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15 Benefits Of Onion Juice For Skin And Hair

benefits of onion juice for skin and hair

Onion is one of the important condiments widely used in all households all the year around. The green leaves and immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in the preparation of vegetables. Onion is very beneficial for mankind. The benefits of onion juice are numerous. The onion juice is not just beneficial for health but also for skin, hair and many more.

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Nutritional Value of Onion juice

Benefits Of Onion Juice For Skin

Benefits Of Onion Juice For Hair

Benefits of Onion For Health


Nutritional Value Of Onion

nutritonal value of onion

9 Benefits Of Onion Juice For Skin

benefits of onion juice for skin

Onion has been used as the main ingredient for all types of face packs as well as scalp related problems. These are some different ways of using onion for skin care.

1. Makes the skin glow

Onions are packed with vitamin C, E and A all of which contribute to skin health. They protect the skin from premature ageing that is caused by free radicals. Since the vegetable is a powerful antiseptic, it can also shield the skin from bacteria that cause issues. Research says that vitamin C is important for imparting a glow to the skin. This onion mask does the trick, all you need are two tablespoons of gram flour, 1/2 tablespoons of onion juice, ½ tablespoons of milk and a pinch of nutmeg. Mix all the ingredients until you get a thick paste. Cleanse your face and apply the mask evenly to face and neck. After the mask dries, remove it gently by massaging it off the skin with milk. This mask not only adds a glow to the skin but also exfoliates it.

benefits of onion juice for skin

2. Fights signs of ageing

Onions possess enormous anti-ageing benefits. The antioxidants vitamin A, C and E fight against the damage caused by the harmful UV rays as well as prevent free radical damage that is responsible for causing premature ageing of our skin. Onion is one of the richest sources of quercetin, the most wonderful antioxidant that can keep you your skin wrinkle-free. Vitamins and sulfur, on the other hand, protect your skin and keeps it soft and supple. The anti-ageing qualities of onion can be attributed to the presence of sulfur-rich phytochemicals. Massaging your face with fresh onion juice helps increase blood circulation and improves the overall appearance of the skin by imparting a more youthful and radiance appearance to it.

3. Treat acne

The antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities of onion can work wonders on the skin. It is a powerful antiseptic that protects the skin from acne-causing bacteria and other skin infection. Onions can be used in the treatment of acne and pimples. For this purpose 1 tbsp of onion juice can be mixed with 1 tbsp of olive oil and can be applied to face. Leave it for a while and wash it off. Apart from topical application, the regular consumption of onion juice can also give miraculous results in the case of acne. Another way is to use the onion juice extract to treat the acne scars.

benefits of onion juice for skin

4. Remove dark spots and treat skin pigmentation

Onion juice is excellent for getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation. The rich variety of phytonutrients and antioxidants in onion nourishes the skin while removing the impurities. For this, an onion mask can be prepared by mixing equal quantities of onion juice and fresh yoghurt. A few drops of any essential oil can be added to have a pleasant aroma. Massage with this mixture in a circular motion every day for 15 minutes the results can be visible in a few days.

5. Help get rid of moles

You can use onion juice to get rid of moles. The acidity of the onion juice and the chemicals in it can heal the moles as well. For this dab some fresh onion juice on the moles and allow it to absorb the juice. Most probably in a month, the mole would be removed.

6. Removing dead skin cells from lips

Regular application of onion juice helps in removing dead skin cells and provide soft and supple lips.

benefits of onion juice for skin

7. Lightens skin complexion

The antioxidants like vitamin A and C present in onion plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy and young. The antioxidants fight free radicals and prevents them from causing damage to the cells, which makes the skin complexion light and radiant. Thus it is one among the important benefits of onion juice.

8. Wonderful skin exfoliator

Another important benefit of onion juice is its ability to exfoliate the skin. It helps in getting rid of dry and dead skin cells especially in the face. It acts as a natural scrub and thus exfoliates the skin.

9. Useful for treating stings and bites on the face

Insect bites of bees and bugs can be very painful. It has been found that onion juice is very beneficial for such bites especially in the face. The person just needs to simply slice an onion and place it on the affected area. This will reduce pain, swelling, itchiness and the inflammation caused by the insect bite.

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6 Benefits Of Onion Juice For Hair

benefits of onion juice for hair

Yes, onion juice is not only good for the skin - it does miracles for your hair too. Here's how you can use onion juice for hair problems to get healthy, luscious locks.

1. Trans thinning of hair

Onions are very beneficial in treating the thinning of hair. For this take some onion juice and add a half tbsp of honey to it. Apply this mixture all over. Leave it for a whole night and wash it off with shampoo. Repeating the same will help in reducing the problem.

2. Treats dandruff

Onion is also beneficial in treating dandruff. The person only needs to take some raw onion juice, dried lemon peel and add one tbsp of yoghurt into it. Mix it well will and apply it all over. This hair pack helps in treating dandruff.

3. Promotes hair growth

Topical application of onion juice not just treats dandruff but also promotes the growth and strengthening of hair. For this only 1 tbsp of onion juice needs to be added with 1 tbsp of fenugreek. Apply this mixture and let it dry for a while and rinse it off. After a few days, the result can be seen.

benefits of onion juice for hair

4. Good for scalp

Onion juice is very useful for a damaged scalp. Apply some onion juice with coconut oil to the scalp and massage the scalp for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

5. Maintains hair colour

A mixture of onion juice and adequate amount of mustard oil helps in maintaining the hair colour.

6. Eliminates head lice

The sulfur in onion helps to eliminate hair lice. For this only the onion juice needs to be applied on the scalp and needs to be washed off after a day. The effect can be seen very soon.

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Benefits Of Onion For Health

benefits of onion juice

Following question some very important uses of onion juice for health.

Treats cancer - Eating seven servings of onion per week reduces the risk of having oesophagal, ovarian and colorectal cancer.

Regulates blood sugar - The chromium in onion helps in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Proper digestion - The fibre in onion promotes good digestion and keeps the person fit.

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Onion is just an amazing vegetable, which is very much beneficial and useful for human beings and therefore it should be included in the diet of each and every person.

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