?

‣ Nutritional Value Of Pineapple

‣ 25 Health Benefits Of Pineapple

‣ Side Effects Of Pineapple

What Is Pineapple?

benefits of pineapple


Before checking the benefits and side effects of pineapple fruit, let us first understand what actually is this fruit. Pineapple (also known as ananas fruit) is a tropical fruit with thorny, hard and waxy leaves on top of each fruit. The Pineapple scientific name is Ananas comosus. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. The name “Pineapple” was derived in the 17th century because of its resembling appearance to pinecones.

Nutritional Value Of Pineapple:

benefits of pineapple


Pineapple calories are low but have an impressive nutrient profile. Every 165 g of Pineapple chunks (1 cup) contain the Pineapple calories of 82.5 and other essential nutrients such as bromelain, protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar. The vitamins present in the pineapple are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, thiamin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, folate. The minerals in the pineapple are potassium (K), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Calcium (Ca), Sodium (Na), Magnesium (Mg).

Because the pineapple calories are low, they could also be a part of a weight loss diet. You can eat pineapple recipes without worrying about putting on more weight.

25 Health Benefits Of Pineapple:

benefits of pineapple


Uses of pineapple and the benefits of pineapple are countless, owing to the higher nutritional value of pineapple. The benefits of pineapple are not only for the skin or hair but also for the goodness of your health. Here is the list of such benefits:

[A] Benefits Of Pineapple For Skin:

1. Younger Looking Skin: Are you craving for younger-looking, even and supple skin? Then, you should definitely include this exotic fruit in your diet. This fruit, being highly nutritious, helps in the synthesis of proteins such as collagen. This protein, along with other amino acids and vitamin C provides firmer and flexible skin. It also helps in repairing the damaged cells and tissues. If you need an instant effect, apply pineapple juice on your face and wash it off after 10 minutes. You would be absolutely proud of your glowing and soft skin.

2. Exfoliator: It is not just the juicy fruit that would make you fall for it, but also freshly crushed pineapple wedges. The benefits of it are as good as the benefits of eating pineapple. The rough texture of the pineapple wedges could eliminate the dead cells when you rub it against your skin and also improve the blood flow. What good does it make? It helps your skin to look brighter and beautiful.

3. A Solution For Acne: Acne is one of the ugliest and the most hated things for any woman. How to deal with it? With the help of Pineapple! The Pineapple nutrition contains vitamin C. This is the reason why the health benefits of pineapple inside the body are as good as the pineapple health benefits outside the body. So, the uses of pineapple undeniably include treating acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

benefits of pineapple


4. Hydrated And Radiant Skin: Who doesn’t wish to have well-hydrated skin? After all, the only hydrated skin could give that charming look you wish it was yours. But the pollution and the heat could make it a far-fetched dream. Then, how to achieve it? Pineapple is absolutely your go-to. This ananas fruit can provide the hydrating effect to your skin naturally. How to do it? With the help of freshly prepared pineapple juice, egg yolk and a little milk. Mix it, apply it on your skin and wash it off after a few minutes and you will have radiant skin.

5. Treats The Cracks On Your Feet: A few of the health benefits of pineapple is entirely based on the exfoliating property of the pineapple and treating the cracked feed is undoubtedly one of them. Cracked feet could be downright annoying and painful and Pineapple fruit’s skin is the most effective, yet inexpensive way to treat it. The exfoliating property along with the collagen synthesizing property helps in scrubbing the feet and removing the flaky skin. The result of it would be smooth and soft skin.

6. Treats Chapped Lips: Pineapple is known for its hydrating and nourishing properties. One of the health benefits of pineapple juice is treating these chapped lips and providing relief from it.

7. Strengthens The Nails: Nails could look dry and brittle when there are Vitamin A and B deficiency in your body. How to treat it? Pineapple or Ananas fruit for your rescue. With the help of pineapple juice, a nail softening lotion could be prepared at home and this lotion, along with soft nails, also strengthens the nails.

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[B] Benefits Of Pineapple For Hair:
benefits of pineapple


8. No For Hair Loss: On an average, men and women lose 50 to 100 hair strands. Anything beyond that or when it is not replaced by new hair strands is called as hair loss. Such hair loss issue could be dealt with the help of pineapple. The Vitamin C in pineapple or ananas fruit acts as your superhero. Prevention of hair loss is one of the benefits of eating pineapple wedges. Drinking fresh pineapple juice could also help. Hair loss is normal during pregnancy. Consuming pineapple during pregnancy could also help to deal with it.

