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15 Interesting Ways You Can Use Olive Oil For Skin Care

olive oil uses, olive oil for skin

Considered to be the ‘liquid gold’, olive oil is gaining more and more popularity among the fitness and health conscious mass. Everyone’s favourite, this secret ingredient in many healthy recipes, is being used not only for cooking but also for personal care for ages. There are many ways you can use olive oil for skin care and keep your skin young as well as healthy. This article gives you an insight of different olive oil uses and benefits for the skin. Wondering how to use olive oil for face, here’s your guide. 

Table Of Content

‣ What Is Olive Oil?

‣ What Are The Main Olive Oil Benefits?

‣ 15 Interesting Uses Of Olive Oil For Skin

‣ Conclusion

What Is Olive Oil?

olive oil uses, olive oil for skin

The olive fruit is obtained from a tree crop that grows in the Mediterranean region. Olive oil is extracted from olives, by pressing them. From the kitchen to the beauty salon, the benefits of olive oil seems to have reached every corner of our daily lives. Popularly known as ‘Jaitun ka tel’ in India, in the ancient times this oil has often been termed as ‘liquid gold’. Now that we know what is olive oil and how it is obtained, let us see what are the olive oil uses that make it so famous and loved.

What Are The Main Olive Oil Benefits?

Olive oil for baby


Almost everyone knows and agrees that olive oil has numerous uses and benefits. Many scientific researchers have supported the olive oil benefits. Some of them are:

Olive Oil For Baby

It is widely known that massaging babies with olive oil makes their skin soft and smooth. It provides excellent to the keep the baby’s skin moisturised. It is also believed that rubbing warm olive oil on the baby’s stomach can relieve her from constipation.

Olive Oil Uses For Body

Olive oil massage is said to relieve pain and inflammation. Rather than popping pills for little aches and pains, prefer gentle olive oil massage. One of the many olive oil benefits is that it can also reduce pain caused by arthritis.

Olive Oil Uses For Cooking

Olive oil benefits are abundant. It is considered to be the healthiest when it comes to cooking. Choosing it over butter and other cooking mediums are said to lower your chances of heart troubles.

Olive Oil Uses For Stomach Issues

Regular consumption of olive oil benefits in building a healthy digestive system. It helps the body extract the nutrients in the food that you eat and discard the food that is not useful.

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15 Interesting Uses Of Olive Oil For Skin

olive oil uses, olive oil for skin


As if these olive oil benefits were not enough, there are also numerous uses of olive oil for skin. Wondering how to use olive oil for face, here’s your guide. Here are 15 Interesting Ways You Can Use Olive Oil For Skin Care.

1. Olive Oil For Skin: Moisturization Of Dry skin

If you have a very dry skin, every night before getting into bed, use olive oil for massage. Do this preferably after a light shower and rub the oil when your body is still damp. You would wake up with a well-hydrated skin. You can also leave the olive oil on face overnight, for better results.

2. Olive Oil For Skin: Removes Sun Tan

One of the best benefits of olive oil for face is that it can help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and also reduce the chances of developing skin cancer. When you include olive oil in your diet regularly, it works towards sun protection.

3. Olive Oil For Skin: Reduction Of Stretch Marks

There are many olive oil benefits for skin, one of them being the lightening of stretch marks. Combine equal parts of olive oil and coconut oil and rub on the affected areas. Soon to be moms, even if don’t have stretch marks, should apply this mixture on the body.

4. Olive Oil For Skin: Delays Premature Skin Ageing

Olive oil has the power to reduce the signs of premature skin ageing. When you use olive oil for face massage, polyphenol which is an antioxidant present in olive oil promotes the blood circulation, giving you a taut skin.

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olive oil uses, olive oil for skin


5. Olive Oil For Skin: Reduces Dandruff And Acne

Your acne problems could be due to dandruff in your hair, and one the greatest olive oil benefits is that it can help combat dandruff. Just squeeze a lemon into 2 tablespoons of olive oil, massage into hair, leave for an hour and wash. Do this twice a week.

6. Olive Oil For Skin: Reduces Dead Skin Cells

Thinking of how to use olive oil for face dead cells. Take about 10 grams of sea salt and mix it with 10 ml of olive oil, use this to gently rub all over. Massage for 20-30 minutes, and wash off.

7. Olive Oil For Skin: Makeup Remover

One of the many benefits of olive oil for face is that it works as a makeup remover. Keep a few cotton balls dipped in olive oil. Take one and gently rub it all over your face to remove your makeup. You can use for removing eye makeup as well.

8. Olive Oil For Skin: Treats Cracked Heels

Dip your feet in warm water with a few drops of lemon juice. Pat dry, give your feet an olive oil for massage. Wear socks and get into bed.

olive oil uses, olive oil for skin


9. Olive Oil For Skin: Healthy Nails

Brittle nails can be painful. To strengthen your nails, just dab a few drops of olive oil onto your nails, massage a little, let the Vitamin-E rich oil work on them. Wash with water about 20 minutes later.

10. Olive Oil For Skin: An Excellent Lip Scrub

Olive oil benefits for skin also include your lips. Add half a spoon of brown sugaring a spoon of olive oil, scrub a little on your lips and pout confidently for a perfect selfie.

11. Olive Oil For Skin: Keeps Hair Healthy

Olive oil benefits also include the looking after of hair. Every few days, use olive oil for massage, and it can do wonders, making your hair healthier and stronger.

12. Olive Oil For Skin: Shaving Lubricant

Instead of using shaving cream or a soap, on your wet skin, rub some olive oil. It would work as a great lubricant and make shaving so easy.

13. Olive Oil For Skin: Antibacterial Properties

The antibacterial properties of the olive oil are known to fight off the acne producing germs. Mix a spoon each of olive oil, honey and yoghurt. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

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olive oil uses, olive oil for skin


14. Olive Oil For Skin: Smoothening Of Skin

Add a few drops of lavender oil and olive oil to the water in your bathtub or the water which you would use to bathe. Soak yourself for a while, and it would leave you feeling fresh, soft and sweet smelling.

15. Olive Oil For Skin: Healthy And Glowing Skin

With regular use of olive oil for face, there can be a remarkable improvement in your skin tone as well as give you a clearer and brighter skin. Add a few strands of saffron to your oil bottle and use all over your face and body after a shower everyday. You may even leave the olive oil on face overnight, and wake up with softer skin.


So, unless you have skin which extremely sensitive and very prone to allergy, you can enjoy the benefits of olive oil. Make use of these very easy but effective uses of olive oil for skin.

Happy Oiling!


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