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14 Important Side-effects Of Green Tea You Need To Know

Lady drinking green tea

In the world filled with health-conscious people, green tea surely did take the world by surprise. There are a number of green tea benefits and side effects too. Right from slim-effects to a peaceful sleep. But have you ever considered that there might be some green tea side effects and the miracle drink might not be totally perfect? This blog talks about many side effects of green tea that you probably aren’t aware of. Let’s discuss in detail:

Table Of Content:

- What Is Green Tea?

- Health Benefits Of Green Tea

- 14 Side-effects Of Green Tea - An Important Aspect

- How To Consume Green Tea

- Conclusion

What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea

A tea which has not undergone the process of oxidation and withering as the rest of the tea like oolong and black. Also, it is made out of camellia leaves which are first steamed and pan-fried, after which they are dried to derive utmost benefits out of them. Green tea caffeine is also one of the factors attracting people towards it. There are a lot of green tea benefits. It is rich in omega-6 which provides moisture to the skin and keeps the hair hydrated.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea:

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Lately, green tea is becoming, if not a necessity, at least a must-have for the health and fitness conscious mass. There are a lot of green tea benefits making it a better choice over the other kind. Here are a few important health benefits of green tea that have helped it to grab the attention of millions:

Made from the best and well-sorted leaves, this tea brings along with it tonnes of advantages which attract more and more people every day and they make it a habit, rather ritual to drink the tea at least once a day. First and foremost the best quality this tea has is the cleansing of the body. It helps to remove all the toxic waste and clean the entire system and thus, improving the health in general.

The tea helps increase metabolism and also lower the risk of health issues, whether it is minor or major as it has bioactive components responsible for keeping the consumer far from illness.

Green tea helps you becomes smarter. The caffeine content present in the tea helps stimulate the brain cells and keeps the drinker focused. It improves the memory skills and also lifts up the mood.

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14 Side Effects Of Green Tea - An Important Aspect

Side Effects Of Green Tea

Not everything which seems best is perfect. There are flaws attached to every food or drink, no matter how healthy it is and over-consumption of anything is bad. Just like that, though there are a lot of health benefits provided by this tea, there are also some side effects of green tea which are to be kept in mind while consuming it. Here are some of the disadvantages of green tea -

1. Green tea is something which is not everybody’s cup of tea. For some people, it may become the reason for constipation and stomach infections too. The extracts with which green tea is made has led to liver and kidney issues for some people.

2. If a high quantity of green tea is consumed, it might lead to many health issues as it has caffeine in it which is attractive but harmful to some extent too.

3. If you are taking a large quantity of green tea in one go it can increase the toxin level in the body.

4. It is not advisable to consume tea while having the meal as it may become a barrier in iron entering your body.

5. For children below the age of 18 years, green tea is not recommended as their body is not built up enough to bear the ingredient contents of the product.

6. Another one of the important side effects of green tea is that it causes the blood to become “tired” or increases the blood loss in the body. As in it causes anaemia and rather makes it worse quicker and also causes bleeding disorders.

Side Effects Of Green Tea

7. It also increases anxiety in the body if the intake is high and the heartbeat may also become irregular.

8. A potential green tea side effect is that it can also be the cause of diabetes, diarrhoea, and irritable bowel syndrome.

9. Glaucoma is also a result of high intake of green tea, i.e., the pressure inside the eye increases and lasts up to 90 minutes.

10. Caffeine present in green tea can lead to high blood pressure in people who are already suffering through it. Those who do not have high blood pressure do not get affected by the tea.

11. Tea also sometimes causes liver disease. The signs of a damaged liver are yellow skin, dark urine or pain in the abdomen.

12. Osteoporosis is also a result of green tea, which is commonly known as weak bones. This is due to the fact that green tea increases the amount of calcium which is flushed out of the body along with urine, leading to loss of a lot of calcium in the body and just weakening the bones.

13. Green tea during pregnancy is safe up to 2 cups per day. Any more than that and it can harm the baby growing inside of you. Apart from the negative effects of the growing fetus, it can also cause miscarriage. It also leads to problems after giving birth to the baby due to a decrease in the level of folic acid in the body.

14. While breastfeeding the baby, green tea intake is harmful as if it gets mixed with the breast milk, it can cause adverse effects on the infant. It may also lead to increased risk of neural tube defects in a baby like spina bifida which is a defect in the spinal cord of the baby before it takes birth.

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How To Consume Green Tea:

Green Tea

There is not one, but many ways in which a tea can and should be consumed. Before drinking anything, it is important to know everything about it. Here are some of the best ways to consume and stay away from the effects of green tea -

1. Look at the green tea caffeine - Before deciding on how many cups of green tea you want to intake, make sure the level of caffeine in it is not high as it is one of the leading factors towards the health issues caused by the tea.

2. Knowledge about what is going inside the body - Before starting the green tea ritual, make sure you know all about the components it is made of and the quantity of each component as a high level of caffeine content is harmful to the body.

3. Keep in mind the limit - Do not take more than you can swallow. More and more cups of the tea will only lead to deterioration of the body and won’t do you any good. The effects are only positive till you know how much your body can take and keep up with.

4. Not more than 2 cups while pregnant - During pregnancy, it is strictly advised not to have more than 2 cups of green tea in a day as it is not safe for both the mother and the baby.

5. No tea if the stomach is upset - If you are undergoing stomach pain or an infection, avoid green tea for a while as it will increase the risk.

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Consume what is good for you, but up to a certain amount, or it will lead to a never-ending pain and suffering. Before buying green tea, make sure it is from a good and high-end brand since the low-quality ones have a high level of fluoride in it which can cause adverse effects rather than a positive one on the body.

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