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benefits of almond oil

Almonds or Badam in the desi language are very beneficial. They help in the improvement of memory power and the paste of almonds aid in improving the skin texture. There are so many benefits of almonds and their oil too that most of the people do not know. The badam oil has been used since ages as a remedy for skin problems by our ancestors. 

With the advent of latest beauty creams in the market, using the almond oil for face has been decreased a little bit but this almond oil has huge benefits when compared to the creams present in the market. Keep on reading the article to know more about benefits of almond oil for hair and skin.

Table Of Contents:

What is Almond Oil?

Types of Almond Oil

Nutritional Breakdown of Almond Oil

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair and Skin

1. Almond Oil Prevents Acne and Deep Cleanses the Skin

2. Badam Oil Reduces Dark Circles

3. Almond OilDelays the aging signs

4. Almond Oil Removes Dead Skin Cells and Impurities

5. Badam Oil Substitute for Hand and Foot Cream

6. Badam OilRemoves the Split Ends

7. Almond Oil Promotes the Growth of Long and Healthy Hair

8. Badam Oil Treats Dandruff

9. Almond Oil Reduces Scalp Inflammation

10. Badam Oil Improves the Digestion in Babies

What Is Almond Oil?

almond badam shell

Almonds are the edible seeds that can be found on the tree named Prunus dulcis tree or almond tree. Almond oil or badam oil is the oil that is extracted from these seeds. The almonds can be found in sweet or bitter form.

Types of Almond Oil

There are two types of almond oils- Bitter almond oil and sweet almond oil. The bitter almond oil cannot be ingested and it should be applied topically whereas the sweet almond oil can be used for skin, hair and in foods.

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Nutritional Breakdown of Almond Oil

In 14 gms of badam oil, you can observe the following nutrition values:

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Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin And Hair

benefits of almonds for skin and hair

There are so many benefits of almond oil for skin and hair problems. It can be used to treat dry skin problems AND oily skin problems. The Vitamin E content in almond oil is what makes it so great for treating skin and hair problems. It gives intense nourishment without leaving your skin and hair looking too oily. Now, let us discuss the many benefits of almond oil for skin and hair:

1. Badam Oil Prevents Acne and Deep Cleanses the Skin

The texture of almond oil is so light and it gets absorbed by the skin easily. It penetrates into the skin deeply removing the acne. It cleans the debris that has been accumulated in the skin from inside and the skin attains a new glow and texture. This will further prevents the formation of acne. Applying the badam oil every night before sleeping will work miracles.

2. Almond Oil Reduces Dark Circles

Dark circles damage the entire look of the face. It is not easy to get rid of them. Investing in the branded cosmetics will cost a fortune but one of the sure way to remove these dark circles is by applying the almond oil on these dark circles. It is one of the amazing uses of the almond oil and aids in getting rid of the dark circles. The area which is affected by these dark circles should be massaged with the badam oil.

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benefits of almonds

3. Applying Almond Oil for Face Delays the Aging Signs

Badam oil can be considered as the elixir of youth. There are various symptoms of aging that women notice in their late 20s or early 30s. Applying almond oil for face will give a nice and fresh feel. This will make you look younger and adds extra glow to your face. The Vitamin E present in almond oil will help in reversing the aging process and fights the wrinkles.

4. Almond Oil Helps Remove Dead Skin Cells and Impurities

The pollution has increased drastically these days. This pollution along with sweat and dirt is causing dead skin cells. Almond oil consists of moisturizing properties which helps in loosening the impurities that are accumulated in your skin. The face attains a new glow after the removal of dead skin cells and impurities.

5. Badam Oil Acts As A Hand and Foot Cream

Cracked heels and rough palms are some of the most common skin problems among women. Massaging these heels and palms with the almond oil will make them baby soft. As the almond oil is greasy in nature, it will be absorbed by the skin immediately. The zinc content present in almond oil soothes the rough skin.

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benefits of almond oil

6. Almond Oil Helps In Removal Of Split Ends

Split ends is the main cause for the hair fall and it also affects the air growth too. It is important to stop the hair fall by removing these split ends. Massaging the hair with badam oil by mixing it with olive and castor oils in equal proportions will help in removing the split ends from hair. As the split ends are removed, hair becomes more smooth, silky and healthier.

7. Almond Oil Promotes the Growth of Long and Healthy Hair

Regular application of almond oil prevents the hair fall and ensures the growth of long and healthy hair. Almond oil must be applied to the hair twice a week for the sheen and silky texture of hair. Massaging the hair with badam oil and then wrapping it up with a towel that is soaked in hot water will make the hair healthy.

This is one of the most notable benefits of almond oil for hair.

8. Treats Dandruff

Badam oil helps in treating dandruff. When you apply almond oil for hair, it prevents the dead cells that are accumulated on your head. It is a known fact that almond oil helps in removing the dead cells from skin, and now almond oil helps in removing the dead cells from scalp to. Mix powdered amla with almond oil and apply it for hair and wash it after thirty minutes. Following this routine twice a month will help in getting rid of the dandruff.

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benefits of almonds

9. Applying Almond Oil For Hair Reduces Scalp Inflammations

Scalp is exposed to various dangers like pollution, chemical styling products, heat and dust. All these products will lead to the inflammation of scalp. Getting a badam oil massage will relieve you from this scalp inflammation.

10. Badam Oil Improves the Digestion in Babies

Badam oil benefits are not only confined to the skin and hair care of adults, they are beneficial for babies too. One common problem that all the babies suffer from usually is digestion. Because of the improper digestion, the babies suffer from stomach pain. Massaging their tummy with almond oil will help in reducing the indigestion in babies. There are so many other advantages of almond oil for babies.

These are the uses of almond oil for hair, skin, face and babies. There are so many almond benefits as well as its oil benefits too in the daily life of human beings. 

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