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18 Health Benefits Of Castor Oil You Need To Know

Just 18!!! no way, I am just getting you started on castor oil uses by introducing these 18 health benefits of castor oil. Remember the most popular advice from our grandmas? “Don’t forget to oil your hair” that’s how deeply oils form the base of our culture and health.

The castor oil plants grant us numerous benefits so why not make use of it optimally. The health benefits of castor oil are documented since ancient times of Egyptian culture it is said that Cleopatra’s magic potion consisted of castor oil. So think before you replace castor oil with new fancy oils. Along with the castor oil benefits, this article talks about the castor oil plant, the uses as well as castor oil side effects. So let's just dive into the world of castor oil.

Table of Contents:

‣ What Is Castor Oil?

‣ Where Does Castor Oil Come From?

‣ How To Use Castor Oil?

‣ 18 Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

‣ Castor Oil Side Effects

What Is Castor Oil?


The castor oil benefits earned it the prestigious term of “Palma Christi” or “Hand of Christ”, interesting right? The other common term is “Arandi Oil” or more precisely “Arandi Tel”. It’s loaded oil with main 6 important unsaturated fatty acids and the star component being Ricinoleic acid. To define it simply “Castor oil is a thick yellow oil obtained from the seeds of the castor oil plant”. The main properties of castor oil are as follows:

1) Analgesic, 2) Laxative, 3) Moisturizing, 4) Anti-ageing, 5) Anti-inflammatory, 6) Antioxidant, 7) Antifungal, 8) Anti-bacterial, 9) Antimicrobial, 10) Antipsychotic

Where Does Castor Oil Come From?


Castor oil or arandi oil comes from the castor plant - “Ricinus communis”. The castor oil plant has a fancy looking fan-like green lustrous leaves and rust- coloured cluster of beans. The seeds are then roasted or directly pressed depending on which variant of castor oil one desires to produce. The castor oil plants are cultivated largely in Gujarat making India global leader in the export of this oil, other players include China and Brazil.

There are 2 variants of castor oil but it comes from the same castor oil plant, the variation is in the seed processing decides the castor oil benefits and distinguishes health benefits of castor oil.

‣ Cold Pressed Castor oil

‣ Jamaican Black Castor oil

How To Use Castor Oil

Mentioned below each castor oil benefit are the ways of how to use castor oil. The cold pressed castor oil can be used for both medicinal and topical application while Jamaican black castor oil should be used only for the topical purpose or cosmetic benefits. Thus with this knowledge of how to use castor oil, you will surely have one bottle at all times on your shelves now.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair:

‣ Hair-fall: Castor oil + Coconut oil +Almond oil

‣ Hair-greying: Castor oil+ Mustard oil + Jojoba oil or Hibiscus oil

‣ Dandruff: Castor oil +Aloe Vera Gel +Tea tree oil

‣ Hair-growth: Castor oil +Almond oil +Rosemary oil

‣ Cold pressed castor oil and Jamaican castor oil can be used.

‣ Massage on scalp for at least 20 - 40 min followed by steam and then wash with mild shampoo.

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18 Health Benefits Of Castor Oil


The benefits begin with the castor oil plant itself but we will stick to the castor oil uses for now. The 6 key components of castor oil (ricinoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid) make castor oil even more beneficial for healthcare. These components are found in both cold pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil.

There is a misconception that castor oil uses are limited to castor oil for hair and castor oil for skin. The other castor oil benefits are varied. Castor oil uses can be easily divided into medicinal uses and cosmetic uses.

1) Castor Oil For Eyes:

- Castor oil uses are seen in Egyptian /Ayurveda and Chinese medicine history.

- Arandi oil is used to treat eye irritation, dry eye condition, red eye, conjunctivitis, cataract recovery.

- Use Cold pressed castor oil packed in a glass bottle with glass dropper.

- Remove contact lens, makeup and clean area around eyes. Take 1-3 drops and massage very gently. Leave the extra oil, if any, around the eye region as its good for reducing swelling and puffiness too.

2) Castor Oil For Skin:

- Castor oil for skin helps retain the natural moisture balance.

- Massage oil before bath helps reduce dryness and acne.

- Stimulates elasticity and collagen production thus making castor oil for skin an effective anti-ageing oil.

- Use castor oil for the skin as it fills the scars and wounds.

- Castor oil for skin helps in giving relief in case of mosquitoes and bug bites.

- Cold pressed castor oil is mixed with other essential oils as desired.


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3) Castor Oil For Constipation:

- We see the use of arandi oil for constipation due to its laxative property.

- The ideal dosage of castor oil for constipation is 15 ml to max 40 ml depending on the age and weight.

- Mix it with warm water, milk, soft drink, juice.

- Castor oil for constipation takes 4-6 hours to start its effect not recommended to take during bedtime.

