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12 Health Benefits Of Garlic You Need To Know About

Garlic, Allium sativum is a pungent tasting herb; with a strong smell and is a white bulb in appearance. An incredible source of Vitamin B6, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin C etc., garlic is known for its antibacterial properties. There are many benefits of eating raw garlic as it provides natural treatment to many health issues. Although garlic is avoided by many for producing bad-breath, this must not outweigh the health benefits of eating garlic.

So let's dive in and know this amazing health-friendly food along with its many health benefits in detail:

Table of content:

1. Garlic

2. Ways To Consume Garlic

3. Top 12 Health Benefits Of Garlic

    3.1 Treats Cold And Cough

    3.2 Improves Heart Health

    3.3 Controls Blood Pressure

    3.4 Reduces The Level Of Bad Cholesterol

    3.5 Cures Earaches

    3.6 Boost Digestive Health

    3.7 Controls Asthma

    3.8 Prevents Hair Loss

    3.9 Excellent Cure For Fatty Liver

    3.10 Flushes Out Metal Toxin

    3.11 Treats Vaginal Infection

    3.12 Increases Libido

4. Consuming Garlic During Pregnancy

5. How Much Of Garlic Should A Pregnant Lady Have?

6. Side Effects Of Consuming Garlic


Garlic is a herb belonging to the onion family. Indians use garlic to provide strong and pungent taste to their dishes, which is loved by many. Apart from being a wonderful ingredient behind a tasty dish, the garlic benefits should not be neglected.

Garlic is a bulbous plant which had many cloves attached to it. In the traditional ages, the cloves of the garlic were eaten raw to reap the health benefits from garlic. Native to Central America and Iran, garlic has become worldwide famous for being a perfect seasoning.

Garlic has been known since ages for its health benefits. Many people reap the benefits of eating raw garlic in the winter season as raw garlic warms the body. The active component of garlic is allicin beneficial for treating many diseases and infections. The health benefits of garlic include curing cough and cold, lowering the blood pressure, curbing acidity and improving libido.

Ways To Consume Garlic

Garlic is consumed in different ways: raw or cooked. Garlic is added to food dishes, salads, soups, fish and meat. Garlic can be added by chopping, crushing or juicing it. It gives a unique taste to the food, which is liked by many.

Garlic is present in many toothpaste and mouthwashes as it is antibacterial and can prevent toothaches and oral cavity.

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12 Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic, or lehsun (Hindi), has so many miraculous benefits. In fact, garlic has been used to cure various ailments for centuries in India. So, let us learn the multiple garlic benefits:

1. Treats Cold And Cough: The major benefit of eating raw garlic cloves can be derived to cure a cough and cold. It gives warmth to the body and quickly cures even the severest of a cough.

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2. Improves Heart Health: Another benefit of eating raw garlic is to improve the functionality of the heart. Raw garlic cloves can prevent the formation of blood clots thereby preventing the cardiovascular diseases.

3. Controls Blood Pressure: Garlic has been known to reduce hypertension in patients. The polysulfides of garlic can widen the blood vessels thus lowering the tension created in the blood.

4. Reduces The Level Of Bad Cholesterol: Benefits of raw garlic have been known to reduce the LDL cholesterol in the blood. LDL cholesterol can block the arteries and can result in heart attacks.

5. Cures Earaches: Garlic has many antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which are helpful in reducing ear aches and clear ear infections.

6. Boost Digestive Health: Health benefits of garlic can be helpful in relieving gas and curbing any sort of acidity problems.

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7. Controls Asthma: Boiling 3 garlic cloves mixed in milk can bring a control in asthma.

8. Prevents Hair Loss: Topical application of crushed garlic cloves mixed in coconut oil can prevent hair loss and also can promote the hair growth.

9. Excellent Cure For Fatty Liver: Garlic cloves are beneficial for enzyme production that assist in detoxification of the body.

10. Flushes Out Metal Toxin: One of the most important health benefits of garlic is that it is beneficial in flushing out toxins. Various metal elements, toxins etc. can get accumulated in the gut of the seafood lovers over the time and consuming garlic can boost the detoxification process.

11. Treats Vaginal Infections: Garlic cloves can treat yeast infection in the vagina due to its antifungal properties

12. Increases Libido: Consuming raw garlic cloves can improve the libido and protects from nerve fatigue.

Although many people may complain of bad body odour, bad breath and smell in urine due to consumption of garlic, these numerous health benefits of garlic must not be overlooked. Uses of garlic adequately can solve many health problems.

Consuming Garlic During Pregnancy

The health benefits of garlic are plenty and it is also safe to consume during pregnancy. The benefits of eating garlic during pregnancy include maintaining the blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight of the developing baby.

However, it is recommended to consume moderate levels of raw garlic cloves during second and third trimesters as garlic can lower the blood pressure and may thin the blood. Consuming large quantities of garlic can cause miscarriages. Hence, a pregnant lady must be aware of the quantities of the garlic she consumes.

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How Much Of Garlic Should A Pregnant Lady Have?

Consuming around three to four garlic cloves are safe for consumption for a pregnant lady. This means a pregnant lady can ideally consume around 1000 to 1200 mg of garlic per day. A pregnant lady must seek doctor’s advice before taking garlic supplements.

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Side Effects Of Consuming Garlic

There are a few side effects of consuming garlic in pregnant ladies which must be kept in mind before having them.

‣ Garlic is known to thin blood; hence consuming large quantities of garlic can cause excessive labour bleeding.

‣ Garlic hinders the absorption of iodine, thereby making you susceptible to hypothyroidism

‣ Garlic can lower the blood pressure- a boon to hypertension patients but may prove to be a bane to pregnant ladies. If the blood pressure drops to a low level, it can cause shock to the body.

‣ Consuming garlic in large amounts can release insulin in large amounts thereby reducing the sugar levels in the blood.

Despite numerous health benefits of garlic, pregnant ladies must be careful about consuming the quantities of garlic as it can pose certain side effects to the health of the pregnant ladies as well as the developing baby.

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