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health benefits of rice

To be active and have the right food is very important regardless of whether there is a pregnancy or not. Not only is your future health taken care of, your body is always able to function positively. Among this health trend comes the health benefits of rice. The following 12 health benefits of rice will make you want to immediately add this ingredient to your diet!

health benefits of rice
Table of Contents

White or Brown Rice?

Health Benefits of Eating White Rice

Health Benefits of Eating Brown Rice

Health Benefits of Eating Rice Bran

Rice Water Health Benefits

White Rice Or Brown Rice?

Before adding rice for a positive health benefit, which rice is best to eat for good well being? Although with proper consultation, any health food can be easily added to your daily routine. Yet, in the case of rice - some studies are leaning towards the health benefits of white while some are leaning towards the health benefits of brown rice.

Health Benefits of Eating White Rice

health benefits of rice

1) Eating white rice helps you live longer

According to research, Japanese live longer and much healthier lives because their diet is abundant with eating white rice. It is said that eating brown rice, on the other hand, has compounds preventing the absorption of vital nutrients.

2) Eating white rice is not chemically dangerous

As per experts, brown rice contains arsenic i.e. a natural mineral that maybe poisonous when eaten in your meals. This also gives brown rice a phytates nature in it's bran products. The phytates bound brown rice can prevent absorption of healthy minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium when you eat the rice.

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Health Benefits of Eating Brown Rice

health benefits of brown rice

1) Brown rice is a whole food

Foods that are brown are less processed. This is a brown rice health benefit which provides you with more nutrients to keep you energised. Brown rice is a whole good that has a less refining process - leaving the health benefits of eating brown bran i.e. natural fibre, essential vitamins and minerals.

2) Brown rice helps avoid extreme health conditions

Due to the lower glycemic index of brown rice, extreme health conditions like cardiovascular disease, unhealthy bowels and excessive blood sugar level can be naturally managed by eating brown rice. This is why brown rice is the ideal choice for a diabetes diet when compared to eating white rice.

In fact, studies say that eating one half cup of brown rice daily can easily reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the future by approximately 60%. Further, other whole grains like barley and whole wheat also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by 36%.

3) Brown rice is high in natural fiber

Brown rice contains 14% of natural fiber. According to professional recommendation, this is an ideal amount of fibre - 4 times more than white rice. This can help protect against cancers of the colon and breast by eating brown rice. The natural fiber of brown rice binds with chemicals and cells that lead to cancer, preventing the extreme progression of cancer.

health benefits of brown rice

4) Brown rice helps avoid extreme weight gain

The fibre function of brown rice also ensures efficient digestion. Further, brown rice makes you feel full - ensuring that you eat healthy and small portions.

5) Brown rice can help lower cholesterol

As per research, the elements of oil in brown rice can easily help lower the bad or LDL cholesterol in your blood by 7%. Simultaneously, eating brown rice can help increase the good or HDL cholesterol in your blood.

6) Promotes bone health

Brown rice has magnesium, an essential mineral for positive bone health management. One cup of brown rice contains 21% of magnesium that is ideal as per professional recommendation. Eating brown rice daily will ensure that you are able to absorb this magnesium health benefit completely.

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Health Benefits of Eating Rice Bran

health benefits of rice bran

Rice bran is “the brownish portion of rice during de-husking and is the hard outer layer of the rice.” Although rarely used for eating, rice bran health benefits include:

1) Rice bran oil is an immunostimulant

Rice bran is abundant with phytosterols, sterolins and gamma-oryzanol. These are compounds that have antioxidant properties - helping to easily control your immune system. By eating rice bran, it helps benefit your health by preventing high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, extreme cancer symptoms, hyperglycemia, type I and type II diabetes.

2) Rice bran manages your menopause healthily

Eating rice bran efficiently helps ease menopausal symptoms and keeps you healthy. This beneficial nature manages hot flashes, hormonal imbalances, bone loss due to postmenopausal osteoporosis, etc.

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Rice Water Health Benefits

health benefits of rice water 

Along with the elixir of water, regularly drinking rice water is the perfect source of energy. When you are cooking rice, there is only simple rice that the end and no water. While eating rice is healthy, drinking it is even more beneficial.

1) Rice water is the best to relieve extreme health conditions

Drinking rice water is the ultimate home remedy for diarrhea, dehydration, constipation effectively regulating your body temperature, etc. Rice water benefits your positive health because of the immense amount of nutrients. Just ensure to add fibre rich vegetables, fruits, proteins and fat (like avocado, meat, etc.) to avoid slight side-effects like extreme blood sugar levels. This with the rice water will help you gain the ultimate health benefit.

2) Rice water provides you with energy

Rice is abundant with carbs - a primary reservoir of energy. The water of rice is equally beneficial for your health with easy absorption of the energy from the rice water. One glass is enough for you to have an entire day of being on the go!

health benefits of rice water

3) Rice water for skin and hair

Along with general health benefits, rice water also provides positive health management for your precious skin and hair.

To get these rice water health benefits you will need:

- 2 tablespoons of rice

- 2 cups of water

Ensure to add enough water. The starch is what you should be expecting in the end. Boil or soak the rice in the water for 20-30 minutes - as per your personal preference. Do not add any salt or butter to the water. When the rice water has started to appear milky white - strain the water, allowing it to cool. Then, how many ever times you can - drink the rice water regularly.

In the end, staying aware and healthy is best for you!

Both the options of brown and white rice are good as long as you have a carefully balanced diet. In addition, with consulted choices of your doctor - you can be on the best road to a happier and healthier future!

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