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13 Important Benefits Of Rice Water For Skin And Hair Care

benefits of rice water for hair and skin

In today's life of pollution and extreme weather changes - taking care of one's precious beauty has become imperative. On one side there are so many medication or ointments that are said to maybe help maintain a healthy beauty. Yet, there are some solutions that are waiting just in your kitchen!

Rice water has a wide variety of health benefits to offer. While rice water does provide energy, relaxation, optimal temperature regulation, general health management, etc.

Here are 13 rare benefits of rice water for beauty care of skin and hair you must try out!

Table of Contents

Benefits of Rice Water For Your Skin

Benefits of Rice Water For Your Hair

Benefits of Rice Water For Your Baby

Some Precautions to Take With Rice Water And Your Baby

Benefits of Rice Water For Your Skin

benefits of rice water for skin

1) Rice Water Benefits in Brightening Your Complexion

Rice water is an extremely vital ingredient for beauty routines. One benefit of rice water for your skin is that it helps to minimise your pores. With rice water, you can immediately and easily remove dirt or impurities. Rice water has been an ancient and infamous technique to benefit the skin by having a bath. Studies have shown that 20% of skin well-being benefits can be seen after 15-minute baths - twice every day.

Rice water also benefits you with a naturalised and clear glow - balancing the tones of your skin. After about six days, the rice water may seem sour smelling. Yet, it is a natural fermentation of the rice water. This can provide the complexion of your skin with healthy antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits.

Just ensure that you change the rice water at least in two or three days - avoiding any impurities of the rice water from affecting your skin.

2) Rice water is a beneficial anti-inflammatory

Rice water is effective in moisturizing your skin. Experts say that this is a rice water benefit that keeps your skin soft and smooth - without too much of a rough texture.

Rice water helps improve firmness of your skin and avoid extreme skin conditions of dryness or oiliness. Another rice water benefit for your skin is that it has a mild interaction with your skin type.

Rice water further benefits your skin by minimizing skin issues or scars like acne, zits, whiteheads, rashes, pimples, etc. In fact, rice water benefits your skin by speeding the healing process and preventing any future outbreaks.

3) Rice water benefits you by balancing your makeup

As rice water benefits your skin by keeping it smooth - it also keeps your makeup products (like foundations, concealers, etc) to stay balanced without any stickiness or oiliness. Even when you require to take off your makeup later, your face might not flake or be sticky due to the cleansing benefit of rice water for your skin.

benefits of rice water

4) Rice water is your skin's all-round champion!

Rice water is a definite positive benefit for you since it has been studied to be one of the most effective for individual beauty management. With being one of the most inexpensive beauty hack filled with vitamins and minerals - rice water can be easily used daily for your skin's benefit.

5) Benefit your skin with rice water in these easy steps

Rice water is a simple ingredient with no need for excessive beauty products that you need to add with it. The first beneficial effects of rice water can be seen in approximately seven days.

Step a: You will need:

One bowl rice

Water to submerge the rice

One cotton swab

Steep the white or brown rice in boiled water for the duration of about 30 minutes.

Note: Steeping is when you soak and extract rice water with a sieve. Thus, there is a requirement of cooking or boiling the rice directly. A hint to know if the steeping is done right, look for the colour and texture of milky white water. In addition, ensure that you utilise clean rice. This will help you avoid bacterial or pesticide based infections to sensitive skin like eczema.

Step b: Before using rice water, apply a base of natural face wash to remove surface impurities.

Step c: By using a cotton swab, you can efficiently spread the rice water after washing your face.

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Benefits Of Rice Water For Your Hair

benefits of rice water for hair

1) Rice water gives your hair strengthening benefits

By rinsing your hair with rice water, you can easily get clean and stronger hair that can be easily detangled.

According to experts, rice water contains inositol. This is a component which improves hair elasticity, the friction of surface, heals damage faster and even prevents further damage successfully. Rice water also has an amino acid component which efficiently strengthens your hair roots when massaged from the scalp.

2) Rice water prevents hair from dehydration

Due to heat and humidity, your hair can get dehydrated quickly. Another rice water benefit is that it provides your hair with all the essential nutrients to function efficiently which it may have lost in the heat. Soft conditioning, jet black colour, healthy, shining and longer lengths are also benefits due to the amino acid composition of rice water.

3) Rice water is beneficial for your hair’s natural beauty

Free of any dangerous or risky chemical compositions, rice water has been researched to encouraging positive hair health.

4) Rice water helps with getting healthy hair in a jiffy!

Pour some rice water on your hair and scalp. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash with water. If you follow this with your natural hair wash routine - your precious hair can benefit from this rice water benefit easily.

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Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies

benefits of rice water for babies

1) Rice water for treating eczema in babies

Young ones face common dermatitis issues like eczema which can be extremely uncomfortable for babies. The oils component in rice water will hydrate and moisturize your baby’s skin, reducing the eczema dryness quickly. All you need to do is take 2 cups of rice water and mix with the regular bath water of your baby.

2) Rice water for treating fever in babies

Along with skin benefits, rice water benefits for babies also include bringing the fever down to normal. Just simply feed your baby the rice water in small portions.

3) Rice water for diarrhea in babies

Rice water is also an effective cure for all kinds of digestive issues like diarrhea in babies. Most experts say that this is because rice water is very easily digestible.

Research shows that when babies drink rice water - it could effectively decrease the number of times babies pass their stool. In fact, rice water seems to be sometimes more effective than an electrolyte solution.

Taking half a cup of brown rice, boil it in 3 cups of water at medium heat for 30 minutes. Then, you can give your baby one tablespoon of rice water every four hours until the symptoms are present no more.

Note: Be careful about excessive weight in your baby. It might imply severe dehydration which requires you to consult with a professional immediately.

4) Rice water provides energy for babies

Regular consumption of rice water can also benefit for babies by helping provide energy. Rice water contains very high levels of carbohydrates, fulfilling your growing baby’s energy requirement.

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Some Precautions to Take With Rice Water And Your Baby

benefits of rice for babies

1] If your baby hasn’t consumed rice water before, you must always first consult your doctor and then include it in your baby’s diet.

2] If your baby is allergic to other whole grains, then there is a chance that your little one might be allergic to rice water as well. Written below are some warning symptoms of rice water allergies in babies that you can try looking out for:

- stomach ache

- rashes

- vomiting

- shortness of breath

- difficulty in breathing

3] The rice water should also be diluted before you feed it to your baby.

4] You must also know that rice water is not an alternative for regular baby food but a healthy addition to your baby's normal diet.

Who would've thought that a simple element like rice water can benefit your beauty so much? Did you know about these rice water benefits? Which ones do you wish to try first?

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