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20 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About The Human Body

The human body is a beautifully constructed structure that functions on its own. The best part is that that only women can give birth and nurture an entire human entity inside her womb! Nature never fails to amaze us.

So here are 20 crazy facts about your body:

1.Your heartbeat mimics the beat of the music you’re listening to.

2. 31% of your bones are just made up of water.

3.There are more bacteria in your mouth than the number of people in the world.

4.The dust you see underneath your bed is nothing but your dead skin.

5. 3 days after your death, the enzymes in your stomach that help you digest dinner begin to eat you up from within.

6. There’s a blind spot in your vision but the brain bridges the gap.

7. It takes 13 milliseconds seconds for your brain to register the images after they actually happen. So basically, you’re still living in the past.

Think about it!

8.Babies cry in the womb. You just don’t get to hear them because they have fluid all around them.

9. Your nose has the capability of remembering 50,000 scents although it is not as sensitive as of that of dogs.

10. Pregnancy hormones generally do miracles for your nails and hair. Hair gets thicker and voluminous and nails get stronger. But once you deliver the baby, it all comes tumbling down.

Enjoy your crowning glory while you can!

11.Your pinky finger is really important because, without that, you will lose 50% of your body’s strength.

12.It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. So, now you have a reason to smile often!

13. The skin cells that make up the inner walls of the vagina are the same ones that you have inside your mouth.

14. Pregnant women are prone to have broken bones because of the hormone called relaxin. It lets your joints soften so that your hips and pelvis can open up for birth.

15. You can go without food for weeks but survive only 11 days without going to sleep. So get that good night’s sleep before you end up sleeping forever!

16. Your heart will continue to beat even if it is removed from the body. This is because it has its own electrical impulse.

17. Your taste buds get replaced every 10 days.

18.There’s no scientific explanation as to why your hair grows back thicker after you wax or shave!

19. Your lungs can hold up to 5 minutes of oxygen.

20.Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning will help you burn 20% more fat than usually!

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