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15 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water That You Need To Know

health benefits of coconut water

Drink it in its natural form, or drink it with a chatpata twist. Sip it plain or top it with chia seeds. In whatever form you decide to drink it, be assured that this drink will only bring benefits to your health. Yes, I am talking about the “Coconut Water” which is also known as” nariyal pani”. In recent times coconut water has gained a wide appreciation and popularity owing to its nutritional profile and numerous benefits. Such 15 health benefits of coconut water from a healthy heart to glowing skin and many more in between is discussed below.

Table Of Contents:

‣ What Is Coconut Water

‣ Nutrition Profile Of Coconut Water

‣ 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

       [A] Coconut Water For Weight Loss

       [B] Benefits of coconut water for skin

       [C] Benefits of coconut water in pregnancy

‣ Conclusion

What Is Coconut Water?

health benefits of coconut water


Clear liquid found inside the green, young and tender coconut is referred to as coconut water. It is comparable to the size of a basketball. As the coconut matures its water content reduces. It’s meat content increases. The real health benefits of coconut water come from the young coconuts.

The mature coconuts are not as rich in nutrients as the green ones. Generally young or tender coconuts are harvested at 5-7 months. Because their water content at this age is the highest. Sometimes people get confused between coconut milk and coconut water. Just to clarify, coconut milk comes from the meat portion of the coconut when the coconut matures.

Nutrition Profile Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is rich in macronutrients and various minerals. Mentioned below is a list which shows coconut water nutrition profile. If you wish to have a detailed look at all the nutrients of coconut water; please follow the below-mentioned link.

(Source: National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Legacy Release, USDA)

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

1. Excellent Source Of Various Nutrients: You would have seen the nutrient content of coconut water by now in the above list. In addition to these nutrients, coconut water also contains some other nutrients. Iron, calcium.zinc, niacin, vitamin B-6. Although they are present in small amount, they are highly significant.

2. Natural Performance Drink For Sports And Workouts: Presence of potassium as electrolyte makes it an excellent electrolyte beverage. Sodium and potassium further enhance this benefit. Health benefit of coconut water in the mentioned context comes from its hydration and fluid replenishing property. So, after an intense workout or endurance performance, this drink is something that gives you back your lost electrolyte and hydration.

health benefits of coconut water


3. Antioxidant Properties: Research shows that coconut water is effective against oxidative stress in animals. Oxidative stress is a condition where free radicals damage the cells and increase the chance of disease. Antioxidants fight those disease-causing free radicals. Though the research is on rats, coconut water may prevent oxidative stress in human as well.

4. Low-calorie Content: Calorie content of coconut water is as low as 45 calories. Hence, it is an excellent substitute for some unhealthy juices or sodas or aerated drinks.

5. Effective Against Body Stress: One important benefit of coconut water comes from its amino acids content. Amino acids are essential for tissue repair. Additionally, coconut water also contains alanine, arginine, cysteine. They all help in responding well to physical stress like workout etc.

6. Anti-ageing And Cancer-fighting Property: Coconut water has a hormone called cytokinin in them. These hormones have anti-ageing and cancer-fighting properties.

7. Beneficial Against Diabetes: Since it has sugar in it; you might be wondering if there are any benefits of coconut water for diabetes? A research on animal shows that coconut water can lower levels of blood sugar in animals with diabetes. The research also states that it improves other markers of diabetes in these animals.

In addition to reduced sugar level, coconut water prevents blood clots in people with diabetes. Since they are more prone to blood clotting which can prove to be risky. [Check for hypoglycemia if you have diabetes and you consume coconut water]

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health benefits of coconut water


8. Lower Blood Pressure: A study showed a significant reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure in subjects who were given coconut water.

9. Healthy Heart: Coconut water can lower down hypertension and reduce the risk of heart attacks. To enjoy this health benefit of coconut water includes one glass of it to your daily diet.

[A] Coconut Water For Weight Loss

10. Weight Loss: Of the various health benefits of coconut water, weight loss benefit is well solicited. The low-calorie content of coconut water makes it an ideal choice as a drink. It can make you feel fuller without adding any extra pounds. So, try replacing your high-calorie drinks like soda, coke with coconut water. You would see a reduced weight over a period of time.

health benefits of coconut water


11. Slow Absorption Of Food: Fiber content of coconut water is more ( 2.6 g in one cup) when compared to aerated drinks. High fibre along with low calorie slow the absorption of food. This further helps in losing the weight.

[B] Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin

There are many benefits of coconut water for skin. Some of them are discussed below:

12. Anti-ageing Effect: Coconut water can delay signs of ageing. It has cytokine in it which repairs skin damage. It is an excellent moisturizer for skin and can delay wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. You can make a face pack of 1 tablespoon coconut water and 2 tablespoon curd. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with water.

13. Reduce Acne: Coconut water has antibacterial properties. Hence, it helps in getting relief from acne. All you need to do is mix one teaspoon of honey in half cup of coconut water and apply the mixture with a cotton swab. Leave it for ten minutes and then clean your face with a wet towel.

14. Relieves Eczema: Coconut water for skin is effective against eczema. It works as a skin toner and removes skin pigmentation.

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benefits of coconut water in pregnancy

[C] Benefits Of Coconut Water In Pregnancy

15. Coconut Water In Pregnancy: It is an excellent beverage for expecting mothers. It helps relieve gastrointestinal symptoms like heartburn, constipation and digestion. To know more about the health benefits of coconut water in pregnancy, read: Coconut Water During Pregnancy - Safety And Health Benefits]


Health benefits of coconut water are many. Think of any body part; from the skin to heart to weight; all of them and many others can reap benefits from this naturally occurring beverage. Young and green coconut is considered to be apt for consumption as a beverage. The nutrient content at a young age is highest when compared to matured ones. So keep sipping and keep feeling better with coconut water.

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