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16 Health Benefits Of Brown Rice You Need To Know

health benefits of brown rice

Do you want to know the brown rice benefits? Do you want to know brown rice nutrition? if your answer to one of the above questions is “yes”, then this article is for you. We will cover everything about brown rice and we will also make sure that you will learn everything about brown rice. Let’s not waste much of our time and dive into today's post about brown rice benefits and nutrition.

Table of Contents

What is Brown Rice?

Top 16 Brown Rice Benefits

Is Brown Rice Healthy?


What is Brown Rice?

brown rice

All white rice starts out as brown rice. A milling process removes the rice’s husk, bran, and germ. This process increases white rice’s shelf life but removes much of its nutrition, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Both white and brown rice are high in carbohydrates. Brown rice is a whole grain. It contains more overall nutrition than its paler counterpart. Read on to know about brown rice benefits.

Top 16 Health Benefits of Brown Rice

brown rice benefits

We have been researching since a month to find out the brown rice benefits and the nutrition they have. Below is the list of top benefits of brown rice. Make sure you read carefully.

1. Antioxidant Activity

Brown rice is rich in powerful antioxidants which protect against damage caused by oxygen free radicals. It contains an important antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase which protects the cells from oxidation damage during energy production. This is one of the advantages of brown rice which you could never think of.

2. Prevents Obesity

Brown rice is instrumental in weight control for people combating obesity. It contains manganese which helps synthesize body fats. A study conducted in this regard revealed that the consumption of whole grains such as brown rice has positive effects on the body with respect to reduction in body mass index and fat. Now you know this benefit of brown rice for weight loss.

3. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Germinated brown rice helps in the prevention of neurodegenerative complications such as Alzheimer’s disease attributing to the abundance of gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is one of the most researched brown rice benefits.

4. Lowers Stress in Lactating Women

Sprouted brown rice is beneficial for the mental health of lactating mothers. An investigative study has shown positive results in the nursing women with respect to reduction in mood disturbances, stages of depression and fatigue. We are sure that this brown rice benefit will help lot of the women out there.

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brown rice benefits

5. Controls Diabetes

Brown rice is beneficial for diabetics and hyperglycemic individuals. It has a low glycemic index which is helpful in reducing insulin surges and assists in the stabilization of blood sugar levels in the body. This is one of the brown rice benefits for diabetes.

6. Improves Digestive Health

Brown rice is a helpful staple which can be added to the daily diet for keeping a healthy digestive system. Fiber present in it helps regulate the bowel function and keeps you feeling full. People who have been eating brown rice would realize this benefit

7. Boosts Heart Health

Brown rice is rich in selenium which is beneficial for a healthy heart. Consumption of whole grains such as brown rice helps to reduce the blockage of arteries due to plaque buildup. This is one of the best nutritional value of brown rice.

8. Controls Cholesterol Levels

Brown rice is a great option for maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol due to the presence of naturally occurring oils. An investigative study revealed that it possesses hypocholesterolemia qualities, thus regulating cholesterol catabolism. This is another brown rice benefit for diabetes as well.

brown rice benefits

9. Prevents Cancer

Brown rice is helpful in the prevention of colon cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia. This beneficial effect can be attributed to the presence of potent antioxidants and high fiber content in it. This is till date considered as one of the best brown rice benefits.

10. Boosts Nervous System Functioning

Brown rice is beneficial for the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system. It helps in accelerating the metabolism in the brain owing to the presence of vitamin B and essential minerals such as manganese and magnesium. This is one of coolest brown rice nutrition fact.

11. Anti-depressant Properties

Germinated brown rice contains anti-depressant qualities and helps in combating anxiety-related disorders. An investigative study suggested that germinated brown rice contains essential amino acids such as glutamine, glycerin, and GABA. Now we all know why the Japanese people are so happy and healthy !! because they have been using this brown rice benefits since ages.

12. Relieves Insomnia

Brown rice is helpful in the treatment of insomnia as it is a natural source of the sleep hormone melatonin. It enhances the quality of sleep by relaxing the nerves and increasing the sleep cycle. This brown rice benefits are for all the owls there.

13. Boosts Immunity

Brown rice is loaded with significant quantities of vitamins, minerals, and essential phenolic components which help boost the immune system of the body. It nourishes the body, accelerates healing, and enhances its ability to fight infections. Use the brown rice nutrition right now and make sure that you stay fit round the clock.

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brown rice benefits

14. Improves Bone Health

Brown rice is helpful for the maintenance of healthy bones. It is rich in magnesium which, along with calcium, provides the bones their physical structure. If your self confidence is low then use this brown rice benefit and grow some strength.

15. Perfect Baby Food

Brown rice cereal or even just by itself is the perfect baby’s first food due to the dense natural nutrition and fiber it contains. This is a much better choice than refined white rice cereal products as rapidly growing babies and toddlers require nutrient rich diets to help maintain rapid growth cycles. Use this brown rice nutrition and get some peaceful sleep after your baby’s tummy is full.

16. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Whole grains, including brown rice, have recently been shown to be as antioxidant-rich as many fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are known to function as anti-inflammatories that can help with everything from arthritis to asthma, according to World’s Healthiest Foods. Use this brown rice benefits and protect your healthy skin.

Is Brown Rice Healthy?

brown rice benefits

After reading all these brown rice benefits you must have some doubt with you, right? Do you want to know if brown rice is healthy to eat or not? Read on to know.

Rice is known to be contaminated with arsenic, whether white, brown, organic, or conventional. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a statement discouraging pregnant women and parents from using rice or rice cereals as the primary grain staple due to arsenic contamination.

Nuts, seeds, and whole grains like brown rice also contain phytic acid, a substance that can bind to the mineral’s calcium, iron, and zinc. Some whole grains contain enough phytase, the enzyme required to break down phytic acid, while others like oats, brown rice, and legumes don’t.

If you have any more doubts, please consult a doctor before eating brown rice.


We are pretty sure that you are convinced to eat brown rice after reading this post. Make sure to use the brown rice benefits which we have mentioned above. If you any doubts regarding brown rice nutrition’s then please comment below so that we can help you ASAP. See you in our next post.

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