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12 Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

While pregnancy is a time of complete self-control for mothers: after pregnancy is an equally challenging time for the cravings to kick in. Want to know how to realistically lose weight after pregnancy? Or do you just want to ensure that you’re healthy and fit? Do not worry mothers! Below are a few amazing after pregnancy weight loss tips, guides and diets. You can add these to your own plan for losing weight after pregnancy; maintaining a ‘happy diet’. 

Do not feel Pressurized

Firstly, mommies, do not pressurize yourself to lose weight. Do not try to cope with the expectations of your family or the society. No matter what, your health comes first!

  • Why does weight gain happen after pregnancy? An approximate 75 per cent of women are heavier a year after giving birth. Studies have pointed out how factors like thyroid abnormalities due to the changes of pregnancy, height and common body adjustments like that after a complex experience of pregnancy is a big enough factor that will naturally lead to after pregnancy weight gain.
  • Many professionals also state that there is still some presence of amniotic fluids, placenta, extra fat storage (if any) along with nursing milk that add onto the after pregnancy weight gain.
  • How much weight does one lose after pregnancy? Professionals say that close to 11.5–16 kg is gained during pregnancy - where only a quarter is shed after pregnancy.

Slow and Steady!

Snail your pace into the workout session and do not speed rocket!

  • Losing weight after pregnancy through diets, exercises and activity is a process that takes time, determination and patience. So take your natural waited pace to make your after pregnancy weight loss plan effective.
  • Slowly and as the time of importance arises - a safe after pregnancy weight loss plan has to be incorporated. This is because ill-effects of weight gain after pregnancy include cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, gestational diabetes and heartburn.
  • A limit of approximately 500 calorie limit can be set - mainly depending highly on the mother’s health and needs. This can be achieved with the help of proper diet and exercise - under the careful consultation with her doctor.
  • Eating healthy - which includes meals and snacks - is of utmost significance. A good balance of food and after pregnancy weight loss plans will ensure that you are in harmonious health.

1. Do Not miss a Healthy Breakfast menu

Do not Miss a Healthy Breakfast Menu

As the name suggests, a healthy breakfast is the meal that breaks the long night’s fast providing the energy that kick-starts your metabolism.

  • A healthy breakfast generates energy for the brain to function properly throughout the day and helps control blood sugar level.
  • So, to avoid unhealthy snacking or overeating later - a healthy breakfast meal is especially required for after pregnancy weight loss.
  • Your healthy breakfast menu can include a multi-assortment of say an omelette with a slice of wholegrain toast; berry smoothie made with natural yoghurt, a handful of berries, 2 tablespoons of mixed nuts/seeds; and porridge with unsweetened rice or coconut milk, 1 tablespoons of flaxseeds and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.

2. Make sure you Do Not Skip any Healthy Meals

Make sure you Do Not Skip any Healthy Meals

This is because ALL healthy meals are important for you to attain the complete lost energy and tumultion in moods.

  • In order to control a balanced diet, small meals with a realistically healthy calorie intake and regular intervals is important. This ensures a stomach-filling meal while also making sure you are not tempted by any cravings of overeating. It is usually recommended that meal diet plans like the example below has an approximate: 441 fewer calories to burn and 3.7% reduction in belly fat over longer periods of time.
  • Healthy meal plans like half a sandwich, some carrot sticks, fruit, and a glass of milk with regular two-three hour intervals can be ways you can customize your after pregnancy weight loss plan.
  • So, for this after pregnancy weight loss calendar to work - it is a complete no to skip breakfast and is equally dangerous to skip others meals of the day.

3. Best Diet Plans for After Delivery

Best Diet Plans for After Delivery

Time to recharge your energy levels mommies!

  • It is very important to ensure that your speed rate of eating is moderate so as to maintain a healthy diet for after delivery in general
  • While is is best to cut out wherever possible to lose weight - it does well to remember that an after pregnancy weight loss plan is an obvious trial and error process. So, there is a natural space to make initial errors ladies!
  • The essential checkboxes to fill are the standard lists of: fruits, vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, fibre-centric food (oats, beans, lentils, grains and seeds) and good amounts of protein-rich-but-low-fat foods - all having a lower risk rate, since they are diet plans much easier to burn out after delivery.
  • An increased amount of milk and curd is an important after pregnancy weight loss diet plan for calcium replenishment after delivery.
  • In fact, calorie maintenance is also dependant on activity/workout, standard diet intake and vigilance of nutrition details in every meal after delivery.

4. How much Water Should you drink a Day?

How much Water Should you drink a Day?

Drink lots and lots of water.