9. Thickens The Hair: Would you wish to have princess Rapunzel’s hair? You can, with the help of pineapple. The high nutritional value of pineapple and the essential pineapple nutrients help in enriching the hair follicles by offering all the vital nutrients needed for healthy growth of the hair.

10. Helps In Treating Scalp Conditions: Scalp infections could be itchy and irritating. But pineapples could provide relief instantly. The antioxidative enzyme present in the pineapple possesses anti-inflammatory property. Hence, one of the health benefits of pineapple is its ability to treat the scalp conditions and provide the soothing effect.

[C] Pineapple Health Benefits:

11. Prevents Cold: Pineapple or ananas fruit contains Vitamin C and bromelain. These are known for their abilities to fight against the microbial infections. So, one of the benefits of eating pineapple or one of the benefits of pineapple juice is its capacity to aid in curing a common cold and cough. Consuming pineapple during pregnancy could also help in boosting immunity.

benefits of pineapple


12. Healthy Gums: Uses of pineapple include protecting the teeth and gums as well. Eating pineapple wedges could strengthen the gums and keep it healthy and strong.

13. Treats Sinusitis: Treating sinusitis, sore throat, gout, swelling are a few of the most helpful health benefits of pineapple.

14. Strengthens The Bones: The high amount of magnesium in the pineapple nutrition helps in strengthening the bones and other connective tissues. The vital minerals help in building a healthy and strong body.

15. Prevents Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is a health condition in which the arteries are narrowed due to plaque formation inside the arteries. Preventing this condition is undoubtedly one of the important health benefits of pineapple.

16. Prevents Hypertension: Hypertension or blood pressure is one of the common health issues. During pregnancy, hypertension could lead to complications. But pineapple could be of help in such cases. Consuming pineapple in pregnancy could be favourable for the mother and the baby. The high amount of potassium and a low amount of sodium in pineapple could normalize the blood pressure and maintain it.

17. Treats Intestinal Worms: The digestive enzyme, bromelain, in the pineapple helps in treating the intestinal parasites such as tapeworms.

18. Aids In Digestion: Pineapple is rich in bromelain, vitamin C and dietary fiber. All these components of pineapple promote the digestion.

19. Builds Immunity: Along with all the other health benefits of pineapple, it also boosts the immunity. The pineapple nutrition that contains vitamin C and antioxidants help in boosting the immunity.

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benefits of pineapple

20. Pineapple In Pregnancy: Morning sickness is one of the issues most of the pregnant women encounter during their pregnancy period. Consuming pineapple during pregnancy helps you deal with nausea or morning sickness.

21. Anti-inflammatory Properties: The health benefits of pineapple often depends on its ability to prevent or treat inflammation. It provides the relief to the arthritis patients and other patients who are suffering from similar health conditions.

22. Takes Care Of Heart: One of the benefits of eating pineapple is lowering the cholesterol level in the body and thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

23. Prevents Free Radical Change: The antioxidants in the pineapple helps in fighting the free radicals and hence, prevents the possible cellular damage.

24. Macular Degeneration: it is a condition where the adults gradually lose their vision. The beta-carotene could help in treating such health conditions.

25. Anti-Cancer Properties: Health Benefits of Pineapple include its ability to treat cancer. The antioxidants in the pineapple fight the free radicals.

Side Effects Of Pineapple:

benefits of pineapple


Health benefits of pineapple are at its best when they are fresh and ripened. In case, the fruit is unripened, it could cause severe vomiting. Here are a few side effects of pineapple you must be aware of:

‣ If you have a sensitive stomach, eating pineapple in excess during pregnancy could make you suffer from acid reflux and heartburn. Also, excessive consumption of pineapple during pregnancy can even lead to miscarriage, early labour or premature delivery as the high amount Bromelain in it can soften the cervix.

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‣ Bromelain ingestions are related to low risks of adverse reactions such as nausea, skin rash, vomiting, diarrhoea etc.

‣ Since Pineapple is a tenderizer, eating a large amount of this fruit could cause swelling of the cheeks and mouth.

It is evident that the health benefits of Pineapple have an upper hand than the side effects of pineapple. So, it is as beneficial as it could be to include it in your diet to incorporates pineapple health benefits.

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