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20 Vegetables You Should Avoid During Pregnancy And Why

vegetables to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous time for any woman, and doing everything in a well-researched and thought out the way is one of the surefire ways to proceed with your healthy nine months, and to ensure that the baby has a lifetime of good health inherited from your womb. The joy of giving birth comes with a lot of carefulness and restrictions.

With so many food items out there, it becomes imperative for a mother-to-be to understand what foods to avoid while pregnant in order to prepare a healthy pregnancy diet chart. If you have been scouting for a list of vegetables to avoid when pregnant, the list presented here can be your guide and friend for the next magical nine months of your life.

Table of Contents

1. Cabbage

2. Lettuce

3. Eggplant

4. Papaya

5. Sprouts

6. Ginger

7. Basil leaves

8. Dill leaves

9. Bitter gourd

10. Rose moss

11. Sweetleaf

12. Horseradish

13. Flagrant knotweed

14. Garden radish

15. Tomatoes

16. Parsley

17. Beans

18. Carrots

19. Beetroot

20. Potatoes

Other foods


1. Cabbage During Pregnancy

cabbage while pregnant

Cabbage, unless organic, is more prone to carrying foodborne illnesses through its high amount of pesticides and fungicides. It is one of the topmost foods to avoid when pregnant.

2. Lettuce During Pregnancy

lettuce when pregnant

Lettuce, although incredibly healthy, is listed as one of the foods to avoid while pregnant, because it may carry bacteria likely to cause Listeria and Toxoplasmosis, which cause flu-like symptoms, and could possibly lead to a miscarriage.

3. Eggplant During Pregnancy

eggplant in pregnancy

Eggplant is known to have properties that stimulate your menstrual system, thus putting your body at a potential risk of miscarriage. Eggplant or brinjal is also acidic in nature. For a healthy pregnancy, one should avoid acidic foods. Hence, brinjal features in the vegetables to avoid when pregnant.

4. Papaya While Pregnant

papaya while pregnant

Papaya is considered both a fruit and a vegetable, consumed differently in different parts of the world. Papaya is one of the foods to avoid during pregnancy because of its latex content that leads to unhealthy uterine contractions.

5. Sprouts When Pregnant

sprouts during pregnancy

Sprouts, when taken raw, can potentially transmit high levels of Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria, which are bacteria that could lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and infections in babies. It is best to avoid them in your pregnancy diet chart.

6. Ginger While Pregnant

ginger while pregnant

Ginger could be both a boon and a bane for pregnant women. It is known to reduce nausea, hence mothers-to-be find a friend in ginger, especially during their first trimester, however, when taken in high dosages, ginger could cause miscarriage. When deciding on what not to eat during pregnancy, it is safer to limit the intake of ginger.

7. Basil Leaves When Pregnant

basil leaves while pregnant

Basil is a wonder leaf, even then, it makes its way to the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, owing to its high mercury content that potentially increases contractions.

8. Dill Leaves While Pregnant

dill leaves during pregnancy

Dill leaves, seeds, and oil should all be scrapped from your pregnancy diet chart because they can stimulate menstruation, and be fatal to the fetus.

9. Bitter Gourd In Pregnancy

bitter gourd while pregnant

Bitter gourd or bitter melon, commonly called karela, is a vegetable that can be consumed in lower quantities because consuming bitter gourd during pregnancy has been proven to help in fetal development. But overeating this vegetable may cause premature birth by pulsating the uterus.

10. Rose Moss When Pregnant

rose moss while pregnant

Rose Moss should be on your list of foods to avoid while pregnant, as it has properties that could cause the uterus to shrink, resulting in miscarriage.

11. Sweetleaf While Pregnant

sweetleaf during pregnancy

Sweetleaf, commonly known as Stevia, is being increasingly used as a natural sugar for those who need to eliminate processed sugar from their diet. It is listed in foods to avoid during pregnancy because of a substance called papaverine, which may cause diarrhea and uterine contraction leading to miscarriage.

12. Horseradish When Pregnant

horseradish while pregnant

This herb contains alpha-sitosterol, a compound that causes uterine contraction, and consequent miscarriage, and hence is one of the foods to avoid when pregnant.

13. Flagrant Knotweed While Pregnant

flagrant knotweed during pregnancy

Flagrant is one of the vegetables to avoid during pregnancy owing to its properties that cause blood loss, and a subsequent miscarriage.

14. Garden Radish When Pregnant

garden radish in pregnancy

Unlimited consumption of garden radish can lead to flatulence, causing womb overtone, often resulting in a miscarriage. You may still add them to your pregnancy diet chart under the “low consumption” category.

15. Tomatoes While Pregnant

tomatoes during pregnancy

Tomatoes and other brightly colored vegetables are advisable to avoid after week 25 of the pregnancy because they might contain a higher level of allergens. Tomatoes do not usually feature highly in a list of vegetables to avoid while pregnant, because they are beneficial for counteracting edema.

16. Parsley While Pregnant

parsley when pregnant

Parsley is also one of those herbs whose consumption should be limited because of their tendency to cause womb overtone through the presence of fragrant essential oils. Include them in your pregnancy diet chart but in lower quantities.

17. Beans During Pregnancy

beans while pregnant

Higher quantities of different kinds of beans such as soy, haricot, or even peas, might cause womb overtone, leading to flatulence, thus increasing the risks of miscarriage.

18. Carrots During Pregnancy

carrots when pregnant

Carrots are some of the vegetables to avoid when pregnant because they are rich in fiber, and could cause constipation in mothers-to-be, which in turn could be harmful to the baby.

19. Beets While Pregnant

beetroot during pregnancy

Beets should be preferably eaten in lower quantities, and only if they are fresh. Overeating beets could lead to constipation in expectant mothers.

20. Potatoes During Pregnancy

potatoes while pregnant

Another category of vegetables to avoid during pregnancy is old potatoes. They are rich in carbohydrates and can be unhealthy for the mother and the baby. New potatoes, on the other hand, could be beneficial due to their high levels of Vitamin C.

Other Foods When Pregnant

Some of the other foods to avoid while pregnant, which are not vegetables, include fish containing mercury, smoked seafood, raw shellfish, raw eggs, raw meat, unpasteurized milk and juices, caffeine, and processed foods. These are all best avoided throughout the term of pregnancy for a healthy childbirth.


You want to have a healthy pregnancy, as you definitely want to do everything right for your child. As an expectant mother, a list like the above that identifies the foods to avoid during pregnancy for you, is one of the best things you can gift yourself in order to have your desired happy nine months. Apart from having a list of vegetables to avoid during pregnancy around, as a pregnant woman, you should also always remember that no matter which vegetables you finally consume, always avoid them if they are raw or not fresh. Also, eat organic whenever possible, to further reduce the risks imposed by chemicals on you and your baby.

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