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13 Reasons Why Parenthood Can Be Hilarious

Life as a parent is a lot more fun than one may think. Yes, the kids do drive us crazy and leave us on our toes but it is those naughty things they do that make us laugh and forget all our worries. Kids will only be kids for a while after all - might as well enjoy it while you can. So to celebrate this journey of parenthood, let us take a look at the different things kids do that drive us crazy:

1. Never-ending sibling rivalry

Image source: Twitter

One thing all kids seek is love, care and attention from their parents. It means the world to them. So when they find out that they have to SHARE this love, care and attention with another human, they tend to get a little cranky. This happens in every family with 2 or more kids.

2. Those precious questions

Kids are curious little beings. The kind of questions they ask us leave us feeling uncomfortable or make us realise that we don't know a lot of things. Either way, they definitely make us want to be kids all over again.

3. Their brutally honest comments

Image source: Reddit

When you ask them for their opinion on anything - how you look, how your food tastes, which parent is cooler, etc - be prepared for a very real and honest answer. They may end up telling you things nobody has ever dared to tell you.

4. The moment you take your eyes off them...

Image source: Reddit

They weren't joking when they said that parents have to look after their kids all the time. The moment you take your eyes off them, they will do something they weren't supposed to.

5. When you find them looking like this:

Image source: whattheflicka

Who knows when, how or why this happened? They just did this because they felt like it. They don't know the consequences of their actions - that's your business. Your kids are busy being kids so that you can stay busy being a good parent.

6. They take everything literally

Image source: Facebook (The Ball Brothers)

Beware of what you tell your kids because they will follow it to the dot. So this kid told his dad that their puppy needs to be trained. His dad told him that there are plenty of YouTube videos for training puppies. The kid knew exactly what to do next - show the videos to the puppy!

7. Not good at keeping secrets

Image source: Reddit

If you do something that you'd rather not want others to know about, it's better to avoid doing it in front of your kids. Kids are bound to bring it up at some point or the other.

8. Dad is a princess

When the kids are alone at home with dad, they are most probably going to pull out mom's make up kit and experiment with everything they can do to their dad's appearance. They may even do this while dad is asleep since that is the only time he won't fight it.

9. Heart of gold

Image source: Pinterest

This little girl proves once again that kids have nothing but pure love in their hearts. In her heart, she felt she was doing the right thing and for that, she deserves some appreciation. Let's just hope nobody told her what she actually did because that would just break her heart! Has your child ever done something similar?

10. NFS - Need For Snacks!

Image source: Imgur

How far do your kids go to getting their hands on their favourite snack? This kid's mom just said that they can have a snack after they have their dinner. This is what they did just two seconds after she said that.

11. Crying over little things

Image source: Imgur

I mean some of the things kids cry about don't make any sense. This little guy got upset because "somebody ate all the muffins". Little does he know that he finished them himself and just doesn't remember it.

12. Their innocence is everything!

Every time they discover something new, it is a new little wonder to them. Just like how this kid discovered that she can watch her favourite cartoon through the shiny clean windows too.

13. When all else fails...

Image source: Reddit

A medicine meant for when they get travel sickness will not only keep them from getting nauseous - they will also keep them from driving you insane when you are driving for hours together. When on a road trip with the family, this seems to be the only solution.

Do you relate to these real-life stories? Share your stories with us!

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