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10 Unique Sanskrit Baby Names For Leo Zodiac Sign

As soon as a couple learns that they are expecting a little member to join their family, they start preparing for the grand welcome of their bundle of joy. Even though it seems like a long time, 9 months is not quite enough for parents to prepare for everything. In fact, even choosing a name for their baby becomes a challenging task as this name is going to represent their little one for rest of his/her life.

Babies who are born between July 23 - August 22, fall under the zodiac sign Leo or Simha/Singh (the lion). Here are 10 unique Sanskrit baby names for your Leo-born baby:


1. Meet:



A beautiful, little name for your handsome baby boy - “Meet” means “friend”. Short and simple, this name is perfect for a baby boy born under the Leo zodiac sign, after all, you have just found a friend for the rest of your life.

2. Megh:

“Megh” is a Sanskrit name ideal for a Leo-born baby boy. It means “cloud”. In recent times, this name has started to gain a lot of attention from the parents for it is quite unique and elegant.

3. Mehan:

To represent the purest of heart that your little one is born with, no other name than “Mehan” can be a better fit, as this unique Sanskrit name means “pure”. It has a nice ring to it that can make your little one quite popular among his friends later on.

4. Mihik:

“Mihik” which means “mist”, is getting really popular among parents who are on the lookout for unique Sanskrit names for their baby boy. The calm and pleasant tone of this name is as soothing as mist itself.

5. Tanish:

Going by the grandeur of its tone, this name is ideal for a Leo-born baby boy, to bring out his charismatic personality. “Tanish” means “ambition” in Sanskrit. The uniqueness of this name is sure to make your little one stand out.


1. Mishika:

Your daughter is surely the best gift you can have. “Mishika” means the “gift of love” which perfectly defines your regard for your adorable daughter. This name has started become quite popular among parents who want a unique feminine name for their Leo-born baby girl.

2. Mokshita:

Those parents who are looking for a baby name which is very unique, but yet has a vintage feel to it, this name can be their perfect choice. “Mokshita” means liberated in Sanskrit, ideal name for your little one who is born with a free soul.

3. Mridvi:

A name that is so feminine and catchy at the same time, is sure to make your Leo-born baby girl stand out from the crowd. “Mridvi” which means “soft” or “delicate”, will suit your little one’s sweet and caring nature.


4. Myra:

Daughters are a blessing for parents, who grow up to be the charming and caring individuals taking care of the whole family. No name can define the sweet nature of your beloved little baby girl better than “Myra”, which in Sanskrit means “sweet” or “beloved”.

5. Tishya:

This name not only sounds modern and unique but has a beautiful meaning to it, which is why it is constantly gaining popularity among parents. “Tishya” in Sanskrit means “auspicious”, which clearly defines your precious Leo-born baby girl.

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