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11 Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water In The Morning

benefits of lemon water in the morning

Drinking warm lemon water is the first thing to do after waking up which will surprisingly help you lose weight faster. Apart from that, it has a series of benefits that is due its detoxifying action. A natural metabolism booster, detoxifier and weight loss agent with no side effects or precautions you should be grateful for!

You can also combine it with honey to make honey lemon water. The herbal and medical qualities added to the drink will make an ultimate day starter. Warm water with lemon and honey adds incredibly to boost immunity and prevent fever or cold-related problems.

benefits of lemon water in the morning

The citrus lemon has been one of the most popular favouring in drinks, from cakes to perfumes. But it is also one of the most valuable sources of Vitamin C in lemon to us. When it is consumed with water by juicing it the benefits of lemon alone come out and researches have proved it to bring about effective changes in weight loss, cleaning the liver, providing enhancement to the digestive system in all and also it’s antibacterial to antiviral properties. The citrus lemon contains acid in which the vitamins are dissolved.

The benefits of drinking hot water adding, when the juice extracted from the lemon is taken in a recipe of plain warm water it acts as a very good weight loss catalyst. It increases the metabolic rates in the body and also helps to lose a couple of calories if drinking on an empty stomach.

Table of Content

1. Lemon Water Helps Lose Weight

2. Lemon Water Aids Digestion

3. Lemon Water Is A Great Detoxifier

4. Lemon Water Provides Better Immunity

5. Lemon Water is Good for Skin

6. Lemon Water Calcium Content

7. Lemon Water is Great for the Liver

8. The Temperature of Lemon Water

9. Lemon Water Good for the Mind

10. Lemon Water Aids the Lymph System

11. Lemon Water - An Overall Promoter of Healing

Lemon Water Helps Lose Weight

It will increase your calorie burning rate up to by 30%. Lemon Water for weight loss works for both men and women, for all ages. With consistently causing metabolic activity rate to go higher and promoting digestion, hence allowing you to reduce more weight.

Lemon Water Aids Digestion

benefits of lemon water in the morning

The lemon juice of fresh, ripe lemons combined with the goodness of warm water acts as a powerful antibacterial agent. It helps in removing unwanted bacterial formations throughout the digestive tracks. If taken regularly in the early morning on empty stomach, it will bring about overall changes in the digestive system, providing more immunity.

Lemon Water Is A Great Detoxifier

The acidic properties of lemon help in clearing out the toxin forms in the body. Which the body would have to naturally flush out taking more time and causing health problems. The hot lemon water helps flush out all these toxins at once. With every glass of lemon water every morning, your body will gain more pH balance.

Lemon Water Provides Better Immunity

It helps in building up and maintaining a quality immunity power in the body over time. The vitamin C contents of lemon naturally fights common cough and cold effectively.

Lemon Water is Good for Skin

benefits of lemon water in the morning

The lemon is also packed with a variety of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, etc. that aids blood circulation leading to forming good skin cells. Thus, the benefits of lemon water also reach out to making the skin happier. It can also cure acne, rashes and dark circles.

Lemon Water Calcium Content

It has been proved that if you take it every day it will aid to reduce aches and pains in joints and muscle pain. It also helps in to keep the dental health good and fights some diseases like gingivitis.

Lemon Water is Great for the Liver

The warm lemon water every morning will be a very good aid to the liver. One of the most vital organs of the body, the liver requires special attention. Warm lemon water will efficiently cleanse the liver. It can break down toxic salts forming in the liver that may have formed due to unhealthy eating habits. The mineral and vitamin content of the citrus extract is proven to boost liver immunity.

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The Temperature of Lemon Water

benefits of lemon water

The temperature of the water is a really good factor to promote cellular activity in a practical level. It will make the body effectively rehydrated after having a sleep of 6 -8 hours. Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water will bring around noticeable changes in energy levels throughout the day.

Lemon Water Good for the Mind

The benefits of warm lemon water do not only end in the physical realm. It also provides with the enhancing of alertness and mental energy. The drink will boost your concentration ability provided if you have had a good night's rest and your diet is balanced. Water itself is an amazing agent to create and maintain a healthy state of mind, the habit of drinking a tall glass of warm lemon water round the year will possibly help you live a better and more focused life. You can look up the benefits of citrus and water on cognitive and focusing ability which are effective but in a slight and slow manner.

Lemon Water Aids the Lymph System

The mixture of warm water will help rejuvenate lost fluids of your body, hence attending better health to the Lymph.These fluids will also make you less tired, and reduce other symptoms of fatigue and irritableness.

Lemon Water - An Overall Promoter of Healing

benefits of lemon water

The vitamin C is a proven agent of promoting wound healing, possessing anti-inflammatory qualities it helps in recovering from injuries and stress. These properties also help in the consistent maintenance of balancing essential nutrient maintenance, healthy bones as mentioned before and also the connective tissues and cartilage.

Thus it can be said that drinking a glass of lemon water early morning in an empty stomach heals the body in many ways and aids the mind in few but efficient factors. If you are a lover of tea, you can also occasionally replace the warm lemon water with a fresh cup of lemon tea. Lemon tea benefits an individual as it is a great way to promote healthy living as well detoxify the body. Keeping up with weight loss, energising and enhancing the mood, maintaining better immunity, making the skin happier or even providing some goodness to the liver; there are more than just one or two reasons to start the day with this energizing drink.

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