4) Castor Oil For Joint Pains And Ulcers:

- The analgesic property allows castor oil uses in managing the pain in arthritis and joint pain caused by an accident or excessive exercise.

- Warm the oil a bit and rub it on the joints or affected area.

- Clean the affected area with baking soda and water.

- Soak a cloth with castor oil and place it in this area.

- Then take a warm water bottle and compress on this wrap for about 40-60 min. Continue for a month or two, but be careful, water should be warm, not hot.

5) Castor Oil For Babies:

- Topical use only.

- Arandi oil is considered as a good massage oil due to moisturizing capabilities.

- Massaging it on the scalp of your baby regularly will stimulate hair growth.

- As you're using castor oil for babies, heat the castor oil by rubbing in your palms for just 20-30 sec before massaging for better absorption of the oil.

- While using castor oil for babies, be careful to not apply in eyes or mouth.

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6) Castor Oil Packs For Uterine Fibroids And Treating PCOS:

- Castor oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

- Castor oil packs are made by soaking kitchen cloth in castor oil and using in affected are wrapping it up with plastic wrapper and placing hot water bottle over it.

- Recommended for 2-3 days.

7) Castor Oil For Accelerating Healing Process:

- Anti-bacterial properties of castor oil help in boosting the immune systems, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation thus assisting in the speedy recovery of the wounds.

- Topical application in the affected area is more than enough. Don’t use warm castor oil if you are applying on an open wound.

8) Castor Oil For Labor Induction:

- The laxative property of castor oil induces labour pain for overdue mothers.

- Use only under the guidance of your doctor.



9) Castor Oil For PE:

- Pre-ejaculation can adversely affect the sex life.

- Gentle massage dilates the blood vessels which increases the blood circulation and helps to prevent PE. 

10) Castor Oil For Sleep:

- Anti-psychotic properties of castor oil allow it to be used safely for sleep induction in case of insomnia.

- A gentle massage on eyelids before you retire to sleep will help.

11) Castor Oil For External Hemorrhoid Treatment:

- Use only for external application. Castor oil will ease the discomfort and pain and gradually reduce the haemorrhoid.

- Topical application at room temperature.

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12) Castor Oil For Allergy:

- The anti-bacterial property of castor oil helps here.

- Sip 5-6 drops daily to get quick relief from allergy. 

13) Castor Oil For Reducing Snoring:

- Stimulates blood circulation which helps in reducing snoring drastically.

- Rub few drops on the chest before going to sleep, this should just work fine.

14) Castor Oil For Ears:

- The laxative properties help in removing wax easily.

- The application is simple with the addition of a few lukewarm drops of castor oil with a cotton swab or glass dropper.

15) Castor Oil For Eyebrows:

- It’s the best growth stimulator for eyebrows and eyelashes.

- Removes dark circles by improving the blood circulation.

- Topical application at room temperature.

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16) Castor Oil Nails And Lips:

- Enhances nail growth and prevents nail chipping.

- Transfer to an empty clean nail polish bottle to apply like nail polish or simply massage

- For lips apply it and massage gently make this a routine and no more other hacks needed.

17) Castor Oil For Feet:

- The vitamins present in castor oil make the skin of your feet smooth.

- Massage a moderate quantity on your feet before going to bed and wear socks to cover your feet.

18) Castor Oil For Domestic Use:

Yes!! for domestic purposes too.

- The sticky property of arandi oil helps houseplants from mosquitoes and flies.

- A flypaper made by boiling resin with castor oil is applied on thick paper and placed in a corner for fleas and mosquitoes to stick.

- Houseplants can be protected by adding castor oil to the soil, mix 2 tablespoons per gallon and add to soil or spray it topically on leaves and stems by diluting with dish soap and water.

- The cold pressed castor oil variant is used for domestic purpose.

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Castor Oil Side Effects: Castor Oil Alerts!!!


More than calling it castor oil side effects rather look at it as precautionary measures wherein we can avoid the side effects completely. We have seen the 20 health benefits of castor oil both as intrinsic and extrinsic uses. Thus my simple method is if you see that an extrinsic patch test exhibits redness, itchiness or rashes even remotely then at this point itself give up on using it internally and avoid later drawbacks of dizziness, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and nausea. For those showing castor oil side effects do not resume the usage without consulting your doctor.

- It is highly recommended to do a patch test in case of infants and stick to only external application of castor oil.

- The castor oil uses are seen in assisting labor pains is mentioned but do not use it without consulting doctor.

- Arandi oil used for constipation for a long term may lead to dependency on this agent and affect the natural system permanently.

- Though castor oil for skin has a gamete of topical usages if you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test first. If any redness, itchy sensation or rashes or swelling occurs, it confirms that you’re allergic to castor oil and hence can not use it topically or internally.


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