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12 Things to be Prepared for When You are in Your Final Trimester

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience which can be nerve wracking at the same time. If you have the right tips and doctor’s advice - there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Here are 12 of the best things you can do to be prepared for your final trimester.

1. Your baby’s necessities

All your baby’s clothes should be roughly decided upon. White the size maybe a question, you will most definitely not have time to buy clothes after your little one arrives. The same goes for stocking up on important foods. Make sure you also have ideas for after your baby has arrived. Your baby’s seat should be safe. The nursery should be a clean and safe environment as well.

2. A ready kit

While you might not know whether you will have a C section or normal delivery in the end, you must at least be ready with a general delivery kit. This includes wipes, medication, clothes, etc. 

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In addition, you must ensure that you have some amount of entertainment packed for your visit to the hospital. A kit is also important to be ready before with because it is going to a be a hectic time later. So, be ready with all the important things that you at least might need. You should generally have an emergency kit just in case you might require it for false alarms. This might include similar things as your delivery kit. The doctor will be able to give you simple tips on keeping a simple kit at home.

3. Count the movements

Your little one is going to be very active for the arrival. Make sure to at least keep a rough count of the number times your baby moves. It is a problem if the baby’s movement is lessened. You must consult your doctor immediately if there is such a problem. He or she will provide with easy daily tips to keep track on your baby’s movements.

4. Need help?

When your baby will arrive, you might need a lot of help. You can keep your family, friends or close neighbors in contact. That way you will not have to worry about emergency situations, leaving your baby with a trusted individual. Having some to talk to even during your pregnancy is very helpful and helps relieve any anxiety or stress. In fact, doctors say it is equally beneficial for you to converse with your baby. Not only will you have someone to share your feelings with, your baby will already learn the basics of language in the womb!

5. Cord blood transfer

After your delivery, a lot of your blood in the umbilical cord is abundant with precious stem cells. You should consult with your doctor as to whether you want to opt for the cord blood transfer and what future possibilities you may have with the stem cells that are preserved.

6. Study up!

Try to get as much information through trusted people, classes or books. At the same time, you must make sure to not overdo it as over information leads to unneeded anxiety. Knowing specifically about labour pain and stages is important. Yet, you must chalk up a general plan to be ready. This includes everything you must know pre, during and post pregnancy. As you make these little observations, make sure your doctor has approved of your plans to be ready for your final month.

- Your sleep cycles should be sufficient for resting your sensitive body. In addition, your side is the safest to sleep on. The doctor will ask you to sleep more on your left side more precisely. You can use pillows for additional support.

- While maintaining a good weight, you should be having safe snacks and a strong diet.

- Your hydration should be enough for keeping you healthy. If you notice dark yellow or cloudy urine, it might be a problem.

- Your doctor is also going to provide with exercise like stretching, walking and yoga. These will help keep you not only fit but with a good heart and circulation.

In addition, these are all important things that will help you in breastfeeding later on. As you talk with your doctor, ask about the needed assistance and tips to make yourself ready for future nursing.

7. Generally keep in constant contact with your doctor

If there are any questions or doubts, you should be in constant contact with your doctor. If not, try asking for a helpful contact of a nurse or midwife who you can contact daily. Generally, you are to visit the doctor every two weeks from the 28 to 36 week period. After that, it should be once-a-week until you deliver. These visits can be very helpful for informing you about the important signs of possible premature labor and preeclampsia.

8. Choosing pediatricians

Sometimes your pregnancy doctor can be a good pediatrician contact. If that is not possible, ask around trusted people or your current doctor to keep a quality list handy. This way contacting or choosing the best doctor for your baby will not be an issue in the future.

9. Keep an account

Bringing a baby home can be expensive. Make sure that you get quality things for your little one at an affordable price. If finance are a problem, asking around to known people is actually of great help. Similarly, deciding on a rough plan for your hospital stay with your doctor will allow you to keep resources aside for any emergencies that might occur.

10. Work

While working is solely your choice, if your doctor feels you should take some time off - you should try to discuss this with your family and employer. In many cases, the work environment alone is dangerous for pregnancy. This might be a case where you must leave the job for the greater safety of yourself and your child.

11. Travel with caution

Travelling is usually something only a doctor or professional can allow you to go for. This is because long durations of continuous movement without rest in the final months might be dangerous, causing complications sometimes. Shorter trips are not a problem if you meet all the precautions, but seatbelts are a MUST for safety.

12. Stay Calm!

This is going to be a time of nerves and anxiety. Your vitals are going to be sensitive due to the changes and related major decisions you have to make. It is important for you to stay as calm as possible do that you can ensure a safe final month. Having some form of support is important. Many relaxation exercises are also helpful.

You should most especially not panic if you are past your due date. It is natural sometimes to be late. Your doctor will always have a safe method ready to help you out in such a situation.

So, are you ready to for the final months?! 

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