  • Drinking water before a meal is especially an aspect that is important for after pregnancy weight loss.
  • But it is also a must to make sure to avoid over-drinking of water as well as unhealthy juices, sodas, and coffee drinks to maintain healthy calorie counts.

5. Can you Drink After Giving Birth?

Can you Drink After Giving Birth?

Most probably not mommies!

  • It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours for alcohol to clear from your body and breast milk.
  • So while it is okay to sip on some alcohol for recreation - the adverse effects of alcohol for after pregnancy weight loss outweigh its benefits altogether.
  • For after pregnancy nursing mothers especially, then, it is a complete no to consume any form of alcohol.

6. Keep the Healthy Fats

Keep the Healthy Fats

In an after pregnancy weight loss plan your fat content should be as limited as possible.

  • But do not completely remove this from your diet, meals or plans because some healthy fats are good fats for the body’s important nutrition.
  • Mono and polyunsaturated fats like canola oil, olive oil, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, and fatty salmon - are all inclusive of the above benefits of good/healthy fats.
  • While losing weight after pregnancy is a healthy choice - one also needs to ensure that you have some ‘muscle tissue to lean on’.

7. Restrict the Saturated and Trans Fat

Restrict the Bad Fats

To avoid heart disease complications, diabetes and transference of toxins to breast milk after pregnancy - saturated as well as trans fats are a big no for losing weight.

  • These saturated and trans fats can be found in high fatty meats and dairy products, fried foods, snack foods, and baked goods.
  • In addition, there are risky weight influences due to these fats: like problems of high blood pressure, preeclampsia, diabetes, risks of cancer and future delivery issues (like emergency caesarean sections, longer/harder labour and giving birth to a big baby).

8. Takeout is a no-no

Takeout is No-no

Another important after pregnancy weight loss tip is to limit as much of sugar, salt, spice, fried foods, and takeout in general as possible.

  • In these foods (especially takeout) also there are dual danger concerns of heart disease complications, diabetes and transference of toxins to breast milk.

9. Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight?

The above question has acquired mixed reactions from studies.

  • Although activity and eating habits are most important regardless - studies have seen a whopping 330 calories lost during the day after breastfeeding.
  • All the after pregnancy storage of fats is then replacing this energy lost - a natural manner of a safe system management after breastfeeding.
  • Over taxing of exercise and dieting alone can dangerously have toxins released which latches onto body fat, bloodstream and even into the milk supply during breastfeeding. These toxins include environmental contaminants like heavy metal lead, mercury; organic pollutants like PCBs, dioxins, and solvents.
  • It is safe to lose around the 0.5kg to 1kg or, 1lb to 2lb category during breastfeeding. Yet, an excessive form of this is a dual danger, and not in any way a the easiest manner in which you lose that baby belly.

10. Must Workout Exercises After Delivery

Must Workout Exercises After Delivery

‘Active, Active and Active’.

  • Firstly, a safe and detailed 6 week resting term is to be maintained and then ventured into to the complexities of workout exercises after delivery. This must be post a careful consultation from your doctor.
  • Although workout exercises are good in any form, whatever matches your comforts and health is the best workout exercise for your after pregnancy weight loss plan.
  • These must workout exercise for after delivery include - pelvic floor weight loss exercises like Kegels, simple belly weight loss exercises and all comfortable forms of walking exercises, stretching weight loss exercises, yoga weight loss exercises, and water aerobics or simple swimming weight loss exercises.
  • In fact, you can simply involve your children with an effective ‘pram-pushing’ exercise that is enough for weight loss after pregnancy.
  • Do not feel afraid or shy to seek some assistance of any kind. It is natural to feel lost and overwhelmed after pregnancy. Many organisations organise AA-type group sharing and workout exercises to create a collective upliftment.

11. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Several studies have successfully shown proof of how a lack of good sleep hygiene is associated with retaining unhealthy weight after pregnancy.

  • Although it is a challenging task to maintain a good sleep hygiene after pregnancy, on can do so with group/relative talks where the emotional burden is shared - which follows a much calmer state before bedtime.
  • In many cases, issues shared can aid in delegating work for babaycare among friends andfamilies while you get a good rest.
  • The best time to catch the lost sleep is while the baby is sleeping.
  • These along with many other customisable sources are good ways to improve on losing your after pregnancy.

12. Keep yourself Motivated and Inspired

Keep yourself Motivated and Inspired

Above all ladies, it is a must that you accept yourself and let the natural process of losing weight after pregnancy take its course. Try not to succumb to the dangers of societal expectations, moods and depression - ensuring that you are above all happy, safe and healthy. Try to keep yourself motivated and inspired through journals or loved ones/friends around you. 


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