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10 Unique Sanskrit Baby Names For Cancer Zodiac Sign

Selecting the perfect name for your precious newborn is a challenging task. Even though you get 9 months to come up with one name, choosing “the one” from a million great names can be quite overwhelming. Every parent wants to name their baby with a unique name that satisfies various criteria such as the baby’s birth month or time, zodiac sign based on eastern or western astrology system, meaning etc. 

While some parents name their child after their idol or forefathers, some search for names with a great meaning. Many parents nowadays are opting for Sanskrit names for their babies, which is becoming a new trend. Although Sanskrit is the oldest known language, there are many Sanskrit names with an interesting ring to it that never goes out of style.

The babies who are born in between 21 June – 22 July, come under the zodiac sign Cancer or Karka/ Karkat (the crab) according to astrology. We have prepared a list of 10 unique Sanskrit names for your July-born Cancer (zodiac) baby.


1. Dakshat

“Dakshat” means fit or talented, which is perfect for a Cancer-born baby who generally tends to be artistic and creative by nature. Your little one can have “Daksh” as his nickname, which means skilled or expert.

2. Darsh

You will always remember the first ever sight of your adorable little one. “Darsh”, which means sight or handsome is definitely perfect to compliment the handsome, confident man he will grow into, who will steal everyone’s heart on the first sight itself.

3. Dhairya

Patience is surely the key to successfully win in the struggle of life. Let this be your little one’s first life-lesson that stays with him forever. “Dhairya” is the Sanskrit word for patience, which can be a perfect name for a Cancer-born baby boy.

4. Hemank

For the gem of your life, you need a name that justifies what he really means to you. What else can be more appropriate than “Hemank”, which in Sanskrit means diamond, to explain the value your precious one holds for you.

5. Hrihan

Your baby boy is definitely the one chosen for you by God Himself. “Hrihan”, which means God’s chosen one or destroyer of enemies, is perfect for your little baby boy. After all, he will grow up to be the one to fight your sadness, worries etc. and take care of you when you’re sick.


1. Dishani

The queen of 4 directions i.e., East, South, West and North is called “Dishani”. A name so elegant and feminine is perfect for a Cancer-born July baby girl. No wonder your baby girl will be treated like a queen with that name.

2. Drishya

A sweet little name for your sweet little princess. “Drishya” means sight, vision or scene. It has a beautiful ring to it that will definitely make her a popular one among her friends and family.

3. Harshi or Harshika

What better name could you give to the joy of your life, than the one that means joyous itself. “Harshika” or in short “Harshi” can be a great name for your precious one who is the reason behind all your smiles and happiness.

4. Hridya

Unique in its own way this name carries a meaning that justifies your sweet little baby girl’s personality, which is indeed pleasing to the heart. It hasn’t been used extensively yet but surely will be quite popular in the coming years.

5. Hrutvy

For the angel that she is, you baby girl needs a name beautiful and pure. “Hrutvy” in Sanskrit means angel, which can be a unique name for a cancer-born little princess. A name so catchy yet elegant is sure to be popular and make a mark among people.

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